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by baygreen | March 10, 2013 8:51 am

Travis I follow what you print and it means more than just a tip on a news letter, you put reason with your points of view. I would never promote another site on yours and this is not a promo it just is another avenue on what I have found to help see what is out there on the web to buy that has a value, it is and has been pretty reliable for what I do verses the buy and hold with the dividend to the swing trade angle on a short term window. I have been using buyins.net which is 20$ a month and have found that they cut to the chase on a lot of shorts and squeezes in a timely manner. The input that they have put out has been pretty time saving instead of trying to set up a specific number of stat’s to weed through on my own. Just thought I would bring that up in case there are some short or squeeze followers that pay attention to your picking out the teaser which you are tops at that in my book. Please again look at this site before you put this online like I said this is not a promo for them but short term plays might have fun with this and also what I have found instead of paying for chart services there is freecharts.com that you can program for free to do what the others charge a fee. Again don’t take my word please due your own due diligence it was just a thought for the irregulars and it has been good to me just like the Gumshoe it is hard to find something that you get your $ worth ! Thanks for taking my message and do not wish to step on Gumshoe’s toes I hope you know that it is just a thought so others will know that we all care! Thanks for listening!

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9 years ago

That is a site for gamblers, high risk if you can stomach big losses.

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