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written by reader What is the best way to get a second passport?

By skippmetzger, June 7, 2015

Dear Irregulars:

With the real possibility of class warfare, marshal law, and civil unrest in America, what is the best, easiest, and least expensive way to garner a second passport?

Which foreign nations will the United States recognize a dual citizenship with?

Is there a certain age that other nations will not grant one a second passport?

What are your ideas irregulars?

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7 years ago

great question skip…i’d like to know as well…irreg’s??

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7 years ago

Marry a Swiss or Norwegian girl.

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7 years ago

I would like to know also.

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

The easiest path to getting a second citizenship is buying one — several Caribbean nations finance their development and earn a substantial portion of their state budget by selling “economic citizenship” and passports, so for anywhere from $100,000 to about $500,000 (either direct contribution to the government, or investment in real estate development) you can become a citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Antigua and maybe a few other island nations.

I don’t know what other countries’ citizenship standards are, what kind of family relation you need to have to qualify, but if you happen to be fabulously wealthy there are some other countries that offer economic citizenship for much more dramatic investments — including the US. I think Austria is one of them, too, and Canada, but I’m no expert. Starts north of $1 million for the big countries, and comes with a lot more conditions, I expect — the Caribbean programs are much more retail-oriented and transactional, from what I can tell.

Lots of folks trying to evade sanctions and the reputation of their home countries are buying up these St. Kitts and other passports, too, so you’d be in the company of a fair number of Russians and Iraqis in addition to those who are angry about or fearful of the US government. Careful, I expect that these economic citizenships can be taken away as easily as they’re granted.

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7 years ago

It’s a very interesting subject in the current economic state of the world.
According to several sources on the net, getting a second passport isn’t only a privilege for high net worth individuals. Of course, for them it is a lot easier to just buy a passport or properties in an interesting jurisdiction. But for less wealthy people, that are willing to be flexible about where they live and have an international mindset, they are able to immigrate to a country where they can obtain citizenship fairly easy.

This explains the upspring of websites like

7 years ago

Google “international living” (the magazine) and “second passports.” There are many ways: have an Irish grandma? a Jewish ancestor who had to flee Nazi Germany? and so on. But don’t forget: it is actually quite hard to relinquish your US citizenship – so you son’t have to pay US taxes on your worldwide income.

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