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written by reader day trading win – John McLaughlin

By Anonymous Questions, November 23, 2015

Any reviews on John McLaughlin -stock coach posts everyday on StockTwits with moniker DayTradingCoach and charges $21k to mentor

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Ripped Off
Ripped Off
5 years ago

I only got ripped off for $19K so I suppose I should be grateful for small mercies. This illiterate rat turd couldn’t teach Warren Buffet how to trade. He wasted months of my time before I finally gave up. He specializes in “front-running” stocks. If you’re not familiar with this term it means he likes to buy a stock then at some point in the future, most advatageous to him, he alerts the suckers in the chat room so they pile in, raising the stock price. Of course, YOU (one of the suckers) is always left holding the bag. This is a smarmy con artist of biblical proportions. You will learn nothing about day trading, I assure you.

You’ve been warned.

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John McLaughlin - Master Day Trading Coach

It happens – there are very few of my clients that fail to gain the day trading success they seek with my expertise as a master consultant / coach – for many reason: not willing to listen and/or change bad habits, being self rightists, a propensity to forecast, forming relationships with stock, and on, and on. Most simply refuse to let go of the pervasive old school systems that no longer work – for big money winning.

I’m please that you vented some (I would have preferred more accurate terms; I frequently find myself doing same, when faced with setback/crises); that complaining (reality for you then, but not factual for you then or now – why? I could buy won’t guess – water under the bridge). Venting, better yet forgiving yourself and others is usually the best route – should help you come to terms a bit with your history of big money losing.

It may interest to you that my fees to help shift big money losers to big money winner has nearly doubled, as has our net income results daily (now running 5% to 20 % a DAY, no matter the capital, as opposed to the same numbers a money manager would have you imagine ANNUALLY.)

Should you care to have a serious conversation about possibilities, providing you qualify, with capital of from $50K to $100K+, I would pleased to help you – providing you never attempt to demean my intention of caring, serving, and empowering you and others for wealth building, so long as you live.

Should you have used my consulting for benefit, great.

I wish you well in using that wealth to serve all you love.

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John McLaughlin - Master Day Trading Coach

For your accuracy with information:

This website author’s post below is completely misleading about me and the term Front Running, so to assist readers in clarifying this subject + kill the faulty characterization as to who I am and what I offer troubled traders, including the author – I’m providing the following information:

First, (I’m not what you read below, at all). I serve trouble investors, swing traders, and day traders empower, then enabling traders to quickly shift from being dissatisfied with their trading results, most are what I refer to as Big Money Losers – shift to Big Money Winning, gaining competence, thus confidence, absent distress, ending once and for all, Big Money Losing to have a unique competitive edge for explosive income results.

Second, I’m assuredly not a front runner when it comes to stocks.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Front Running’ – Investopedia:

In the context of stock trading, front running is the practice of stepping in front of orders placed or about to be placed by others to gain a price advantage.

For example, a broker receives an order from a client to buy 500,000 shares of XYZ Company. He holds it until he executes the purchase of a smaller order of the same stock in his own account. He then executes the client’s larger order, which drives up the share price. The broker can then sell his share, making a profit at the direct expense of the client. That form of front running is not only unethical, it is illegal.

Me – This master day trading coach is Not an Advisor + I am Not a BROKER, thus, I am Not a front runner.

NYSE Rule:
Front Running (NASD IM-2110-3): a registered representative may not trade on a stock or option on it while possessing material non-public information. Doing so could violate insider trading rules and subject the representative to civil liability and criminal charges, to say nothing of disciplinary action.

Me – I am not a registered representative of any trader, nor do I ever ever posses insider (not public) information or material.

Like all traders I compete with all traders, globally.

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3 years ago

Hey original poster and first respondent – did you all learn anything more/new about this guy? I can’t tell what to make of him and there’s very little about him available from searches.

2 years ago

Biggest scam I’ve ever seen, sent him $30k just for him to talk about psychology rather than trading. All he does is talk so much that you cant interrupt him. All he does is feed you a fish and you cant complain otherwise he can sue you over the contract. The contract is something out of toy story, he’s forcing you to be his pet . Do not fall for this scam because you will regret every inch of it. Also he has never posted a single pnl of his fills, he makes up a story saying ill show you over zoom. Why zoom? their is nothing to hide if hes making this kind of money daily. Also front running, hes so manipulative that it is his way or the highway. he must get the last word or he will correct you until you say okay. Last but not least, he takes your money forces you to sign the contract for 70k and then randomly hits you with all sorts of random fees that are 25k. not to mention he charges 500 a hour when he doesn’t even talk about stocks and sends you an invoice an demands payment immediately or will kick you out of the room.. Do yourself a favor and save your hard earned money don’t give it to that greedy manipulative old man!!

You have been warned.

John McLaughlin, Master Stock Coach
Reply to  bobbyflay

Social Media Trolls: A Practical Guide for Dealing With Impossible People


Filed under: Strategy

About the Author
Todd writes long-form copy people read and scroll -versus- stop and leave. Track him down at toddsgotapen.com. He likes that.

Trolls. Cute (yet ugly) and laughable.
They give life to our tales, ballads, and legends.

Social media trolls?
Not so much. They wreak havoc.

All a troll wants is to inflict pain, ridicule, and humiliate a targeted person – they hate successful people.

Left alone, these little social media misfits will tarnish your brand and reputation.

But… that doesn’t mean you can’t deal with them—effectively.
You can. I’ll show you how.

What are social media trolls?

They’re people who deliberately provoke others online. By saying inflammatory and offensive things. They live to make people upset and angry – with their lies and incompetencies.
(People like your fans and followers.)

They rant, post death threats, spew hate speech.

They attack an opponent’s character. And say things to appeal to people’s feelings (rather than their intellect).

They’re foes— not friends—of your business. Clearly.

Don’t mix trolls up with angry customers.

The internet is filled with people stating their opinions. Including upset folk wanting to share their negative, but sincere, beliefs.

Not so with these digital devils.

Trolls often don’t believe a word they write. But say it anyway, just to piss off the others.

Simply stated… social media trolls = online bullies – if you allow.

Both might appear irked, perhaps even furious or enraged.

Fine. Stay calm. Look at the substance of their words. That’s usually the tell-tale.

Listen and think about their motivation. Do they appear frustrated, stating a seemingly authentic claim about your business, product, or service?

Do they seek the truth?

Do they abide by social media etiquette?

Or… do they sound outraged, seething, and trying to incite rage in your brand or in other users?

If so, you’ve got yourself a live, social media troll—an internet misfit, in the digital flesh.

For the un-delighted customer, listen to them. They want to be heard. If you address and resolve their issue, they’ll be satisfied and those unhappy messages might cease. Remember you can’t please all, especially those resisting change for the better.

But not the incognito, online troll.

They won’t stop until they’re forced out or get bored.

Trolls aren’t looking for resolution. They want to engage in battle, one that nobody can win.

Whether a troll or unhappy customer, they have something in common… both want to be acknowledged.

Let’s dig deeper to help you determine if you’re dealing with a troll.

5 Signs you’re dealing with a Troll

1. They’ll try to make you angry:

Trolls exist for the sole purpose of upsetting people.

Got someone on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat stirring up trouble? By starting arguments or posting inflammatory content?

They’re (probably) a troll.

Especially if they appear to be insincere in their comments, posts, or statements.

2. They act entitled:

Many trolls have an inflated sense of worth. They operate as if the world revolves around them (or that is should).

“Me, me, me… great, great, great. And all you others suck.” Or something like that.

If you get this sense, you’re probably infested with a detested troll.

3. They exaggerate:

A lot.

They use strong words like “never” and “every.”
Where most others would say “infrequently” and “some.”

Using extremes and superlatives are ways to inflame people.
And a good sign you have a troll to deal with.

4. They make it personal:

Discussions, debates, arguments—all safe games for healthy talks among your online users.

Until it gets personal.

Which is what trolls do.

Rather than discuss a matter, reasonably and logically, trolls attack an opponent’s character.

They’ll call people names and say irrelevant things to appeal to feelings (like that’s all BS) and prejudices, rather than intellect.

5. They often can’t spell

Trolls seem to suck at spelling and grammar. They…
• Spell words wrong
• Use words wrong
• Don’t capitalize first words of sentences
• Avoid commas and periods
• Mix up words that sound the same, but mean something different
• Say “I” a lot
• Same for “!!!” marks
• Type in all caps
• Use made up and goofy words throughout a nonsensical sentence

Cornell and Stanford’s researchers did a study on anti-social behavior online.

Trolls fail standard, readability metrics for the stuff they write.

Including, using less positive words and more profanity.

As you can see, trolls give themselves away pretty easily.

Great. Now that you’ve confidently identified one… what do you do with them?

9 Tips for handling trolls on social media

1. Establish a policy:

Most social networks have community policies for ‘being respectful’.

Create one of your own, too, as a reminder of acceptable behavior for posts, comments, and shares. Try, they just ignore any rules of the road, like a drunk driver.

Then, if someone acts unbecoming or dastardly, point them back to your policy.

2. Ignore them:

Trolls cause negative reactions in others because they want attention. So then…

Just. Ignore. Them.

Don’t fuel them.

They want you to get upset.

Don’t give them the pleasure.

Deprive them of their life force, so they’ll go dig elsewhere. This works. Sometimes.

While you, as the social media admin, choose to ignore them, other well-meaning members might not. Now the troll is gaining the traction it craves and feeds on.

Inactivity is no longer an option.

No problem. Try a different strategy to avoid a tragedy.

3. Respond with facts:

Are your trolls spreading rumors, wrong information, inaccuracies or outright lies?

Then disprove any tales told by trolls with facts.

Apple did.

With a response to #bendgate which began with this video. A lot of trolling followed rumors of the new ‘bending’ iPhone 6.

5. Block or ban them:

Most trolls, most of the time, are annoying. And usually harmless.
However, sometimes trolls take things too far. Like escalating to threats or hate speech.

When they do, you can use your social might to block or ban them. Also, check the standards for appropriate content for that social network. If the troll’s posts are in violation, submit a report.

7. Don’t be baited:

Similar to ignoring them, don’t feed them either.

If they’re trying to be funny, your response could be just what they want for their pending punchline.

If you don’t respond, there’s no joke.

If you do respond, keep your cool. With the ways, and for the reasons, we explained above.

8. Don’t delete their posts:

Because that can escalate their bad behavior.

Those Stanford-Cornell researchers say that taking extreme action against small infractions can heighten antisocial behavior.

They also found that if two users wrote posts of similar quality, and one user’s post got deleted “unfairly,” that user would be more likely to write something worse in the future.

9. Build a supportive, friendly community:

Trolls are a fact of social media life.

Make them your friend.

Remember, your community is waiting to see how you handle them.

Think carefully and thoughtfully about your response to a troll. Then, post it.

The others will notice. You’ve given them a chance to police trolls for you. They’ll most likely chime in to make trolls feel unwelcome.

As Bradbury points out in his Guardian piece… Take the high road.

Whether it’s a customer with a legitimate gripe or a troll with no intention of a good outcome.

Being responsive and responsible will help you build a supportive community of followers.

Ones that will respect and stand by you.

This will make life for trolls difficult. They’ll most likely move on to spill their digital bile elsewhere.

Want to catch those nasty trolls before they infect your audience?

Set up your Hootsuite dashboard to listen, monitor, and respond to them.

Try it for free.

Get Started

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