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November “Idea of the Month” Is a Buy from the Watchlist, Plus an Update on Crius

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 13, 2015

We’ve got a teaser to tackle, and it’s a good old fashioned “this company has a lock on a rare mineral that will surge” pitch, the kind that we saw so often when commodities were in a bull market a few years ago… but there’s been a lot happening to stocks I own and watchlist stocks, and I also have a personal buy to report that we’re elevating to “Idea of the Month” as it comes off the watchlist after a crash in price, so let me do that first and we’ll cover the teaser as a separate piece.

So instead of being a two-parter, this week’s Friday File is a three-parter! Tell your friends! What a bargain!

Some of you might recall that Keith Schaefer has been teasing a company that he said would “make him rich” starting on November 12 — and here we are on November 13, and it’s a company I own some shares of as well, so let’s take a look.

The stock is Crius Energy Trust (KWH-UN in Toronto, CRIUF OTC in the US) — we covered that buy back in July, and updated it last month when his ad campaign heated up, you can see those details here if you’re curious.

And yes, they did report their latest quarter last night, and are trading based on that new information today… the shares dipped 5% going into earnings, and popped right back up a bit this morning after the report, so no big news on that front. If you’re going to get rich on this one, it won’t be today.

But should it still be a hold? Here’s what I said a few weeks ago when Schaefer’s breathless commentary about the next earnings release was getting us excited:

“The business is steady enough that we know what their dividend will be for October, November and December (5.83 cents a month per share, Canadian), and we know that in order to grow dramatically they’re going to have to either have huge uptake in customers from their existing relationships, such as if the Comcast agreement, still in its early days, generates a lot of new customers, or they’re going to have to buy more customers. Absent something really crazy, like a major new acquisition or a huge sell-through of high-margin SolarCity installs that generates a lot of commission (perhaps unlikely, since it seems ...

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