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Friday File: “Death of the iPhone” — What’s Teased as Making Smartphones Obsolete in Five Years?

Sniffing out the latest teaser from Technology & Opportunity

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 15, 2016

I expect most investors would be pleased to write off the past 15 days and start the year over at this point, but life goes on — we buy when things look attractive, we sell when we think they look unattractive or we realize we made a mistake, and we limit the sorrow when we’re wrong by diversifying and keeping a long view.

Or that’s the idea, anyway. Doesn’t work for all of us every time, for sure. As I’ve noted a few times, my stop loss experiment continues — and it’s getting a rip-roaring workout as we start this new year. The folks at say a full 10% of the largest stocks (S&P 100 and Nasdaq 100) have hit stop losses in just the last week… so things are obviously a bit ugly.

I’m also due to provide that one big annual look at all of the stocks I own or follow for you, as I do each year, but it’s not done yet and I’d like to see if things settle down a bit before I publish that in the next week or two… so today we’ll do what we do best: solve a teaser and look at the “secret” stock being touted.

This one’s from Jason Stutman for the Technology & Opportunity newsletter, and this is the intro that has caught the attention of Gumshoe readers:

“After years of getting pushed around by Apple, these three technology giants have finally had enough…

“Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have joined forces to create a groundbreaking device that will bring about…

“The Death of the iPhone

Wired magazine says it will ‘change the way we interact with the world,’ and this tiny, $7 tech company is the one thing connecting them all together.”

So that’s our challenge — who is it?

The big picture is, as you might have already guessed, “virtual reality.” That’s the prediction, that this currently “hot” technology of creating an immersive virtual world using headsets and other technology will change the way we do almost everything.

I’m a little nonplussed by how much of a “virtual world” I live in already, sometimes staring at my phone while there are real people around with whom I could be interacting instead, so the idea of all of us wearing augmented or virtual reality headsets and becoming ...

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