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written by reader The arts and crafts of trading.

By alanh, February 2, 2016

The KSS threads are primarily designed to identify, scientifically analyze and focus on the development of scientifically promising/ novel bio advances. It will inevitably take time for these to prove their worth; so any investment in the company/ticker developing these ’new’ drugs/devices should be considered as a ’long’ investment.
However, there are some among us that believe there are quicker profits to me made by timing their trades in and out more rapidly… certain cases, Im among them.
This thread aims to allow the ’trader’ minded people to share such info/theses without detracting from or cluttering the main bio threads.
Enjoy, but remember, its v speculative stuff and, in the end, only one person is responsible for the decision to invest or not….that’s the person who signs the cheque… YOU !

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6 years ago

So this is general trading all stocks or just trading biotech/medtech stocks?

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6 years ago
Reply to  modernrock

As with all these blogs they become whatever the readers make them through their questions and comments. I note that no moderator is listed so perhaps one will arise to give some direction and preserve this effort. This is certainly an area where money can be made ,,,or lost ,,,rapidly, depending on timing and methods.

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6 years ago

If i were Gambly1 i had to think three times at least to participate here!
I hope he will, but honestly Alan why should he?.. . Some of his posts were deleted on thew other thread, at least that what it looks like from here. Ihave his post on my email, but it does not appear anywhere on the thread. Anyway, I do not think Gamby1 to bew thinskinned, othewise he would not have stayed THAT LONG ON OTHE THREADS:. If anyone is to blame for Gambly1 not being here it is US. Hope I am wrong!

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Reply to  alanh

We have neither lost nor deleted any comments, nor do we ever delete comments because we find them annoying or less than thoroughly trustworthy or of the proper tone, I expect us all to be adults and make our own judgements — and preferably not rush to same. Dunno if Dr KSS has removed any comments lately, his opinions differ than mine and he can do as he wishes with his comment threads.

The error you encountered is unrelated, those discussions aren’t missing either, just a little redirect glitch on submission for new discussions.

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6 years ago