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by mdinvest | March 19, 2016 12:18 pm

The Aden Forecast believe that a bull market in gold has been confirmed. I wonder if our resident expert, Myron, is of the same opinion and what are other’s thoughts?

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

Myron’s still mostly incommunicado these days for health reasons — I know the Adens have a lot of fans for their technical analysis skills, but it doesn’t mean much to me either way whether a “bull market is confirmed”. The price can move up, down or sideways over the next six months no matter what the last six months of charts say — gold has decoupled a little bit from the dollar of late, which is a bit encouraging, and it doesn’t cost much to hold it when interest rates are low, so I like it as a ballast in my portfolio but wouldn’t ever want to go much over 5% of my portfolio in gold-related equities (miners, royalty companies, etc.) or 10% of my savings in physical bullion. For me, gold is just a “currencies are all a bit risky” defensive position that I expect will be a nice bulwark in this era of competitive currency devaluation… if my gold position is going up dramatically in value, it probably means that the rest of my portfolio is in the dumps.

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6 years ago

Only one response to your post, and no confirmation from Myron. But the question appears to have been answered. See microblog Gold’s next run ? What to buy ?

Best regards

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