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written by reader LET”S MAKE ICELAND THE 51st STATE

By hendrixnuzzles, April 6, 2016

The US government and the hedge funds really missed it in the last financial crisis. In 2008 Iceland went bankrupt because they had external debt of $50 billion dollars. Hey, the US Treasury should have just fired up the printing presses for a few hours and bought the whole darned country.

When the next crisis occurs and Iceland goes belly up again, let’s not miss our chance. Make it the 51st state !
It’s been a while…America needs to expand again !

You may think I am joking, but I am not.

For one thing, Iceland is in a vital geographic military position.
It is in the middle of the Greenland-Iceland-UK Gap, called the GIUK
Gap, that effectively is a bottleneck point for the Russian fleet getting into the North Atlantic. Those 600 foot Oscar Russian nuclear submarines have to go through there to get to the open Atlantic. And it is an important airbase for control of the North Atlantic and protection of the UK.

For another thing, the country is probably chock full of mineral wealth. And It is scenically spectacular. It also has miles of undeveloped coastline for condo and hotel development. With global warming it, is sure to become a tourist paradise.

On top of that, it’s filled with good-looking descendants of Norwegian and Danish extraction who like to party all night.

When you think of the billions we waste on bailing out bankrupt companies, handing out welfare in every flavor, lending money to teenagers who have no job prospects, and all the other government
spending, it just seems to me to be a no-brainer to pick up an entire country for only $ 50 billion.

If the US government doesn’t want to buy Iceland in the next crisis,
then Goldman Sachs or Blackrock ought to come up with the cash and make Iceland into a new banking haven. Switzerland is caving in, and the Caymans and Panana could use some competition.

There are lots of other people who are looking for a place to park their money, free from the prying eyes and annoying taxes.

I mention this because of the recent news articles wherein the Prime Minister of Iceland is implicated in the Panamanian offshore
banking leak and may have to resign, and there is a movement in Iceland called the PIRATE PARTY. Crisis may be around the corner.
Let’s not miss our chance to acquire Iceland next time !!

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Craig Castle
Craig Castle
6 years ago

Iceland is an AMAZING Study! After their crisis in 2008, they agreed tat they had to reduce their debt, and to do it, they had to increase their taxes and pay off all the expenses they had incurred. Their external debt is plummeting. Soon they will be able to buy us, not the other way around! Their unemployment rate has gone down at the same time. Don’t take my word for it, google at the 10 year charts: taxes, unemployment, debt, all the while having a national health care system for everyone! The US needs to admit: we spent tons of money on war, and now we’ve got to pay for it. The budget over the last couple of years should be a crime. We are out of crisis and now we have got to pay or we will never get out of debt. Both political parties need to agree less spending and a tax plan to get out of this mess! Stop all the loopholes, simplify, taxes, and pay. Iceland is an amazing success story for not spending money on war, but on your people. And guess what- no one seems to want to attack them.

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