written by reader SCYX –just sold their golden egg?

by healeydriver | July 15, 2016 12:35 pm

Dr KSS wrote about SCYX last month. He explained how they have an anti-fungal drug underway that would be very helpful as an adjunct to the many anti-bacterial drugs already on the market. An anti-fungal would be a bit unique and therefore valuable, he explained. However, I just read that SCYX sold their product (all their cyclophilin inhibitor assets). Does this mean they just sold out of their rights to the anti-fungal material Dr. KSS was discussing?

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Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy
6 years ago

I’m no medical expert but it seems that SCYX only sold non-core assets, not the ones that Dr KSS wrote about.

See: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2016/07/13/855696/0/en/SCYNEXIS-Inc-Announces-Sale-of-Cyclophilin-Inhibitor-Assets-to-Cypralis-Limited.html

All the best MK

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6 years ago

I would really LOVE an update on what has been/is going on with SCYX.

I see that it is up 28% today — and I could exit with a nice profit.

However, if Dr. KSS thinks it’s still the potentially potent long term play he originally did, I’m more than willing to be patient.

I may just not be searching efficiently, but I can’t seem to find ANY recent substantive posts about this stock– have I quite literally “lost the thread”?

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6 years ago
Reply to  tonyrooney

SCYX long – Tony, articles by author KSS most recent alway on top. 🙂 http://www.sgumdev.stockgumshoe.com/author/dr-kss-md-phd/ Best2You-Ben

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