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Some Stupid Ideas for the Month

A Friday File Special: Dumb Leverage, Foolish Risks and the Speculations that help Make Investing Interesting

Good title for an article, right?

I’ve realized, after getting a few questions, that some Gumshoe readers are interested in a few of my less liquid, more levered, or riskier investments, the ones (like options and warrants) that I don’t really talk much about when I post my personal portfolio comments (except when there’s a disclosure need or conflict of interest, of course)…

… so today, in a limited time offer, I’m going to offer up my thoughts on those riskier ideas for only $10,000 a year!


These aren’t investments I’ll write about much, or follow for the Irregulars with any regularity, mostly because I don’t want to risk telling a few thousand of my closest friends about something that could easily go to zero (and because they’re often quite illiquid). But I thought that today I would provide a little bit of my thinking on a couple of these riskier investments in lieu of my usual “Idea of the Month” piece.

No, I’m not going to create a special super-secret level of membership and charge more for these (dumber) ideas… and I’m not going to follow these on our spreadsheets or talk about them much after today, but I am going to warn you that you shouldn’t buy them. We are a small group here, compared to the free membership, but if even a couple hundred of you decided to rush out and try to buy these stocks they might go bonkers. That’s why I though this would be a good discussion to have on a holiday weekend, when there’s extra time to let ideas percolate without the urge to trade.

I promise not to trade in any of the stocks I’m mentioning today for ten trading days, much longer than my typical trading restriction, because I don’t want to give you the impression that I’m trying to drum up interest in microcaps and nanocaps so I can sell them for a 100% gain in a couple days, or whatever. These certainly aren’t “buy and hold” investments for me, but I can at least promise to hold them for a couple weeks in case we drive any interest that causes them to go up… that kind of interest and price jump tends to wane quickly if it happens. My positions in these names won’t change until July 19 at the ...

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