Insurance, Snow, REITs and Criteo — Earnings Check-in

by Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe | August 3, 2016 11:23 am

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The Friday File comes early this week...

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6 years ago

OHI dividend is 60 cents, not 84 cents, right?

👍 15112
👍 15112
6 years ago

Diversification is the favourite ploy of financial planners whose interests are well served if they can keep you fully invested, (usually through mutual funds) in sectors that are in a down cycle, be it financial stocks, real estate or bonds while rarely would any establishment oriented advisor advocate having more than 10% in precious metals even when in a roaring bull market like we have at present, always fear mongering about a pullback, even though that is normal for all stock classes not just precious metals, the bias should be obvious. Meanwhile I am laughing all the way to the bank believing this bull market has years to run. Investors following standard establishment allocation advice are lucky to achieve yearly returns in the high teens or low twenties, quite a contrast to my returns as per below.

Even Nine out of TEN is a pretty impressive statistic, indeed I own all of them except one and the missing one has been on my buy list for some time awaiting free capital.. This is the most 52 wk. highs I have ever seen in one day in all the years I have been using this platform.

Given the broadness of the total market of THOUSANDS of stocks, to have ALL TEN of them at 52 wk. highs from the same sector the same day is quite remarkable in itself, when many days there are no 52 wk. highs at all. For one person to own 9 out of 10 of them certainly says something about stock picking ability of the individual, and this isn’t the first time in this bull market. About 6 weeks ago, also on a Tuesday as I remember, there were exactly seven 52 wk. highs and all of them precious metals and that first time I owned all seven which I thought was pretty impressive then already, but it just keeps getting better.

Maybe I should contact GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS with these statistics. Keep in mind this is just 52 wk. highs for one day, I also have numerous others in my portfolio that are also showing impressive increased volume and percentage increases to-day that were not new 52 wk. highs to say nothing of new breakouts.

LOOK AT THOSE YEAR OVER YEAR NUMBERS, NO WONDER MY PORTFOLIO IN TOTAL DOUBLED THE FIRST HALF OF THE YEAR AND IS LOOKING GOOD FOR ANOTHER DOUBLE BY YEAR END. Any investor that picked 10 stocks that averaged 282.3% for the year would be quite pleased given the average investors yearly return is lucky to be in the teens

Today’s New 52 Week Highs
Symbol Last Change Percent Change
Today 3 Months 1 Year
AXR:TSX C$2.76 C$0.27 10.84% 86.49% 549.41%
Alexco Resource Corp
FVI:TSX C$12.51 C$1.13 9.93% 58.76% 243.68%
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc
TNX:TSX C$1.89 C$0.16 9.25% 186.36% 278.00%
Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp
IVN:TSX C$1.53 C$0.10 6.99% 50.00% 115.49%
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd
FR:TSX C$24.12 C$1.48 6.54% 91.58% 501.50%
First Majestic Silver Corp
NMI:TSX C$4.60 C$0.27 6.24% 29.94% 338.10%
Newmarket Gold Inc
EDR:TSX C$6.71 C$0.39 6.17% 38.07% 270.72%
Endeavour Silver Corp
SVM:TSX C$4.10 C$0.23 5.94% 42.86% 286.79%
Silvercorp Metals Inc
NGD:TSX C$7.14 C$0.36 5.31% 26.15% 147.06%
New Gold Inc
KDX:TSX C$6.48 C$0.32 5.19% 37.87% 112.46%
Klondex Mines Ltd

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👍 15112
6 years ago
Reply to  takeprofits

So which ones do you like going forward Myron? If you don’t mind sharing your thoughts..

👍 207
6 years ago
Reply to  takeprofits

52 week highs, maybe, but if you go back a few years to when you probably bought them, not so much.

And I can pretty much guarantee that they won’t double again this year, although I’m just jealous because I sold most of my more speculative mining stocks and only have SLW and PPP, which has somehow been lousy this year when everything else is going gangbusters.

6 years ago

Would you consider selling MKL now, in hopes of buy back on a dip, or rather hold shares and wait for a dip to add?

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