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written by reader GE and Microsoft…and ……??

By mrproby, August 18, 2016

Everyone’s talking about this emerging tech revolution.

It’s a $19 trillion opportunity according to Cisco.

That’s trillion with a “t”—roughly the same size as the entire National Debt of the United States.

One expert calls it “the largest growth opportunity in the history of humans.”

So it’s no surprise that General Electric and Microsoft just announced a partnership designed to take advantage of this unprecedented growth opportunity.

But, while the sound-bite jockeys in the financial media trumpet the most obvious companies…

One renegade investor has been quietly identifying the under-the-radar companies that are positioning themselves to take advantage of this potentially era-defining tech trend.

I’ve laid out the full story on this incredible tech trend in a FREE video report.

Before you run out to buy GE or Microsoft or any of the other obvious names you keep hearing about you are going to want to check-out this video.

Because inside you’ll discover why some mega-rich investors are rushing to cash-in on this tech trend.

And you’ll find out how one legendary investor is preparing for this incredible opportunity.

But if you want to get in on this opportunity, I encourage you to act quickly.

Because this technology could hit the mainstream any time.

Heck, not long ago, I saw it featured on the show Shark Tank. Click here to gain instant access to this video.

It’s free to you!

So click here before every other Shark starts buying and so you don’t risk getting left behind.

A 19 Trillion Dollar Idea Revealed

The huge trend is already starting to take off. Simply enter your email address below to claim your FREE video report.

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6 years ago

$MSFT, $GE – Mrproby, may you provide a link or the source?

👍 11466
6 years ago

Link is in “So click here before”, so click on “click here”.

Did you not see “Enter email address” “Click For Your Free Report”? Most likely (from my experience) the report that you receive will still not state “the under-the-radar companies”. Report is just to entice you to purchase a newsletter membership.

Scott Richards
Scott Richards
6 years ago

If you follow the referral back to Motley Fool’s pitch and reference to Shark Tank and Robert Herjavec’s investment of $750,000, you can track down the entrepreneurs as Nayeem Hussain and Ryan Fant and the company as Keen Home. However, Keen Home is not publically listed. I’m guessing that the real pitch here is for Internet of Things and other leading companies that MF thinks are at the forefront of IoT..

5 years ago
Reply to  Scott Richards

Sounds like discussions read here earlier. Not the Harvard student and his DNA deleting RNA Transcriptase recoding helixes eliminating disease- that would be a trillion dollar start up, no, all IoT. MEMS production. Gumshoed STM and Texas Instruments and Hewlett-Packard. Manufacturers of those little chips on the head of a pin, right? Gonna connect everything to what? Facebook? Who gonna get all that information? iPhone? A connected world.

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