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by guatdodger | August 16, 2016 2:46 pm

From the hype ad: Any ideas what the LETTER or the LOOPHOLE is for only $1500 per yr?

Investors could’ve made nine times their money, just by buying the company’s stock when they received this FDA letter.
So what exactly is this letter? And how do you find out which drug companies are going to get it?
We went straight to the source to find out more. Our top analysts sat down with Dr. Peter Rheinstein.
Dr. Rheinstein has a PhD from the esteemed Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
And he spent 27 years at the FDA, most of it on the director level.
As the former head of the FDA’s office for Drug Standards and Promotion, he had a hand in making this market opportunity possible.
And he explained to us exactly what the letter is, why it was created – and exactly when a company will get it in the mail.
In fact, the next opportunity to profit from this FDA loophole could come as soon as August 26.

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