Opportunity in that “September 7 Announcement,” plus Ligand, Sandstorm and GSV notes

by Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe | August 19, 2016 4:44 pm

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Checking in on a few stories for the Friday File

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6 years ago

WATT has a credibility problem with the “contained power” concept that they claim for their product. At 2450 MHz, the frequency used by WiFi devices (and household microwave ovens), the Fresnel region surrounding a electromagnetic radiator, is about four feet in diameter.

WATT’s advertising claims their product is effective up to 15 feet away.

The problem with sending 2450 MHz energy for 15 feet, is that the energy is now 7X beyond the Fresnel distance, in what’s called the Fraunhofer region. Once energy reaches the Fraunhofer region, it is no longer contained by anything. It simply radiates off into outer space forever and vanishes irretrievably. So to charge a device 15 feet away, a giant sphere of invisible energy, 30 feet across, is set resonating by the Energous unit. The tiny part of the surface of that invisible ball, that touches the device, is the energy that transfers into the device. The enormous surface of the invisible ball, that does not touch the device, radiates energy into outer space that is permanently lost.

In other words, without containment, at least 99.9% of the energy fed to the
Energous unit, must be wasted radiating energy to outer space. Only a tiny fraction of the energy is available for charging phones.

To achieve energy containment at 15 feet, the frequency must be reduced.

At 350 MHz, the Fresnel region extends for 15 feet from the Energous unit.

A “containment” process, advertised by Energous, would work at 350 MHz (if it works at all) for 15 feet from the Energous unit.

It’s important to realize that the mere existence of some words in a patent document, do not prove the words to be correct. It is entirely possible to submit false data in a patent application and get a patent, giving you the rights to do something that’s totally worthless.

Energous have not convinced me, that their “contained energy” solution, actually prevents the radiation of energy away into space. They’d be more convincing, either by saying it works for 2 feet at 2450 MHz, or else by saying it works for 15 feet at 350 MHz.

The problem is that 350 MHz is in a frequency band the US Defense Department uses for military communications. Unless someone convinces DoD to tolerate a huge amount of radio noise at 350 MHz, perhaps in exchange for royalty-free charging of military devices, DoD is unlikely to agree to share the frequency.

Which raises another question. The US military is a huge buyer of custom electronics and photonics for various purposes. Normally, it would occur to scientists and engineers to sell a new product or process to the military, because the military are willing to spend money to acquire it and to finance development work.

The fact that the Energous company, and it’s competitors, are silent about their contacts with the US military, is troubling. It is entirely possible that Air Force or NASA scientists discovered the technology Energous promotes, found it too costly and too ineffective to pursue, did not waste their time trying to patent what they thought was a worthless invention, and don’t want to reconsider the idea again.

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6 years ago

In regard to wireless charging, there is one really insurmountable problem. Radiated energy must conform to the natural laws of physics,the inverse square rule. When you double the distance energy density falls by the square of the distance. eg. from 1 inch to 2 inches you get 1/4 of the
energy ,from 2 to 4,again a reduction.to 1/4, so now down to 1/16th, and on and on.
Therefore to have enough energy left to charge something at a few feet your source is needed to radiate at a power that would likely be dangerous to anyone next to it. Charging mats are operating at such short distances that those are usable but still power wasters especially if left on all the time. I own no $watt.

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6 years ago

When did you invest in BRIZF?

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4 years ago

I’ve been scaling in and out of SAND for years now. I back up the truck when ever it drops below five and have a spring popping load on now looking for a return to the mid 5’s.
It’s a totally defensive stock for me. I was shaken out of a very good call I had on Canadian Solar last week bc of all the insanity flying out of the WH these days . Trade wars with friends can’t end well. Took a loss but rolled the cash into SAND. NOBODY can say just exactly when but its just a matter of time before all the baffoonary causes the wind to blow…HARD on the house of cards this current market has become. When it does the path gold will take is fairly predictable.
The way is see it…when you have a problem with a neighbor you can either build walls or bridges. You find a peaceful solution with open bridges or ya build a big wall to hid the charred remains of his house. Right now, our government is running around with a gas can and I think I can smell smoke.
D-E-F-E-N-S-E !!!

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