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written by reader Fintech startup ICONOMI raised $5 million in ongoing digital IPO (open to public).

By Jaka Mele, September 21, 2016

Hi guys,

I am reader and irregular here at stockgumshoe, and few days ago, I quit my job to join fintech startup called Iconomi, where I ran corporate communications.
As I put much faith in Travis’s analytical powers, yesterday I kindly asked him to look at our whitepapers, business model and plans (all at In a prompt reply, he told me he will try, and suggested I should start a discussion here…

So, what is Iconomi all about? Two key messages:

In Q4 we will launch two investment funds based on crypto-currency and decentralized-economy: ICONOMI.INDEX will be the index fund, minimizing the volatility currently present in crypto markets and ICONOMI.PERFORMANCE will be actively managed higher profit target fund. As I type this, we are doing legal and legislation legwork, with goal to allow asset management companies and individuals to invest in our funds. This means that through Iconomi, even people that are not technically savvy enough to dig into crypto currencies and decentralized economy startups, will be able to invest with their fiat money. Iconomi is effectively bridging the gap between the ”old” and ”new” economies.

Next year Iconomi will uberize the fund management business. With our open platform, anyone will be able to run a fund, and investors will be able to compare performance of fund managers.

I invite you ask questions, comment, and look forward to reading your thoughts.
Do you also see general appeal of decentralized economy? Would you consider becoming a shareholder of Iconomi? Crowdfunding campaign will close on September 29th at 8pm UTC.

Jaka Mele
M: +386 41 39 2222

some links:
two core whitepapers on our site:
recent interview with one of co-founders:
our blogs/PRs:

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6 years ago
Reply to  Jaka Mele

Hi Jaka Mele. What percentage of your own personal portfolio have you invested in ICONOMI? When will a direct investment be available from USD to ETH?

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6 years ago
Reply to  Jaka Mele

Jaka, thank you for your reply and introduction to this relatively new-to-me technology/currency. Started a thread here: that may be of interest to you.

Very much interested in ICONOMI. However I have quite a learning curve to round with a time limit that is not be feasible to commit substantial funds. Where were you in early/mid August? Remember your location on web. and the Gummunity is constantly presented with these now or never ‘opportunities’ and relatively short time-lines. A very large majority of which I read and continue on my investing journey.

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6 years ago
Reply to  Jaka Mele

Jaka – Shall do much research this weekend on the subject as time allows. But the 15% bonus is past and presented with an ever nearing expiration date on the performance funds. T.G.I.F. Appreciate you introducing this and yourself to the GummUniversity. 🙂 Best2You ~ Ben