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written by reader “Renegade” Alternative Investments from Jim Rickards — better than Bitcoin

By deboruth, October 18, 2016

I’m just copying this all from the promo because I can’t figure out what it means. What it promises definitely might look promising, perhaps. Herewith, my paste:

26 years before the birth of Bitcoin, three rogue entrepreneurs created a radical new investment. A venture that turned every $10 stake into $11,899 over 19 years. It began…

Electrum: America’s FIRST Gold-Based “Alternative Currency”
99.99% of Americans don’t even know this “alt currency” sub-niche even exists, yet it could make you an absolute fortune over the next 12-24 months. Here’s a rare peek inside…

Dear Reader,

You already know about bitcoin…

The ultra-revolutionary digital currency that burst onto the scene in 2009, disrupting global currency and payments systems…

Soaring from a few dollars to over $1,000… for a return of over 20,000%.

But few people know the story of “America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency Investment” – something I call “Electrum” – created a full 26 years earlier…

In 1983.

Why should this be of interest to you?

Because this “renegade alternative currency investment” – which I bet the vast majority of Americans know nothing about – has been the secret source of wealth behind some of the richest and most powerful investors of the past 30 years.

Not once, but on THREE separate occasions this investment actually went up higher than Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in 2012 – 2013!

And it could make you a fortune too, beginning today.

I’ll show you exactly how in this presentation.

In fact, one famous billionaire, for example, who built his fortune trading “Electrum,” calls it, “So incredibly powerful. Very few people ‘get’ this… but it’s worth so much money.”

Another billionaire – a man so rich he’s donated over $300 million to charity over the course of his life – calls one version of this investment the single best investment he’s ever made. “I owned it for 22 years, and it definitely made a lot of money,” he says.

Like Bitcoin, Only Better

You see, this unique investment is like bitcoin, only better…

A LOT better.

It’s digital.

It can’t be manipulated – or “created out of thin air” – by any government.

And it’s OPEN to the public…

But that’s about where the similarities end.

You see, what makes “America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency Investment” so unique is that it’s also based on assets like gold and silver…

And it gets better…

This investment can pay out massive streams of income, up to hundreds of dollars per month, in some cases.

I know… this probably sounds pretty crazy.

After all, you’ve probably never heard of anything like this before.

Most Americans haven’t.

But after decades working as a currency analyst for the U.S. government…

At several big Wall Street firms…

And because I’ve personally met some of the brilliant minds behind this unique investment…

I can assure you that this situation is real.

In fact, I’ve already helped over 25,000 Americans learn how to cash in and get their share.

People like:

Michael W., from Florida, who’s already made more than 268% in 2016 alone, trading America’s first renegade alternative currency.
And Edward W. from Ohio, who recently used it to make $7,400 within about 30 days.
Greg P., from New Jersey, who told us he made a 250% gain in just 2 months.
And Andrew S. who told me, “It’s great, spitting off income reliably. I plan to buy more, to get me to retirement sooner.”
Philip C, who said, “It should be a part of overall investment portfolios to balance the ineptitude of Central Banks and government administrations.”
Hi, my name is Jim Rickards.

And sure, just like everyone else out there I can tell you that I’ve been on TV hundreds of times…

Making appearances on major networks like Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, and Fox Business when folks want to know what’s going on in the financial markets…

Here I am on CNBC, for example, recently talking about world currencies in the wake of the recent “Brexit” vote.

And also like everyone else, I can show you the covers of my two New York Times best-selling books…

But that’s where my similarities end with everyone else.

You see, as a financial lawyer, 35-year Wall Street veteran, and an advisor on capital markets to the Director of National Intelligence, I’ve just about seen it all.

For example…

I was part of the team that advised the government during the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1981, which led to the rescue of more than 60 American diplomats.
I was the lead lawyer that helped privately bail out a hedge fund named Long Term Capital Management when it almost brought down the entire global economy in the late 1990s…
After 9/11, I was recruited by the CIA to investigate insider trading activity associated with the terror attacks. My work led to the detection of a major terrorist plot in London in 2006. That plot was thwarted, which saved thousands of lives.
I advise the U.S. Government on financial warfare threats (participating in TWO different currency war game scenarios at the Pentagon).
I was also the Chief Global Strategist at a major U.S. investment fund.
But the truth is, in my 4 decades on Wall Street and inside our nation’s capital, rarely have I seen anything that even comes close to the wealth-generating potential of the gold-based alternative-currency investment I’ve been describing in this presentation.

Take a look at this…

Just by taking part in this alternative currency sub-niche since it first went public, for example, it would have been possible to see long term gains of:

and 329,000%…
No, those aren’t typos.

You’d think with gains of such incredible magnitudes, this type of “alternative currency investment” would be on the front page of every major news and financial journal in America…

But it’s not.

That’s absolutely astonishing, isn’t it?

That’s 3 separate gain chances of 89,000% or more…

On 3 separate occasions.

Although these particular gains took years…sometimes even decades… to reach these rare and historic levels… these are the kinds of gains that can quite literally change your life. With some know how– and a little luck, it’s possible to turn a tiny $50 or $100 grubstake into hundreds of thousands… even millions of dollars or more over the years to come.

Take Larry L., from Virginia, for instance, told us he made so much money, “the gains were almost obscene.”

Or Brett S., from Michigan, who saw three separate gains of $25,650… $16,723… and $22,898 thanks to America’s first renegade digital currency. That’s over $60,000 in pure profit.

Or Jim B. from Missouri, who told us he TRIPLED his retirement portfolio thanks to this currency secret.

It’s that powerful…

But what’s most exciting about this situation is that right now my team of analysts and I are gearing up for what we think will be the next round of life-changing gains.

In short: We’ve uncovered what we believe could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get in at the very beginning of one of these historic bull runs…

I bet not one in a thousand investors knows anything about it.

And because I’ve been involved with just about every type of currency investment under the sun over the past 3 decades…

And because I’ve built connections that go from CEOs of major banks… to senior officials at the Federal Reserve… all the way to the U.S. Treasury and the White House…

I can tell you exactly what is happening and how to take advantage of it.

That’s why I’ve put together this very urgent and time-sensitive presentation.

Investors on the right side of this trade could be in line for a financial windfall of epic proportions.

How much money is potentially at stake?

Well, if history is any indication, we could see a 5, 10, maybe even a 20-fold return in the coming months…

After that, who knows.

The sky really is the limit.

The important thing to keep in mind is that right now it’s not too late to take full advantage of this situation.

It’s still early in the game.

But this opportunity won’t be around forever.

So let’s get right down to it…

I’ll fill you in on everything I know.

What this gold-based “alternative currency investment” is, exactly…

Why you’ve probably never heard about it before…

And why is right now the best possible time to take advantage of a small, totally “off-the-radar” opportunity…

Here’s the full story…

The Birth of “Electrum”: America’s FIRST “Renegade Alternative Currency Investment”

The story begins with a businessman and entrepreneur named Seymour Schulich.

He’s the guy who created “America’s First Renegade Alternative Currency Investment” as we know it today.

If you’ve never heard of him, you’re not alone.

Schulich began his career working as a securities analyst… eventually working his way up to partner and Vice President at one of the world’s biggest and most respected investment firms.

And it was here, while managing wealth for the ultra-rich, that Schulich stumbled across the secret of a lifetime…

A unique form of money traded almost exclusively among the wealthy elite – NOT available to the general public – that:

Was based on precious resources like gold and silver…
Had the potential to go up in value by incredible multiples and…
Can pay out huge amounts of income on a regular basis.
Schulich was so excited by what he’d found that he began trading this “alternative currency” on his own… minting himself a fortune.

Schulich made so much money, in fact, that he ended up giving most of it away!

He donated millions to universities, technological institutes, hospitals and medicine over the course of his life.

He’s been so generous with his wealth that he’s even been called a “national treasure.”

You see, Schulich had uncovered the highly secretive world of Royalty Rights.

What are Royalty Rights?

A Royalty Right is simply the right to a percentage of income from a natural resource such as a gold or silver mining operation—

In fact, I refer to Royalty Rights as “America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency” because they were once a very popular medium of exchange and store of value in America…

Openly available to everyone…

You see, about 150 years ago, investors bought, sold, and traded royalty stakes in gold and silver-filled land… and received income (or royalties) as the precious metals came out of the ground.

Much of this income was even off limits to the government.

It was probably one of the easiest and safest ways to get rich at the time.

But perhaps the most surprising thing about these investments was the sheer amount of income they produced…

Some of these investments paid dividend yields of 100% per year or more!

Again, that’s no typo.

One version of “America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency investment”, for example, paid out an incredible 145% annual dividend!

That’s the equivalent of more than doubling your initial investment every single year.

That’s absolutely incredible, isn’t it?

Or how about this…

Another one of these same investments – a play on a gold mine in Montana – paid out an enormous 50% dividend, not annually, but EVERY SINGLE MONTH and returned more than 11,144% in less than two years!

Another version – a play on a gold mine in South Dakota – was rumored to pay out, get this… as much as an incredible 100% dividend, EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

Incredible, right?

So it’s probably no surprise that many ordinary people became rich as a result…

A man named Sanford Bowers, for instance – an Irish immigrant who came to America with basically nothing – earned $100,000/month thanks to “America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency”.

A man named James Flood, a saloon owner, made $500,000/month using it.

James Fair, a U.S. Senator from Nevada, was at one point earning an incredible $800,000 a month.

Heck, one reclusive businessman was even rumored to be worth more than famed oil baron John D. Rockefeller, thanks in large part to “America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency”.

The question is… what happened to America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency?

Well, as big mining companies took over the industry, they began gobbling most of the lucrative royalty rights.

The practice of extending royalties to ordinary citizens all but ended as less and less everyday people explored and staked mining claims.

For most of the last 50 years, the only practical way to make money on gold and silver mines has been to buy mining company stocks.

But here’s where the story gets interesting…

You see, in the early 1980s, after experiencing the power of this investment secret on his own, Seymour Schulich came up with a radical idea.

What if he could make “America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency” – or Royalty Rights – available to the masses again?

OPEN to all… not just big mining corporations and their wealthy owners.

That’s when he teamed up with an expert geologist and a financier to make this ”alternate currency” accessible to the public again…

On the public stock exchanges.

He quietly launched his revolutionary investment – which owned royalty rights on some of the most lucrative gold properties in America – in 1983…

What happened next was nothing short of incredible…

The greatest returning investment ever?

Over the next two decades Schulich’s Renegade Alternative Currency Investment skyrocketed an incredible 119,899%.

To put that mind-boggling number into perspective…

If you had invested just $10 when Schulich’s “renegade alternative currency investment” went public back in 1983, your tiny initial stake could have grown into more than $11,899 over the next 2 decades.

Remember, that’s starting with just $10!

That turns a still small $500 investment stake into $599,489…

$1,000 into $1.19 MILLION…

And $5,000 into more than $5.99 MILLION…

Even Bitcoin’s historic run in 2012-2013 – which went up about 20,000% – was no match for Seymour Schulich’s “Renegade Alternative Currency investment”.

Said another way, Schulich’s “alternative currency investment” produced an average annual return of 45.23% PER YEAR for the next 19 years.

Absolutely trouncing the returns of any other popular investment over the same period…

Ordinary stocks, bonds, gold and silver bullion, you name it.

Heck, it clobbers the best annual returns of investing legends like Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers, and Peter Lynch – over their best performing time periods.

See here…

Schulich’s Renegade Alternative Currency Investment Average Annualized Returns Vs. Top Performing Investors of All Time

Renegade Alternative Currency Investment

45% per year

Joel Greenblatt

40% per year

George Soros

30% per year

Jim Rogers

30% per year

Peter Lynch

29% per year

Warren Buffett

24% per year

Benjamin Graham

20% per year

Amazing, isn’t it?

But here’s the thing…

It wasn’t long before word got out in the mining community about Schulich’s investment.

Not too long after Seymour Schulich introduced the world to his radical new “alternative currency investment”, another man – this time a lawyer in the gold mining industry – created something almost identical.

And you might not believe what happened next…

It happened again

It might be hard to imagine, but this time the gains were even bigger than Schulich’s investment…

Just a $10 stake in this new – second generation – “Renegade Alternative Currency investment” grew into as much as $33,220!

That’s an amazing 332,600% return on your investment.

And turns:

$500 into $1.66 MILLION…

$1,000 into $3.3 MILLION…

and $5,000 into more than $16.6 MILLION

It’s absolutely incredible.

While nothing is guaranteed in the investment world… if history is any indication… investing in these kind of “renegade alternative currency investments” might be the most low-risk, inexpensive, and easiest way to make an absolute fortune.

KEEP IN MIND: “America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency” is not a commonly used form of payment like say Dollars, Yen, or Bitcoin.

At least, not yet.

In fact, what I’m talking about actually isn’t considered a currency at all.

At least… not in the traditional sense.

You see, the power of “America’s FIRST renegade alternative currency investments” lies in its function as a store of value…

A way to protect your wealth (much like gold or silver bullion)…

Potentially grow it by amazing multiples…

And even receive a steady stream of income… a form of quickly-growing investment income thanks to royalty payments you receive as a company stockholder.

Just look, for example, at the dividend growth rate of America’s Renegade Alternative Currency Investments compared to stocks in the S&P 500 and other investments…

How many investments do you know of whose dividends are growing nearly 3-times faster than S&P 500 stocks… some of the safest, most reliable, and highest-paying dividends in the world?

But like I said before…

Where “America’s Renegade Alternative Currency Investments” really shine are as a store of value.

Consider: During the market meltdown of 2008 – 2009, while just about every investment in the world got crushed, these kind of investments went up an average of 174%…

REMEMBER: This was during the worst economic crisis in our country since the Great Depression.

That’s why many of the richest people in the world consider it to be the ultimate safe haven investment…

Billionaires like George Soros, David Dreman, Mario Gabelli, Joel Greenblatt, and Julian Robertson, just to name a few, have been among its biggest investors in these kind of publicly-traded equities.

What more, there’s no “digital wallet” to figure out how to open… No currency to “mine” on the Internet… no shady or unproven market exchange…

“America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency Investments” are easily accessible and openly trades on U.S. stock exchanges.

Yet, even today – with its ease of access and remarkable gains we’ve seen – the vast majority of Americans still have no clue these kind of investments even exist.

The question is…

How in the world do they perform so well?

Why do America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency Investments continually beat just about every other investment out there?

What’s their secret?

Let me show you…

The Secret Behind these Investments

The secret behind these “Renegade Alternative Currency investments” is simple.

These businesses don’t do any mining, digging, or exploring…

They don’t own a single truck, drill rig, or employ a single miner.

REMEMBER: All they do is buy up royalty rights to lucrative mining operations, and wait for the money to roll in once the companies are willing to mine the precious metals.

That’s their secret.

As you’re about to see, these kind of investments are a much better investment and store of value than ordinary mining companies, regular stocks, even ordinary crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

Take for example, the Renegade Alternative Currency investment I just told you about, the one created by the lawyer in the early 1990s…

This investment owns royalty rights on one of the biggest and most productive gold mines in the world, the Goldstrike Gold Mine in central Nevada.

The Goldstrike mine has produced over 35 million of ounces of gold over the course of its lifetime.

That’s absolutely huge in the gold mining business.

But here’s the thing…

Most people think the only way to invest in this property is to buy shares of the company that owns and operates the mine…

A big gold company called Barrick Gold.

(This is probably the way that most of your friends and neighbors would do it.)

If you invested $100 in Barrick when they began large-scale production in the early 1990s, you’d have done very well.

Your original investment would be worth about $500 today.

That’s a 400% return on your money!

That’s pretty good.

But if you took advantage of the Renegade Alternative Currency investment instead – which owns the Royalty Rights on this property – you would have done better…

A LOT better…

Just a $100 investment over the same period would have grown into more than $332,000!

That’s about 665-times better than investing in the mining stock.

You see, these investments don’t take on all the normal costs – and risks – associated with the mining industry…

They don’t spend tremendous amounts of money exploring for new gold and silver deposits…

They don’t spend millions of dollars on all the super expensive equipment it takes to find the gold and get it out of the ground…

They don’t have the enormous costs of labor, insurance, permitting, land, or legal fees either.

As a result, they typically rise in value much higher and faster than ordinary mining stocks.

Again: All these businesses do is buy up the royalty rights to some of the biggest and most profitable gold and silver mines and position themselves collect enormous streams of income, day in and day out.

You can only invest in these companies and reap the potential rewards from the unique way they receive their asset-based cash flow.

Payments are made to the legal owners of the royalty rights – and in this particular case- the companies I’m calling “alternative currency investments”.

If you become a shareholder in one of these special companies, you can also reap the benefits of these payments based on gold!

That’s why almost every time one of these investments comes on the market, the gains are absolutely extraordinary…

89,885% gains

In fact, it happened again when yet another Renegade Alternative Currency investment went public in 2000…

This little-known investment, which concentrated mostly on royalties from silver properties, soared as high as 89,885% over the next few years…

Turning every $100 into $89,885…

Every $500 into $449,425…

Every $5,000 into a whopping $4.49 MILLION…

My point is, this unique business model has come into existence only a small handful of times in modern financial history.

But on almost every occasion, it’s resulted in an explosion of wealth so incredible, the numbers almost seem like they were made up.




These are the kinds of gains that can, quite literally, change your life.

And to be honest, I suspected we’d never encounter an opportunity to capitalize on one of these opportunities again, in the very early stages of the game.

But it looks like we may actually have the opportunity again, right now… with a microscopically small equity, which I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard of before…

It went public not too long ago, and already has a foothold on some of the most lucrative gold and silver mining royalties in the world right now.

The good news is, it’s still incredibly early in the game.

In short, the time to get in on this new Renegade Alternative Currency investment is now, while it is still cheap… and relatively unheard of.

As you’ve already seen, this type of situation doesn’t come along very often…

Just a small handful of times in the past few decades.

And, based on history, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 5, 10, even 20-fold return in the coming months and years to come…

This one investment alone I believe could, quite literally, change your life…

In fact, it could be the only investment you ever need to make again.

But only if you act soon.

Timing, as they say, is everything.

Here’s everything you need to know…

The Next 100,000% Winner?

In short, I’ve learned about a small and relatively unheard of Renegade Alternative Currency investment that has quickly and quietly secured 131 royalty deals in some of the safest and most desirable gold and silver mining locations in the world…

And that the vast majority of these deals are on early stage projects that haven’t ramped up to full production yet.

Why is this a big deal?

Well because, simply put, this company’s cash flow is expected to explode – as mines reach production – potentially making investors very rich.

And this is the KEY to making a lot of money with these investments…

You see, Seymour Schulich’s Renegade Alternative Currency investment soared over 119,000% by signing smart deals with honest and efficient mining operations, with lucrative projects in the early stages of development…

That’s also how the second generation Renegade Alternative Currency investment I told you about went from 3 cents to nearly $100 per share…

And the one after that – that focuses primarily on silver properties – went from 5 cents to nearly $50…

And that’s exactly what this new alternative currency investment has done too.

For example…

One of their royalty agreements gives them the right to 25% of the first 175,000 ounces of gold produced—and then 12% of the gold produced thereafter for the life of the mine, on one of the current highest grade gold-copper deposits in the world. A huge mine with a life of over 21 years!

And that’s just ONE royalty stream.

These guys landed another contract on another huge and recent discovery.

I won’t tell you the name of it here… but this property has already been independently projected to contain well over 47 million ounces of silver.

That’s one of the largest silver discoveries in recent years.

Thanks to this royalty agreement, our company is legally entitled to 20% of the silver from this discovery, until 7 million ounces has been reached. After that, they are entitled to 9% of the silver produced thereafter, for the LIFE OF THE MINE.

And it gets even better…

You’ve probably never heard of the Oyu Tolgoi mining project before.

But in mining circles, it’s absolutely legendary.

At 46 million ounces of gold it’s one of the 6 largest and richest gold deposits found—EVER.

And here’s the incredible thing.

More precious metals were recently discovered at this site…

More than 8.6 million ounces of gold, 40.3 million ounces of silver, and 9.1 billion pounds of copper…

And guess who secured the rights to it?

That’s right.

The tiny company I’ve been telling you about.

Again, this is just a small fraction of the royalty deals this company has in place…

There are still 128 royalty deals I haven’t even mentioned yet… the vast majority of which haven’t even come online yet!

Just look at how over the next 12-24 months, the amount of royalties this small company is going to collect is forecasted skyrocket.

Keep in mind, this is still a relatively tiny stock.

It costs less than $8 a share… and is much less than 1/24th the size of Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold producer.

I believe this tiny company could return many times your money over the next few years.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so…

The 4th largest investment bank in Canada just bought 7% of the outstanding shares.

So I don’t expect things to stay cheap for very long.

Once the word gets out on this microscopically small equity I expect the floodgates to open.


A lot of people missed the boat when the first Renegade Alternative Currency Investment was introduced in 1983… and again with the second generation investment in the early 1990s and even in 2000.

Today, you have a rare chance to get in at the early stages of what I believe is the next big Renegade Alternative Currency investment.

If this this new investment produces even a fraction of the returns of the ones that came before it, you could be in line for financial windfall of mammoth proportions.

Of course, there’s always a chance that things don’t go as I’m expecting. There is a chance the gains won’t be as high as I’m anticipating, and the chance that you could lose money.

That’s just the name of the game when it comes to investing.

But decide for yourself. I laid out the facts as I see them for you today. I don’t think there’s any reason to believe it won’t do just as well, or even better…

Remember, they’ve got royalty deals in place. We’re just waiting for the revenues to come in…

But there’s an even better reason we can expect massive gains…

This Could Absolutely Explode

If you’ve read my latest New York Times best-selling book, The New Case For Gold, then you already know that gold is one of my all-time favorite investments…

As of this recording, gold is up… big time.

It’s among the best performing assets in 2016.

Why does this matter?

Because America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Investment Currency is highly leveraged to the price of gold.

When gold goes up 10%… these investments can go up 5, 10, even 20 times the gold price…

And here’s what so incredible about that…

Two of the royalty investments I told you about earlier went up hundreds of thousands of percent… WITHOUT the benefit of significantly rising gold prices…

For example…

Seymour Schulich’s Alternative Currency investment produced an average annual return of 45.23% per year for almost 20 years… while gold prices were flat and even falling!

Remember, that kind of gain turns a tiny $100 investment stake into more than $330,000… in the middle of one of gold’s longest-lasting bear markets.

The second generation Renegade Alternative Currency investment made tens of thousands of percent gains as gold prices stayed flat in the 1990s and early 2000s.

My point is, can you imagine how much higher these investments might have gone had gold been in a raging bull market, like the one I think we’re about to experience?

Those are the kinds of gains I’m expecting.

Now, even if gold goes nowhere, I expect this new royalty investment to go through the roof…

But if we see the bull market in gold I’m expecting to see, the gains could be astronomical.

I like to think of right now as a “perfect storm” scenario.

Things are still cheap… and relatively unheard of.

But perhaps most importantly, gold and silver haven’t yet begun the next leg of the big bull run.

As you’ve already seen, this type of situation doesn’t come along very often…

Just a small handful of times in the past few decades.

But like I said before, the opportunity to get in at these “entry-level” prices won’t be around forever.

That’s why I’ve just published an urgent report on how to take advantage of the situation. It’s called America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency Investment: How to Cash in on the Next 100,000% Winner.

And I’d like to send it to your email inbox right away.

This Briefing details everything you need to know to take advantage of my #1 favorite Renegade Alternative Currency investment right now, which has quickly and quietly landed some of the best and most lucrative royalty deals in the gold and silver industries…

In it, you’ll learn how to participate, by seeing how to purchase shares, which are listed right on the stock exchange.

If you’ve got a brokerage account, you can easily buy and sell shares.

For these reasons, and so many more, I want to get this Briefing into your hands as soon as possible.

But that’s not all…

In this report, which is not for sale anywhere at any price, you’ll also learn about some of the other favorite Renegade Alternative Currency plays.

For example:

RENGADE ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY INVESTMENT #2: This investment, which went public in 2007, has produced an annualized average return of 19.11% PER YEAR. It was cofounded by one of the smartest gold investors in America. He’s the former CEO of one of the world’s largest mining operations. Today, this investment has stakes in nearly 102 income-producing properties around the globe, with 42 more coming online in the next few years. The thing to remember here is: Over the last 9 years, this investment has gained 5 -TIMES the stock market as a whole.
RENEGADE ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY INVESTMENT #3: This investment, which focuses almost exclusively on silver properties, has returned an annualized average of 21.17% PER YEAR since going public. By comparison, the S&P 500 returned just 5% a year over the same period.
The potential in silver is absolutely incredible… and I expect a simple investment in this silver-backed Renegade Alternative-Currency investment today could return many times your money over the next few years.
RENEGADE ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY INVESTMENT #4: This investment was founded by a mining industry lawyer and geologist. Since inception it has produced an average annualized return of 16.38% more than DOUBLE the stock market over the same period.
You learn the names and ticker symbols of these businesses… and why they have some of the fastest growing dividends in the entire market… nearly 3-TIMES that of the S&P average.

The way I see it, you can put some of your “safe” money into these established Renegade Alternative Currency plays… and easily earn many times what most bank accounts and CDs are paying right now…

Then put just a little bit of “play” money into my #1 one favorite Reneg­­ade Alternative Currency investment… and let the potential profits ride.

Remember, you don’t need a lot to make a lot.

If history is any indication, a couple of hundred bucks or so could be all you need.

This briefing will detail everything you need to know to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Even better, I’d like to send it to you absolutely free, if you’d consider joining me in a new project I’ve been hard at work on lately…

One that could benefit you and I both…

Let me explain…

My new investment research project

My name, as I mentioned before, is Jim Rickards.

As a financial lawyer, economist, and currency advisor I’ve seen the inner-works of two of the biggest and most important institutions in America today, Wall Street and the U.S. government.

My experiences over the past 4 decades have enabled me to appear on all the major news and financial networks when they want to know what is going on in the economy as well as the financial and political markets.

But here’s the thing…

Even though I constantly appear on everything from CNBC to FOX and CNN, there’s been a serious problem…

Those venues don’t allow me to share my most sensitive money-making recommendations.

I’m talking about opportunities to move fast on things like:

The recent landmark ‘Brexit’ vote, which I found an opportunity for readers of one of my research letters to see 57% gains, in just under 2 weeks…

The recent collapse in oil prices, which netted some of my readers the chance to see 162% gains in just 5 months…

A recent decline in emerging market currencies, which gave some of my readers the opportunity to see 230% gains in just 6 months…

And of course, the Renegade Alternative Currency opportunity I’ve been describing in this letter, which I believe could be one of the best opportunities to see the kinds of gains that could quite literally change your life…

To allow you to quit work forever and retire worry-free.

So, I’ve been looking for a venue where I could use my inside knowledge of the financial and political markets to guide my readers on an ongoing basis as new opportunities unfold, telling them where to invest and how to avoid the pitfalls.

That’s why I decided to launch my monthly investment research advisory called Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

Each month, in Strategic Intelligence, I’ll give you specific investment recommendations and wealth-protection strategies that will help you grow your wealth, even during the toughest of times.

My mission in this letter is to help people make money, preserve their wealth, and avoid the kind of headache my family and I experienced firsthand.

You see, in the 1960s, my dad’s gas station went out of business. Simply because he didn’t understand the macro picture of oil…

Since that day I’ve vowed to understand those macro moves… and made it my mission to make sure no American is ever blindsided like my dad was…

And that no American has to suffer like my family suffered.

That’s why I’ve put together this special message for you…

Until recently, I have only provided this kind of research to my high-net-worth clients and members of the U.S. intelligence community.

But with Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, you too will have the opportunity to hear my best ideas on an ongoing basis.

For example, here’s another idea I think could be extremely beneficial to you in the coming months and years…

The Ultimate Currency Hedge

Look, we both know the dollar is in serious trouble.

And here’s the scary part…

Anything even remotely resembling the crash we experienced in 2008 I believe will be enough to wipe out the savings of most Americans.


Because most folks have all of their assets – stocks, bonds, savings, CDs, etc. – priced in one thing… dollars.

That’s one of the main reasons I’ve been strongly advocating the Renegade Alternative Currency investment I’ve been outlining in this presentation.

It’s one of the best ways I know of to help protect your savings from a dollar collapse.

But there’s another important step I believe every American should take which is also absolutely essential in helping to mitigate the damages of another financial crisis.

And that’s to get at least a little bit of money outside the dollar.

This is how many of the richest people in the world hedge their fortunes against the risk of a currency collapse.

They own the currencies that will inevitably go up in value as the dollar falls.

And if this strategy is good enough for them, it’s good enough for you and me too.

Problem is, most banks in the U.S. don’t give you the option of holding foreign currencies… and even if do you manage to open an offshore account, you can’t use it for short-term savings and transaction needs.


An innovative FDIC-insured bank, based right here in the U.S. , with one unique advantage: You don’t have to hold just U.S. dollars.

This bank offers regular dollar-denominated and non-dollar denominated accounts — CDs, money market accounts, and savings – a place to park your cash to collect interest.

This is absolutely essential for anyone looking to diversify out of the dollar and even make sizeable gains holding non-dollar currencies.

Most importantly, it’s super easy to open an account and get started.

With one simple call to this bank or a quick trip online, you can diversify your savings out of the dollar and into foreign currencies… and even commodities and precious metals.

The best part is, accounts can be opened and managed online – no visit to the bank required.

In case you’re wondering, this bank isn’t some unproven newcomer, either.

Its roots trace back to 1961.

It proved to be a hearty bank, too, sailing through the banking crisis of 2008–2009 without fearing a Fed takeover.

It’s a Top Tier Award winner and a Kiplinger Personal Finance and Money magazine rated bank too.

Everything you need to know to get started right away is in our new Investment Briefing, The Ultimate Currency Hedge.

Now, maybe you’re asking…

Which currencies should you own?

Which ones will go up in value the most if the dollar crashes?

That’s why, as part of this Investment Briefing, we’ll also include a list of the top 5 currencies best positioned to weather any crisis and skyrocket in value, handpicked by me and my staff.

This could be one of the most important and valuable reports my team and I have put together.

Best of all…

This briefing, like America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency Investment: How to Cash in on the Next 100,000% Winner, is also free.

They’ll be among the first things you’ll receive when you try a no-risk subscription to my monthly advisory letter, called Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

So what else can you expect when you take advantage of this limited time offer today?

Let me show you…

What you can expect

As soon as you claim this package, you’ll gain immediate access to my Strategic Intelligence Video Series.

It’s a 10-part welcome series of videos where I answer all the questions you need to know to get up to speed.

Think of it like a “fast track” introduction course you can watch even before you start reading my issues and Investment Briefings.

You’ll also have full access to my secure, members-only website where you can look at all of my past issues, full investment model portfolio, and Special Investment Briefings… many of which contain opportunities you can take advantage of today.

Is my research right for you?

I don’t know. But to help you decide, here’s what I propose…

Try Strategic Intelligence for the next twelve (12) months, at no obligation.

Here’s what I mean…

Simply start a trial subscription today, and you’ll have instant access to:

Special Investment Briefing #1 – America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative-Currency Investment: How to Cash in on the Next 100,000% Winner
Special Investment Briefing #2 – The Ultimate Currency Hedge
Plus, every month you’ll receive my Strategic Intelligence advisory letter, delivered to you on the third week of every month, first by e-mail, then by regular mail too.

My team and I will update you on the status of the markets, any risks we see in the financial system, and unique opportunities to help you retire early or protect the wealth you’ve already created.

And this is only the beginning…

In addition to my monthly letters and Special Investment Briefings you’ll also receive more highly valuable membership benefits, also at no extra charge, like…

BENEFIT #1 – Live Intelligence Briefings: The markets aren’t going to wait for me to publish my issues every month. And they’re certainly not going to raise a flag whenever a great opportunity suddenly arises.
That’s why I host an up-to-the-minute video intelligence briefing every single month. (The next one is scheduled for Monday the 12th of September.)
This is where I will debrief you on a top-of-mind or pressing topic that’s front and center in the economy and give you forward looking analysis.
Then, I will take readers’ frequently asked questions afterward during a “lightning round” to make sure you have all the information you need to help yourself make sound investment decisions.
But as part of these live intelligence briefings, you’ll have the chance to not only get access to this information, but also ask me questions. Please keep in mind that I will not be answering any questions regarding personalized investments on these calls. I’m simply answering the frequently asked questions from all my readers.
BENEFIT #2 – Rickards’ Five Links: Every Monday, I will send an email to you at 10:00 a.m. with five stories from around the web that we recommend you read. Each will build on the themes we’ll be exploring in your monthly issues and intelligence briefings. Be on the lookout for our next “Five Links” this coming Monday morning…
BENEFIT #3 – The 5 Minute Forecast: This is our attempt to bring sharp, concise judgment to the sometimes bewildering world of financial media. It cuts the fluff out of the news cycle and distills the day’s headlines into succinct, digestible insights. You’ll get only the most important stories in politics, finance, technology and much more. Then our experts weigh in, providing insight and analysis you can’t find anywhere else… giving you wisdom you can use to profit from the news.
BENEFIT #4 – Weekly Model Portfolio Updates: You’ll also receive regular weekly model portfolio updates with up-to the-minute briefings on my recommendations. Take a closer look at all of our recommendations, see interactive charts, performance and related content around each pick.
BENEFIT #5 – Access to the Strategic Intelligence Support Team: As a Strategic Intelligence member you’ll have full access to our support team. You can call or email them directly between the hours of 9am and 5pm EST Monday through Friday.
Don’t forget, you’ll also get…
BENEFIT #6 – Private Website Access: As soon as you sign up you’ll receive passwords to our exclusive, subscribers-only Strategic Intelligence website, where you can look at all of my back issues and Special Reports, most of which contain opportunities you can take advantage of right away.
BENEFIT #7 – Strategic Intelligence Video Series. In this 10-part video welcome series, I answer all the questions you need to know to get up to speed. Think of it like a “fast track” introduction course you can watch even before you start reading my issues and Investment Briefings.
Over the next twelve months, take your time and decide if Strategic Intelligence is right for you.
If not, just let me know, and I’ll send you a full refund. You can even keep everything you’ve received up until that point.
Where else in the world could you try something for a full year… and return it for a full refund if you don’t like it?
It’s my way of saying ‘thank you’ for giving my research a try.
So how much does it cost?
KEEP IN MIND: I’ve charged $15,000 and up to share my ideas and insights on the economy and markets at seminars and investment conferences around the world.

And the folks who’ve tried my research agree, there’s really nothing quite like it available anywhere else…

After all the talk on morning TV about disaster due to Brexit… My wife and I are out shopping. She asks me (after seeing me check my account), ‘How bad is it?’ My answer: ‘I’m up $30,000.’ Thanks, Jim Rickards.

Richard R.

I enjoy everything Jim Rickards does. He doesn’t give risky advice when it comes to investments. Everything is based with a solid foundation. I think that’s why I don’t mind putting a lot of my savings in to a lot of his strategies. He wants to make you gains, but he wants to make sure that you’re going to go to sleep at night.

John L.

Jim Rickards understands that geopolitical events, especially in this era, play a much bigger role in the markets than they did 10 or 20 years ago. And for that reason, anyone looking to invest money would do well to listen to his words. I think Jim does a good job of pointing out things that are going to happen in the next 5 to 10 years. I would put Jim on par with Jim Rogers who I am sure you are familiar with; somebody who could look forward. And that’s a rare talent. Somebody who could see the world is indeed changing.

Chris S.

I have read and listened to just about everything you have put out in print or online. I just wanted to express my appreciation for helping to ”decode” for me how the Fed/central banks think and operate, currency manipulation, competing global interests, impact/limitations/dangers of monetary policy, etc.I now watch the media and can quickly recognize important events and screen out the noise.
I now have a framework for making financial decisions. You’ve opened up a whole new world of understanding to me.

Tom P.

In short, I believe there’s no better way to stay connected, up to date, etc. on all of the most important financial and economic issues facing Americans today than with Strategic Intelligence.

But before I give you the details on how to get started, however, I’d like to tell you about one more exciting opportunity that most people have never considered…

Safety Net Gold

Gold is an important asset that should be a part of every portfolio…

But did you know there’s actually a way to own this precious metal with very limited downside?

That is, what if you could own both sides of the gold trade?

On the one side, you’re covered even if gold tanks for the next 18 months. On the other, you could make up to 1,233% if it goes up.

To be clear, this is not for everybody.

And I call it “Safety Net Gold” because you’ve got a chance to see gains regardless of whether gold goes up or down. But there actually is risk it doesn’t pan out at all.

However, we put this strategy through the paces on a dozen more likely scenarios. The potential profit ranges from nice to amazing.

In one more Special Investment Briefing, called Safety Net Gold, I spell out how it works. Including how you could see between 133% to 289% on the lower end… or sit tight for extraordinary gains as high as 1,233%.

And that’s if gold soars to only half what I predict.

If hits $10,000 an ounce… and it could… get ready for an even bigger return.

The way I see it you’re covered no matter what…

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much more about this opportunity here, except that this could be one of the easiest and most profitable investments you can make over the next few years.

This Special Investment Briefing is also yours free when you take a no-risk trial subscription to Strategic Intelligence today…

Strategic Intelligence’s cover price is $99 per year. And at that price it’s a steal.

A subscription to The Wall Street Journal costs more than twice that… and I’m pretty certain they won’t tell you about any of the opportunities I’ve been describing in this presentation.

But here’s the thing…

I want to make this offer as irresistible as possible…

Which is why today I’d like to offer you the chance to try my research for 50% OFF the regular price.

You’ll pay just $49 for an entire year of my work, which includes

Special Investment Briefing #1: America’s FIRST Renegade Alternative Currency Investment: How to Cash in on the Next 100,000% Winner
Special Investment Briefing #2: The Ultimate Currency Hedge
Special Investment Briefing #3: Safety Net Gold
12 Issues of my monthly investment advisory newsletter, Strategic Intelligence delivered on the third week of every month.
Not to mention, you’ll get the Live Intelligence Briefings, weekly model portfolio updates, Five Links, The 5 Minute Forecast, Private Website Access, Access to the Strategic Intelligence Support team, and the 10-Part Video Welcome Series.
Why so cheap?

Well, I figure this package is the perfect way to introduce you to my team and the research we do.

If you like our work as much as I think you will, then my sincerest hope is that you’ll want to do business with us again in the future.

But of course, that will be totally up to you to decide. In short, I’m confident my work will speak for itself.

That’s why we’re thrilled to send you this valuable research package for the ultra-low price of $49.

Don’t forget, you are only trying out my work to see if you like it.

If you’re unhappy for any reason in the next twelve (12) months, simple call our friendly Baltimore-based customer service staff and cancel.

You’ll receive a full and prompt refund.

Sound fair?

Oh, and one more thing.

To make this offer as much of a slam dunk as possible I’ve included one more valuable gift I’d like to include, absolutely free of charge.

I promise you’ll love it… but you’ll also probably think I’m crazy for giving it away.

Please see order form for complete details.

To get started right away please click the “reserve now” button below.

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Jim Rickards,
Editor, Strategic Intelligence
August 2016

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