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by latter day hippy | December 8, 2016 12:23 pm

Anyone recommend royalty companies for an easily confused, historically hapless, honest, upright, PM-obsessed blue-collar type? New to this lark and wishing I’d started paying attention a lot earlier, I get more freaked out with every passing day. Spinning my wheels in all the jargon, I decided on (temporary) refuge in REAL money until I can wrap my head around the lingo and terrain. Please, be gentle with me, I’m a complete novice.

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5 years ago

Under “Discussions” click on Most Active Discussions. There is one called Gold and Silver Hard Assets. It is a great place to get a lot of knowledge, that along with doing your own due diligence is a great way to get informed. Some royalties to start with would be SAND, SLW, RGLD, and FNV. Lots of great posters on the discussion thread, and they are usually very willing to share thoughts. Will look for you there!

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