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Stock Gumshoe Gives Back — Charitable Membership Drive

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 7, 2016

Tell your friends! Tell your family! This week you can sign up for Stock Gumshoe membership and help a worthy cause at the same time!

Stock Gumshoe thrives as a wonderful community of readers and investors, and as a resource for those who want to avoid being sucked in by investment marketing hype, because of the membership payments from our premium members (we call them the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars, all apologies to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle).

But we’re also not missing any meals here at Gumshoe HQ, so each year we try to give back — with your help. Every year around this time we run a charitable membership campaign, and donate half of all membership proceeds to charity. The campaign is on now, running through next Tuesday, for one full week.

Any membership payments from new or renewing Stock Gumshoe Irregulars during this time will generate donations to a worthy cause — in the past we’ve donated to environmental conservation, disaster relief, emergency medical care and outreach, education, alleviating hunger and homelessness, services for wounded or homeless veterans, and probably some other things I’m forgetting over the past decade. This year we’ll continue to work with the goal of helping to feed, serve, house, educate and otherwise support the poor, the sick, the young, the old and our nation’s military veterans, though the specific charities haven’t yet been chosen.

We try to not only choose charities that are efficient and effective, but also to split the funds between local and national or international endeavors, Stock Gumshoe is headquartered in a pretty economically depressed region of New England and we can always find lots of need right in our neighborhood… but if you have charities and nonprofit organizations we should consider for a donation with part of this funding, feel free to make a suggestion using the comment box at the bottom.

I’m sure each of you has other causes that are close to your heart, and there is certainly a lot of need out there… so please, if it’s a choice between supporting an important cause and supporting Stock Gumshoe, put us at the bottom of your list. But if you were thinking of maybe joining the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars anyway (or renewing — we’ll donate for renewal payments, too)… well, now’s the perfect time.

What are the Irregulars, you ask? What do you get?

Paid members get access to everything on the site — including the special commentary that I prepare just for them on Fridays… I call it the Friday File, and depending on the week it might be chatter about my portfolio, my buys and sells, or a solution to a hyped-up teaser that readers are asking about, usually with a bit more opinion than I share with our larger free readership. I also disclose all the stocks I own (and the trades I make to buy or sell) to the Irregulars.

Most months, when an idea looks worthwhile, I also share an “Idea of the Month” investment that seems appealing to me.

And you also get access to our “quick take” box that summarizes each of my articles — most of our readers consider that to be the most valuable and timesaving service we provide… as well as the ability to start your own discussion topics on the site.

The price? Most of our readers consider it a bargain at $59 a year, and wouldn’t dream of canceling — we still have many folks who’ve been with us since the early days of 2007, sending in money to support my work even before I thought about offering a premium membership. You can also sign up for a monthly membership if you want a smaller initial commitment ($7 a month), or for our “platinum” membership that will make you an Irregular for as long as the site exists, with no need for future renewals (that’s $299). So yes, even if you’re already a member, might we entice you to go with the “lifetime” membership? For each person who upgrades to platinum membership this week I’ll be making a donation of $149.50! (If you’re unsure, don’t go for the platinum membership — that’s the only one that is not refundable.)

Just click here to sign up today, and you’ll be helping Stock Gumshoe and helping some worthy causes — thank you!

P.S. If you’re already a Free Member and are logged in (it should say “Free Member” at the very top right of the page), then you can just click here to go to the “Add/Renew Subscription” page and you’ll be able to keep your existing username and password (and email address). Likewise, Irregulars who want to upgrade to annual or platinum membership this week can easily upgrade using that same link. If you have any trouble with or questions about the signup process, you can get in touch with us using the Contact Us page here and we’. Thanks again!



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John Striffler
John Striffler
6 years ago

I am sure you have plenty who have need in your area, but being on the left coast I would like to bring to your discussion a possibility for charitable contribution. Organization is called The Sheepfold. They are located in Orange County, Ca. and provide help to abused and battered women and children in a loving manner.
They can be contacted at 1-877-743-3736 or Their mailing address is P.O. Box 4487
Orange, Ca. 92863
Thank you for your consideration and interest. John

👍 15112
6 years ago


My brother can get into the religion/politics comments.

My aunt can use the latest on cancer as we are blessed to have her with us still!

I am proud to a member of this inspiring site. Thank you to all those that make this available to us! Merry Christmas!

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👍 31
6 years ago

#GIVEaGIFT that #KEEPsON #Giving: Stock Gumshoe Gives Back — Charitable Membership Drive

Take a Look Under the Hood of …

Join #ZKSS and the #Gummune
Great for your health and #10-Baggers…

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Full of #IrregularMembers created and maintined tools…

Step the Bleeding: Discussion re $ARTH

#Give2Receive #ReapWhatYouSow #RewardWithThumbsUP

Love Rules the Universe!

Happy Holidays and Beyond All ~ Ben

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👍 11466
👍 15112
6 years ago

Thank you Travis… What are your thoughts on extending the campaign until right before Santa’s e.t.a.?
Please check your e-mail. 🙂
Have a wonderful holiday season and beyond all ~ Ben

👍 11466