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By hipockets, January 19, 2017


I follow SG by subscribing to the emailed comment notifications and use them to collect KSS’ comments for maintaining the Love KSS spreadsheet (more about that later, see the current KSS thread for its URL). I go to a thread online only (usually) when I need to clarify something about a KSS statement. Since I have a slow computer and it can take several seconds to load a KSS page, I rarely use the Thumbs Up Button (TUB), which is a shame because many comments should be appreciated by clicking on the TUB.

SIDEBAR: Since I rarely use the TUB, I have wanted for ages to email (though Lynn) Glenn – newby3867 – and thank him for being him. His comments always pertain to a discussion about a stock and usually have the ideal format—a link to information and a brief synopsis about the link. He rarely copies and pastes an entire article. If I’m on line and I’m interested in the information, I can follow the link. If not, I don’t have to scroll very far to move past his comment.

Glenn, you are a MVC – a Most Valuable Contributor. Here’s a Humongous TUB for you!

I don’t mean to slight anyone –It’s just that I always think of emailing him when I open an email with one of his concise comments.

I have learned much from many of you, and many of you deserve Humongous TUBs And special Humongous TUBS for the other Docs!

SIDEBAR: When I’m on line and scroll past a comment that does not meet the “Etiquette” guidelines, I sometimes click on the “Thumbs Down Button” (tdb). More about this later, and a copy of the guidelines is inserted below for the benefit of new members (and some older members!, too!).

SIDEBAR: While I enjoy making my contribution to SG by maintaining the Love KSS database, there are only so many hours in a day. I am a stand-in primary care provider for a 90 year old neighbor with severe short term memory problems, a broken hip, and a mentally challenged 60 year old daughter living with her. I have been active for over a year in EVERYTOWN, a grass roots movement of Americans working to minimize gun violence. (More about EVERYTOWN later ). Due to those commitments, I rarely comment and you will see few TUBs or tdbs next to my posts,

The present system of summing the TUBs and tdbs to produce one number gives us very little information. Having individual totals, and “Member since” would be much more informative. Examples: 10 TUBS and 10 tdbs is much more informative than 0 TUBS, as is 11 TUBS and 10 tdbs as opposed to 1 TUB.

I would like to see at least 4 symbols for TUBs: one each for “Thank you for comment!”, “Honor Roll Post”, “You have my sympathy”, and “That’s funny”.

A tdb click is extremely ambiguous and unhelpful. I think very few comments that deserve a tdb click get one, because it is so ambiguous. I would like to see several tdb symbols: one each for “Don’t understand your point”, “Not appropriate for this thread”, “Strongly disagree with your statement”, “Complete waste of my time”, “I agree with part of this but disagree strongly with some of it”, “Enough already!”

These ideas could be implemented by having a “Rate This Comment” button, which, when clicked on, brings up a small window with all of the TUB and tdb buttons inside and shows the current total clicks for each.

As the membership grows, the number of frivolous posts and unwanted messages in email in-boxes will grow. I think the TUBs and tdbs approach would greatly assist in the self-governance allowed and promoted by Travis. Since he has more important things to do than spend much time on TUBs and tdbs programming, I encourage everyone to use them as is. As much as improvement is needed, they are better than nothing. It is okay to give a tdb click, even if it is ambiguous, if you have a valid reason for disliking a comment. Of course, it would be helpful to tell why you are giving it, but there are members who would be uncomfortable doing that.

To refresh everyone’s memory and list them for the newer members, here are some of the ETIQUETTE guidelines that were suggested by AlanH at The text in bold is my attempt to give you the gist of his comment. The text in italics is my addition to his comment.

1. PROBABLY MOST IMPORTANT..…Dont abuse KSS’s or any diligent members time/energies asking for info/analysis on random tickers that you happened to stumble on, without, at least, stating why you think its interesting and what YOU have found out for yourself thus far (and, to begin with, make it concise please!). KSS is a tad busy merely saving lives between posting here, to do an hours free DD for you, lazy bones. You can use one of the numbered tabs at to guide you in researching a stock and presenting your thoughts..

2. The Bio threads are fundamentally about investing. Comments should be restricted to investing topics that relate to the thread’s title. Better to say nothing than say something that is not relevant to that title. Comments are NOT a replacement for Twitter or a place for innumerable Twitter references. [ Sidebar – on a personal note, I have sight in just one eye, and I have a large ball of floaters in that eye. Several twitter references in one comment are an unreadable visual cacophony to me, and I dislike them intensely. I have tdb-ed some of them. ] There is a ‘Club House’ thread where you can banter all day…..disinterested others can avoid subscribing to it.

3. Avoid posting non essential, polite responses. Posting a ”Thank You” to Fred for wishing you Happy Birthday will clog up 1000+ email inboxes of 1000+ people. Use the Thumb tick instead……it says all that needs to be said, and accumulates against the friends name forever. Heart felt ‘Thank You’ posts for special outstanding informative comments are welcome. Give the gift that lasts…..a thumb!

4. Insofar as possible, stay on topic, or at least relevant to the core bio tickers. AlanH set up a new thread for questions/answers/info about other stocks of interest (which KSS/Travis and doubtless others can mull) here : . Please subscribe / bookmark and use it.

5. Before you ask a question, ALWAYS do a comment search to see if its already been asked/answered here or elsewhere. To search the whole page you are on, use ”CTRL-F”. To search just the comments on the page you are on, use the search box just before the start of comments. To search the main threads, use the search box near the top of the page, or use Google with the search phrase: xxxxxxxxxxxxx where xxxxxxxxxxxxx is the term you are searching for.

6. So that people can more easily track past information using comment search; please start ALL posts with the relevant $XYZ ticker (s). No ticker? Then the comment is obviously not about investing, so you have probably posted on the wrong thread…..or a thumb would have done just as well. Better to say nothing than say something that is not relevant to the thread title.

7. When calling attention to information from other sources, do not a cut and paste the whole blinking text! Post a link to the information and give a short summary so that others can judge if it pertains to something in which they have an interest. Thank you again, Glenn! 🙂 Remember that 1000+ people will see the comment, and not everyone will be interested in that particular topic. Also, the longer the comment the more space it takes up on computer monitors and the more time it takes to read the comments. And the longer it takes to load the thread. It just took 14 seconds to load “The Twelve Biotechs of Christmas: One” thread. It’s not always that bad, but sometimes it’s worse..

8. It’s easy to set up new threads if there’s any other topic you feel needs its own home… any suggestions welcomed…… that is IF you’re prepared to be Thread Leader and Referee. No passengers on this site!!

9. Be judicious when inserting images. I have an older computer with mediocre graphics, and it takes longer to load comments with images. Please use just the link to the image , not the image itself.. There have been images that in no way pertain to the topic of the comment, images that added nothing of importance, images of text in which the text was so small that it was unreadable, and images of diagrams / flowcharts that were unreadable. There was an image that was so large it consumed all of the display on my 21” monitor but added absolutely nothing !! I have tdb-ed some of those. So has someone else.

Providing a link to an image is great. Inserting the image itself can be a disservice for many of us.

SIDEBAR: For those who are not aware of the LOVE KSS spreadsheet, it lists links to over 1100 comments in which Dr. KSS specifically thought a stock was worth buying, and links to over 1250 comments about his thinking on other stocks. There are also links to all of his threads, his thinking about a few IPOs, and some of his miscellaneous thoughts. And, there are over 100 links to information about technical analysis and over 550 links to all sorts of topics about investing, such as definitions . Did you know that there are at least definitions for 838 investing terms that begin with the letter ”F”?


Since 9/11, less than 150 people have died inside the United States due to terrorism, yet we are spending billions of dollars annually to try to prevent it. But since that date, over 300,000 have died because of gun violence (about 90 per day on average), and the cocooned brains in our federal government and some of our state governments have done nothing.

Our goal is to reduce violence, not to ban all guns. We will never be able to prevent all gun violence, but thousands of lives can be saved and an immeasurable amount of suffering can be prevented by preventing straw sales and implementing and enforcing thorough background checks. The number of people killed or injured during future mass slayings can be reduced by limiting the sale of certain types of firearms and bullets (and large capacity magazines) to well-qualified types of individuals.

We now have almost 4 million supporters and a donor base of over 85,000. We show up at statehouses, make calls and send emails to let legislators know that they are expected to stand on the side of public safety and will be held accountable for that at the ballot box. Over 18 states now require background checks, and we recently made significant progress during the November 2016 elections when voters in four states (Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and California) approved more stringent checks.

Over 80 % of NRA members feel that stronger background checks are needed. If you agree and want to help save lives and prevent the anguish of the people losing loved ones, please join EVERYTOWN at . Membership is free If you join us, we will be one person closer to reaching the critical mass of public opinion needed to get the attention of local and national politicians.

If you agree with our goal, please join us. Also, please copy and paste the above 4 paragraphs into emails to your friends.

This is a discussion topic or guest posting submitted by a Stock Gumshoe reader. The content has not been edited or reviewed by Stock Gumshoe, and any opinions expressed are those of the author alone.



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6 years ago

I agree with the thought about posting pictures when a link is enough. It takes up to a 1000 times more bandwidth for a picture than for a link and slows down page loading. That is a huge factor for those using phones or Ipads, etc as it costs to use bandwidth.

👍 7795
6 years ago
Reply to  arch1

This is very well thought out commentary and should be read by everyone. I am out the door but will be more specific when I have some free time. Thank you for sharing some great ideas for improving the threads.

👍 383
6 years ago

Great post, hipockets, and thanks for pointing me to Everytown!

I agree heartily with guidance #6. I read most comments through the e-mail notification on my phone, so even if a comment was posted “in reply” to something else, I will have no idea what is being referred to unless the ticker is listed.

👍 2289
6 years ago

Thanks for this HiPs. Im astonished that in ‘The Most Advanced Nation on the Planet’ you guys have so much problem with downloading. Here I sit on a boat in UK and I can download in nanno secs. Makes you wonder who the vilian is.

👍 4086
6 years ago

Hipockets, thanks for this post. I was glad to see your reference to the LOVE KSS spreadsheet, as I had the same idea to create a spreadsheet. However, I am not able find the spreadsheet you mention after using all your search suggestions in item #5. Could you possibly post a link to the spreadsheet? TIA

👍 7
6 years ago
Reply to  ricklesroc

Hi ricklesroc and welcome!
Comment search spreadsheet in the current biotech thread

There shall be two

one HiPockets is librarian – KSS Da Man
one OpposableThumb is librarian – Gummie Biotech