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written by reader . Will President Trump give the mother Lode the Green Light?

By thinairmony, February 19, 2017



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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

I still think it’s unlikely that the mine gets built, but it’s certainly not impossible — and the political push agains the EPA has proceeded pretty much as expected under the new administration, with politicians now specifically calling to rescind the Waters of the United States rule that was part of the justification for blocking the permitting process, and with the rule itself likely to see the Supreme Court (in addition to the litigation that’s ongoing between Northern Dynasty and the EPA right now, with some action likely by Fall).

I took profits when the stock fell on the latest short attack, but continue to have a small position in the warrants — not because I’m certain the mine will be built, but because I think it’s likely that they will be allowed to move to the permitting process, which would spur more interest and possibly bring in a big partner. That permitting would take at least five years, I would imagine, and it would be shocking if there was a mine on that spot within a decade even if all goes pretty well, the capital and time required will be phenomenal. I wouldn’t want to speculate on this as a business right now, but I’ll continue to keep my small speculation on the regulatory shift possibly furthering the windfall for investors over the next couple years if good permitting progress or a big partnership increase the viability of the project. The project has massive enough potential that small changes in the probability of eventual success can lead to large changes in valuation for the stock.

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