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written by reader and “The Square Principle”

By daisey, April 23, 2017

I’m a new subscriber……just curious as to whether anyone is familiar with the ”Square Principle” ? Sounds to be quite a remarkable tool/technique…

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

I’ve heard of the square principle as a mathematical concept, but don’t know what it means to chartists — and I’m far from expert on most of the chart-reading techniques. Hopefully someone else will have some feedback for you.

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5 years ago

Hi Daisey! Mr. Williams does webinars every Tuesday at 1:30pm (Pacific) to discuss the Square Principle. You can ask him questions, but he’s obviously not going to give away how it’s done for free considering he’s spent over a decade working on the Square Principle. Have you taken a free trial? You can get 5 free trading days when you register for trial: Hope this helps!

5 years ago

The futures market goes up, down and sideways all day long.
One of these “educators” replied to my challenge of trading live with this.
“You would have to be a fool to trade real money, live, in front of a group.”
I guess some people are too trusting in the honesty of these “educators.”
Don’t let a guy or girl with a good sales pitch steal your money.
If you don’t know what you are doing, those sharks will take your money. That is their job!
Please, find a real live trader who trades his own account in realtime!
You will see the difference. All others are just faking it.
And don’t waste your time and money with the “educators” that teach tricks or setups that only work sometimes, only
when their multiple pre-conditions are just right.
I tried the pagetrader for the free week and was not impressed.
They do not show their charts with the price targets their “square principle” is supposed to be predicting.
It was audio only, talking about likely nearby high and low targets that could happen in the next hour or longer.
He was saying the market will go to a certain level sometime in the future and it could happen in the next minute or hour or tomorrow.
A lot of repeating, if this happens, or if that happens, and then the market could go the other way, too.
I did get the feeling this guy was not placing real trades with real money. They just talked for a couple of hours without saying anything that could be used for placing a trade.
But that is the same way most “futures trading education” websites work, that I have seen.
He gave convincing review of his predictions, showing where the market went that day, after the market closed, without any explanation of why or how the predicted targets were reached.

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3 years ago

My advise to you never ever waste your time with Educators like PageTrader. If you want I can share with you all emails with Pagetrader sales team and rooms controller Mr. Jerry. I lost so much money on useless services. Don’t be fooled with sales webinars they are making. The truth is different.
They don’t trade their account and all their forecasts have 50% chance of accuracy. What they do is giving you 2/3 scenarios that you cannot trade simply because the market is about to reach the support/resistance lines. They claim that square principle gives you only one price target not 6/7 like Fibonacci tool. However, if you go to their $&P messenger, you will find multiples of support and resistance lines. They are ruthless and is not worthy at all.

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