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by sheya36 | May 1, 2017 4:13 pm

Has anyone heard of or paid for a service/newsletter called ”Extreme Alpha” ?
I just paid for this ( I think Agora )and it is tied to Trump ”pulling another 2004, so he is changing the tax code
so that all the cash inveasted in anything offshore, Billionaires, Fortune 500”s etc. will allow us to invest $1000.00
& turn it into close to 3 million dollars-this was to happen by April 15th, and when it didn’t they gave me ”another 3 months
( I paid $550.00 for three months, and now I’m thinking of trying to get my money back )
Anyone ?

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5 years ago

I did not sign up but I do remember the marketing emails. Glad I didn’t drop any $ on it and I feel bad for anyone that did. Always remember, nobody can accurately predict anything in the markets.

👍 33