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written by reader 6-11-17 The Morgan Report- e-waste recycling co. that extracts high amounts of gold per ton that just went public last week

By pbormann, June 11, 2017

David Morgan has teased a new company that can extract many oz of gold from a ton of e-waste and is totally environmentally friendly. Here is the tease, not many clues:

Forget Silver! Buy This Instead!!
You have a VERY unique opportunity right now to invest in something so significant that is could change the mining industry forever!

Here are the details…

While conducting a two-year study, I discovered a microcap stock in the technology space. I investigated this company at great length, so I’m not exaggerating when I say it has the potential to completely transform your net worth.

I bought shares in this company and recommended it first to our Master Mind members, and some were able to participate in the financing along with some of the best known names in the entire industry, unfortunately it was oversubscribed and some were not able to buy what they wanted. The Master Mind members were given the entire presentation very early by the present CEO so they were quite familiar with the risks and potential.

Next we made certain that our premium members held shares in the parent company to be able to receive shares in this technology company for free. Finally, we are making an offer to you to get full access to the website member’s only (paid) portion of website and learn about this opportunity.

Now here’s where it gets interesting… the stock only began trading in the U.S. markets last week, in fact on June 2, 2017. Which means if you have read this far you might continue because there are so few people that have access to this information you have an opportunity that is truly at the beginning stages.

Gold from 1 Tonne of Gold Ore = (photo of tiny fraction of an oz of gold)
Gold from 1 Tonne of E-Waste = (Photo of several [10-15] ounces of gold)

This company has developed a totally safe patent-pending ”chemical solution” that can help with extraction of precious metals from printed circuit boards and other ”electronic waste”. This application is actually far more profitable than richest gold mines in the world by a factor of ten or more.

You are invited to join us at The Morgan Report and be able to tell your friends and family how you discovered the most lucrative precious metals ”mining” company in the world. Please take a look again the photo comparison do you want to invest is a top rated gold miner? Or would you like to own a company that ”mines” gold from E-Waste? This potential legacy stock may be something that turns a speculative play into one of the best known environmentally significant stories of our time.

I fully believe this microcap stock could produce multiple-digit returns for investors over the next 12-24 months. This is why I am an investor and having seen the pro forma I am being very conservative.

If you’d like to discover the U.S. stock ticker for the company — so that you can invest and become a shareholder — then here’s all you need to do…

Activate your membership now!

Or you can wait until one the major newsletter marketing companies or several of them become acquainted with this company through our hard work and effort. Then does a massive email campaign, claims to be the first to discover this technology and moves the stock up significantly. This technology is so significant that the ”others” will not be able to avoid telling the story and it is almost certain we will be completely left out of sales letter, but at that point our profits will only be growing…

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Lee Davis
5 years ago

I would like to know this one too!!

5 years ago

Would be interested in this too. Looked up IPO’s recent filings but not really seeing anything that started trading on the 2nd in the US.

👍 9
5 years ago

Very simply it is minworx and enviroleach
mwx on the Toronto venture exchange
eti on the Canadian exchange.
SLDRF on the OTC nasdaq
EVOLF on the OTC nasdaq

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