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written by reader Alternative Health, Supplements and Related

By JohnM, June 16, 2017

Over time, I will try to collect past posts on these topics and collect them here. I’ll try to get the original posters and dates, although some are missing in this first post.
Roger – At 87 I do Qigong, 8 brocades, Yang 10, 24, 48, 42, and old frame Chen, 24 sword and a bit of others about every other day.  Also take walks (only about a mile per day).  I give and receive hands on hour sessions in Jin Shin Jyutsu, a hands-on therapy using Asian medical system on a daily basis.  Also do some breath work.
In Jin Shin Jyutsu, a Japanese branch of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a simple way to alleviate migraines within minutes.
In JSJ migraines are recognized as being frontal headaches on one side of the head or the other.
For a right migraine, place a hand on the space between the outside right ankle and the Achilles’ tendon. (Actually one slides a finger or thumb lateral side of the Achilles’ tendon behind the external malleolus.) That place will be sore and painful when there is a migraine. The migraine will be relieved in a few minutes. I believe the theory is that the bladder and gall bladder energy flows go from the right side of the head to the space between the ankle and Achilles’ tendon. It is thought that because these flows make a right angle, there can be an impeding of the energy, and dissipating the swelling with energy can restore the path and end the pressure on the head. This treatment can be applied by one’s self as well as by others.
I admit that this treatment may make no sense in Western medicine, but I have noted that you are open minded (for example your acknowledgment of Sister Kenny and the unexplained benefits of hands-on therapy.)
I have done this twice and rapidly ended migraines.
For a left migraine, the corresponding spot is held on the exterior left space between ankle and Achilles’ tendon.
I thought that when Nixon went to China we learned that Chinese Medicine could be useful. Chinese medicine attempts to get the body in harmony so that it can heal itself. I don’t personally like to be stuck with needles, but I have seen good results from acupuncture. Similarly, Jin Shin Jyutsu, that attempts similar treatment by moving energy past blocks seems effective. My wife was at a party when a cardiologist had a heart attack. As a Jin Shin Jyutsu teacher and practitioner, she grabbed the little and ring fingers in a scissor with her fingers. By the time the ambulance arrived, the Dr. was feeling well enough that he decided to stay at the party instead of going with the ambulance. It makes sense to me that since heart pain can travel through the left arm down to the little finger, that holding the little finger may send a message to the heart. Two major hospitals are now using Jin Shin Jyutsu to alleviate pain and find that patients who receive it after surgery are able to return home sooner.
Anyway, just as much of Western medicine relies on a placebo effect, Eastern medicine should be equally able to create a good placebo effect.
Please do not think I am suggesting that infants shouldn’t receive the normal vaccinations; I am not.
I do think it criminal when a child dies needing a transfusion, for example, because its parents prefer a religious alternative. Obviously, Western medicine is needful and nothing herein suggests that it be sidelined. Of course it is criminal to leave a child or dog in a car with windows closed in the heat of summer.
There are pro and con research about whether religious prayers and secular wishes for healing are effective. Because of the Gummune’s, I hope they are but remain skeptical. I will tell you what I have learned as a layman about health over my 87 years.
This is not particularly a just world, and every day we hear of children, women, and men being killed, maimed, or subjected to slavery through war, collateral damage, left over mines and armament, and psychopaths. “Nobody gets out of life alive” (from Edna Ferber’s So Big). If there is a glorious afterlife, so be it. If there is nothing, so be it also. I don’t subscribe to the idea of everlasting burning in hell for not following any particular beliefs; conversely, I don’t expect that Christian baptism or Islamic martyrdom of themselves will get me into heaven. I had a heart stoppage from an attack caused by atrial arrhythmia and was resuscitated–unfortunately there was no bright light.
The most important thing is meeting whatever is happening with courage and humor. Besides the lives of Socrates, Jesus, Job, and various religious and medical martyrs, we have a couple modern writings: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom and When Bad Things happen to Good People by Harold S. Kushner, Rabbi that are helpful.
The greatest source of spiritual strength comes from meditation, either religious or secular. By spiritual strength, I mean the ability to accept whatever fate brings. People close to the earth used drumming and dancing as meditation aids. Some orders of Sufis used the same as well as whirling to great effect to allow the mind and body to cure. Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga can also offer meditation. Repetition of sounds, such as OM or ONE or a mantra or a name of a god, or repeating prayers of mystical significance of every religion are popular effective meditative tools.
Hands on therapy, such as massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, acupressure and acupuncture can be wonderful healing aids and useful in pain relief, dealing with the aftermath of chemotherapy, giving comfort and shortening healing time. There are many wonderful, selfless, hardworking erudite physicians. But medicine is not pure science, it is an art, and medical judgments are made by human beings, who even with the best intentions, may be incorrect.
One must keep the faith and take responsibility for his own health and the health of his children, and meditate, exercise, maintain appropriate weight, fast some of the time, avoid sugar, and eat largely a vegetarian diet with probiotic food included, and enjoy meat as a condiment and take Vitamin D3 and magnesium. Remember, as Dr. KSS tells us, it wasn’t till recent times that Dr. Semmelweiss fought the medical profession in having Drs. wash their hands between surgeries and birthings. Early in American history doctors probably were responsible for the death of many who could ill afford to part with the blood from the common bloodletting treatment. Finally, it is really important to find a really good doctor.
Dr., you probably are tired of my suggesting Asian medicinal techniques; however, I sit on my hands with little fingers on the ischial protuberances for 20 minutes a day and meditate by following my breathing or mentally chanting a mantra, prayer, or whatever. My weight at 87 is what it was in high school despite stresses in life and an enjoyment of good food with a glass of wine or beer. I have seen this technique work wonders with weight reduction groups who sit on their hands together, and I taught it to Tai Chi, Qigong groups on shipboard cruises (an avocation). It is a technique of Jin Shin Jyutsu, a hands-on Asian harmonizing art. In Asian therapy, one doesn’t heal, one sets the systems of the body in harmony so that the body can heal and regenerate itself.
fenlin, Curcumin and cumin are not related; however, curcumin (tumeric) as well as cumin would go well in your chili.
After distressing muscle pains following the use of statins, I discontinued them and started using Costco curcumin. My cholesterol levels are maintained at a satisfactory level although the ratio between LDL and HDL is not as favorable. But, although it makes physicians pleased, it remains to be seen whether maintaining a substantial ratio between LDL and HDL improves longevity or the quality of life.
I mention Costco as my source because I read in a recent expose of bogus supplements that Costco was one of the few that came out as advertised rather than filled with garlic powder and other harmless ingredients.
I am 86 and had sextuple by-pass surgery about 25 years ago. I had both ventricular and atrial arrhythmia and elected not to use coumadin but use natto-kinase instead. I have had no arrhythmia episodes in the last year. My physician is not usually very happy with me, but I enjoy good health and mobility considering my age. I do take prescribed drugs to control blood pressure and maintain a good level. It probably helps that I am retired from a high pressure occupation and have a good caring wife.
I also do Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, and self help Jin Shin Jyutsu (eastern hands on therapy somewhat related to acupuncture) daily.
Since treatment of hemorrhoids has ben mentioned: In Jin Shin Jyutsu, (Asian energy medicine) hemorrhoids are treated (successfully in my experience) by placing one hand halfway between the ischial tuberosity and the anus on the side where the hemorrhoid is, and placing the other hand on the external knee, or the junction of fibula and tibia. I have held hand position for 20 minutes at night and the hemorrhoid discomfort was relieved the next morning.
In my 86th year, I find I am lonesome for all my contemporaries who smoked, since almost without exception they are dead. I smoked pipes in college and cigars until I was 30.
Smoking is like being in combat, everyone assumes that he will survive and only other guys will be dead.
I quit because I when I finally realized that it was a precursor to cancer, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, I wanted to be around to help my loved ones.
I did see a picture of a man smoking a pipe in China, who was purportedly over 100 years old. He did Tai Chi several times a day. I do Tai Chi, Qi Gong meditation, and self help Jin Shin Jyutsu, (Asian massage akin to acupuncture without needles) every day. I have natural hypertension and heart disease and a family of short livers. I lived a high stress life as a trial lawyer. I doubt I would be alive without my routine, and moderation in diet and alcohol consumption. I look younger than my age and am reasonably active and vigorous.
Alan, I wish only longevity, health, and good things for you.
I have heard of bone spurs dissolved. If the body can accumulate; it can also dissolve. I speak of Jin Shin Jyutsu a Japanese art based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. My wife is an RN and a JSJ practitioner and teacher, who has taught all over the world for over thirty years. Spurs in the back or knee can be dissolved by appropriate hands on therapy with greater success and a fraction of the cost of surgery. At any rate, there is very little to lose from giving JSJ a chance to dissolve bone spurs.
I suspect that the success of the surgeries is largely dependent on the efforts of the patient afterwards.
I would guess that there are Chinese therapies that work as well.
Using Asian medicine, Jin Shin Jyutsu, for acid reflux hold the right hand on the right side below the margin at the base of the skull and the left hand under the left mid clavicle. It takes about 3 minutes to clear the bile in the bronchial tube and settle the stomach. It works for me; besides what do you have to lose?
The discussion of the approach to medicine of treating something with pills that give some benefits but create greater problems, which one then treat with other pills causing more problems –and so ad infinitum–is fascinating.
All of us are apt to reject great ideas because they are proposed by people who are uncredentialed. Sister Kenny is a great example of the rejection of a great approach by someone outside of the fraternity.
Some suggest that George Washington was bled to death by medical treatment. The difficulty that Semmelweiss had in trying to convince obstetricians to wash their hands before delivering babies stands out as an example of the arrogance of some physicians in the rejection of common sense. (I’m not suggesting that the fault is unique to doctors.)
I realize that this is not a column regarding personal experience, testimonials or heath anecdotes but I cannot resist mentioning that, while I like and respect my family doctor, at age 85, I am willing to take my chances with some alternate medicine. I quit using statin drugs after bad muscular problems and substituted curcumin, which seems as effective in keeping cholesterol in comparable reduction. I rejected the suggestion of using coumadin and aspirin following a few episodes of atrial arrhythmia and have been using nattokinase. Having suffered hormonal imbalance from the use of one diuretic and gout from another, I am cautious about prescribed medicines.
I think the best health activities I do are aerobic exercises and daily Tai Chi the maintenance of moderate weight and some Asian hands-on therapy called Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is now being adopted in some hospitals where it is found effective in reducing pain and the time of hospital stay. I don’t know if the benefit is from the Traditional Chinese Medicine health approach or merely that humans thrive from personal touch, but anyway it seems to work well.
On getting old. Am 85 with family of heart disease, diabetes and short lives. Do Tai Chi classes 3 xs per week and do a bit every day. Get hands-on therapy from Jin Shin Jyutsu daily. Take curcumin (tumeric) instead of statins, which caused muscle problems. Take natto-kinase instead of coumadin for avoiding strokes from very occasional atrial arrhythmia episodes. Take amiodarone. Retired lawyer who taught Tai Chi on shipboard in return for our traveling from age 70 to 81. Getting out of the high stress lawyering was best thing I ever did. Happy to have discovered Dr. KSS and the Dim Sum String comradery. Twice widowed and twice divorced. Happily married to someone I love and respect. Life is good, except for losing all of the people I grew up with. Have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, love them, but have emancipated myself from supporting people over 65.
Author: Roger

I would be happy to officiate or just participate in an over 70’s discussion group and offer self help hands on remedies using Jin Shin Jyutsu.  For example I have a quick and simple daily immune flow and as a result of using it have had no colds for 3 years.  Formerly I had frequent colds and even pneumonia.  If there is an interest, we could approach Lynn and Travis.

Reposting club house to here because it didn’t come through there:
Health Note from an 87 lively octogenarian: Most of the ills in America come from overeating and bad diet. We are omnivores, and most of us can tolerate a broad range of food, but cannot tolerate too much meat or shellfish. Avoid sugar and pure starch. It’s not hard to get along without sugar or sugar substitutes, but xylitol (birch sugar) having only a 5-carbon ring can be used when some added sweetness is felt necessary. Keep regular; I find that a couple of cups of coffee, magnesium, and a stool softener are sufficient to insure daily evacuation. Regularly exercise the stomach (I do crunches and stomach muscle rolls) and avoid getting a prominent gut. Keep the belt length below 40″ at the waist and preferably at high school size. Try to maintain weight comparable to high school days. Avoid one sided exercises (i.e. tennis, fencing because they distort the body). Many illnesses and health problems can be helped by a water-fast for one to three days, and I fast when necessary. The trick is to do so joyously without dolor. Do push ups and cobras leaning from 45 degrees against a table or wall, and half squats holding onto something. Do raises on you toes. Avoid elective surgery, and if you have to have it, go to the best hospital you can find, get a second opinion, and get an experienced surgeon. Stay out of hospitals and emergency rooms in general. Get out of the hospital as soon as possible even if the medications per os are more expensive than per drips or shots. Learn to meditate; do consciousness breathing. Sit on your hands to regulate hunger craving (per one of my earlier letters). Learn simple self-help hands on techniques (I use Jin Shin Jyutsu) to avoid colds, evacuate kidney and gall stones, ameliorate headaches and migraines, emergency angina or heart attacks when digitalis or whiskey are unavailable (after calling 911 or whoever), alleviate morning back pain, stop superficial bleeding, burns, avoid stitches, alleviate or avoid paralysis after a stroke, retrain neural pathways, dissolve bone spurs and tissue accumulations, among other things. Do modest aerobic and strength exercises. Do TaiChi/Qigong, or Yoga regularly and take walks. Limit alcohol to 1 oz per day. No smoking! Love someone and be loved. Happy sexual activity is desirable. Use your mind as much as possible and if you find memory not as acute, that’s what computers are for. Read. Spend time doing real things and not being involved in spectator sports, television, etc. unless you are supporting athletes and actors whom you know. Accept challenge but avoid stress you can’t handle. For example, Lou Gehrig had an incredibly stressful life and challenge. That means don’t measure your success against your neighbors’, don’t try to impress anybody, have no serious regrets nor expectations, and don’t take risks that keep you awake at night. (I keep 15% to 40% of my brokerage account in cash and would never mortgage myself by margin.) Don’t buy on credit (except a home). Don’t borrow and worry about payments and margin calls. Pay at least enough income tax to keep from being audited if possible. Smell the roses. Make life beautiful! It’s all simple and common sense; but it takes knowledge and practice to do it all graciously, joyously and without any resentment, and unfortunately will power may not be enough. My kids always shrug it off with: Who wants to live so long? Some people may be born with such knowledge; whatever I have was dearly paid for after many mistakes and ills.
Author: Roger

A few have commented that you like Jin Shin Jyutsu hands-on tips.  If there is a demand, I would post one per day to the clubhouse.  For example, for angina or heart attack if one has forgotten his nitro and has no alcoholic drink to dilate blood vessels, after calling 911, if appropriate, hold the left little finger and ring finger with the right hand palms facing, by inserting right index finger between left little and ring finger and scissoring left little and ring fingers with right thumb and middle finger.  Hold till angina or heart attack stops.  Can be done for self or another.  It  works. If there is someone else present, he can hold the victim’s big toes at the base.  At one party my wife attended, when the victim had a heart attack, this technique was used and by the time the ambulance arrived, the victim had recovered and decided to stay and enjoy the party.  Please use thumbs up or down to indicate whether these kind of tips would be interesting.  (Never had a thumbs down, but if I did, I would take it as a learning experience of what others wanted and harbor no animus nor sense of rejection.)
Immune flow: Prevents and helps conditions like colds, sore throats and many more:
Hold each position for about 60 heart beats or a minute.
1. Rt. hand on L (shoulder next to neck and back) and Lft hand (same side) back above the hip bone and below the lowest rib.
2. Lft hand top of L thigh at origin of quadricepts muscle.
3. Rt hand on sole of left foot. (I usually sit up to do this flow and bend my left foot under my right leg so that it is possible to reach the sole of the left foot.
Do same for other shoulder and leg. Note that you are working with same side of body and leg in each of these flows.
Used to have colds and flu often, but do this little flow every day and have had none for about four years.
JSJ Note: For sciatic discomfort there are various involved flows a practitioner may use, but there is a simple self-help remedy that can be effective. When people told me they would like to take my TaiChi class but had sciatic pain (used to be described as lumbago) I have suggested they take 10 minutes doing the self help and have then had people feeling good enough to take the class. I. For left side sciatic pain, 1) place the right hand on the inner part of the left knee at the place the femur and tibia meet. 2) Place the left hand over the hurting place at the sciatica. 3) After about five minutes, leaving the left hand on the sciatica, move the right hand to hold the left shoulder next to the neck as far down the back as possible. Repeat if necessary. In Jin Shin Jyutsu, the inner knee is called the Safety Energy Lock #1, the sciatic at the crest of the hip is called the Safety Energy Lock #2, and the place below the shoulder on the back is called the Safety Energy Lock #3. For right side sciatic discomfort reverse hands and side.
The self help 1, 2, 3 might work at least temporarily to provide some relief if done on both sides. I don’t know where you live, but you can call Terry at the Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc. office in Scottsdale at 480-998-9331 and get the names of any qualified practitioners in your area. You could write me through Lynn if I can be of any help. I don’t think anybody-even a fine physician-can diagnose and treat without a full history and without examining the client.
Dave, the only thing I charge for is legal advice, and I would feel that any commercial activity by anyone through discussions on the Gumshoe network would be a betrayal of Travis and Dr. KSS. Besides some things a man should do for money but the rest he should do for love and keep the difference between them straight.
I write of my experiences, but only a complete fool or charlatan would offer the little 1,2,3 self help as a panacea for all back pain. I have studied Jin Shin Jyutsu for many years now, but I have never been a professional practitioner, never wanted to be. Any hands on I do is without compensation.
I know all of us commiserate; back pain is no fun. Although I, like most of us, have had back pain with age, I have been lucky and mine responded to hand’s on treatment.
Posted self help for sciatic pain on Clubhouse.  Tomorrow and Monday I will give adventures with Fingers and Toes and helping someone with brain or neural damage and how it is done.  Thereafter I plan methods of avoiding jet lag, repeat of dealing quickly with migraines, dealing with other headaches, staunching bleeding in wounds, dealing with minor burns, weight management made easy, sore throats, dental pain, facilitating elimination  and more so long as you like them.  If not, let me know, and my feelings can handle it.  It’s more wanting to give something back rather than generate accolades.

Opposite fingers and toes are a simple technique that helps almost everything and can be done by friends and family members for daily maintenance, for helping with illness, and for helping neural pathways. During my later 70s, I was teaching Tai Chi and Qigong on shipboard in return for free passage for my wife and me. We went on a four month plus trip, circumnavigating South America, visiting Antarctica, South Georgia Island, the Falklands, a couple of islands in the Caribbean, and stopping at various Italian, Greek, Spanish, French ports on the Mediterranean and Aegean, and Turkish ports as well as some ports on the Black Sea. My wife and I both got nor virus or something comparable, and hers was bad enough so that the ship’s physicians felt she needed to go off ship for management, especially since we were headed South along the South American coastal and then through the Straits of Magellan–where medical facilities would be more primitive. We went by ambulance to a clinic in Valparaiso, Chile, and I set up a bed in her room. The physician was good, some of the nurses were dedicated, and she got continuous IVs and antibiotics. I did nursing, encouraging, and being a patient’s advocate. She was so sick that the only Jin Shin Jyutsu she could tolerate was opposite fingers and toes (full description about that in the next letter.) I got her out of the clinic as soon as she was able to walk, almost a week and a half later. We took a taxi to the Santiago Airport, and the next morning I half carried her to the weekly plane which flew to Punta Arenas at the most southern tip of Chile, where we waited a couple of days until our ship arrived. The passengers and staff hugged us almost to death. Later when I was a student in some of the 5 days Jin Shin Jyutsu classes my wife taught in Europe and the USA, she said that “opposite fingers and toes” was very powerful, and she believed that I had saved her life doing it.
Author: Roger

This is the second promised letter about fingers and toes.  For about 40 years I represented a former successful mid-western farmer who had emigrated to my City, in business and property acquisition, estate planning, and even a successful criminal defense of a black sheep son..  He came to me as a friend advising that his childhood bride, who had borne him nine children, was about to be discharged from a rehabilitation center because the center felt there was no further progress going to happen.  She had been admitted after a stroke and hospitalization and was now about a year post stroke.  She was still bedridden.   My wife and I went to see her in the rehabilitation center in City about an hour away.  Her daughters were present too.  My wife performed and showed the daughters how to do opposite fingers and toes.   The daughters then arranged to do it twice a day. The client’s wife made health progress, lived another couple of years and was ambulatory and rational. when we visited both of them in a nursing home.  The client wanted to compensate us, but I pointed out that the only services for which I charged money was the practice of law, and my wife, who was volunteering at my request, felt she could not morally accept anything.

Holding opposite fingers and toes is performed as follows:  A friend or spouse holds simultaneously for about one minute each:  Left little toe and right thumb, left ring toe and right index finger, left middle toe and right middle finger, left index toe and right ring finger, left big toe and right little finger.  Then right little toe and left thumb, right ring toe and left index finger, right middle toe and left middle finger, right index toe and left ring finger, and finally right big toe and left little finger.  Altogether it takes about ten minutes.  There is no objection to holding each finger and toe for a couple of minutes for that matter and the order of hands and feet and is not important, so long as the correct finger and opposite toe on the opposite foot are held simultaneously.  I do it in the same order each time so that I will remember.

I leave to you physicians and neurologists the contemplation of why this practice may be effective.  I have various theories, but how it works is not as important as that it does frequently make a difference.

Tomorrow about sitting on hands.
John I really am inadequate and have no special medical training, but I will change my planned post for tomorrow for a position of flow that is purported to prevent permanent injury if done immediately after a stroke and to ameliorate it otherwise.  Unfortunately when I was around those who had strokes, I did not know Jin Shin Jyutsu and the only help I could give was recognizing the problem and getting an immediate ambulance, and I felt so inadequate. There is one flow for each side, but more of that later.  I will pass the information on but do not want to give anyone any false hopes.  None the less, I think the hands on position is useful.  Opposite fingers and toes really is best done by another for you; the flow I will describe can be done for yourself when you are again in possession of your faculties. In any event, I cannot see how the flow can cause any damage.  I would be concerned that all JSJ is placebo except that I have seen big changes in babies and animals who probably don’t have any expectations of being helped.  By the way, if you are present when someone is getting a stroke the first thing to do is get an ambulance there immediately.
For a possible stroke victim, call immediately for emergency help, usually an ambulance with a medical tech, and a race to the emergency room (911 in the United States).  It is important not to wait until you are sure the victim is having a stroke; if there is a possible stroke, call immediately because for blood clot stroke victims there is a short opportunity to administer medication to dissolve the clot and avoid greater permanent damage.  While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, you may do what is the first step of a Jin Shin Jyutsu flow.  Left hemispheric stroke is more common and perhaps more serious.

For left hemisphere brain injury or cerebral vascular accident, which will be generally accompanied by right side paralysis, you hold the victim’s Left Safety Energy Lock 16 and the Left little toe. A chart of the Safety Energy Locks was posted above by SoGiAm, copied from a good book”The Touch of Healing”, but if you go on line and ask for charts of Jin Shin Jyutsu Safety Energy Locks, you will find several larger good ones.  (I hesitate to print any because I do not want to create any risk of copyright violation for Stock Gumshoe.)  The left Safety Energy Lock 16 lies between the outer left ankle bone and the Achilles tendon.  For right hemisphere brain problems resulting in left side paralysis, do the same thing on the Rt. foot.  If possible, the technique should be continued as long as it does not interfere with medical care.

The opposite fingers and toes I posted yesterday are more commonly used for older stoke injuries.  The left 16 left little toe flow is more for immediate application after stroke.  These are adjuncts and not substitutes for appropriate immediate emergency medical care! At the risk of being repetitive: if a stroke is suspected, one should not wait to call for an ambulance.  It is many times worse not to get emergency help for a possible stroke immediately when it is  needed than to be mistaken and call for it when it turns out not to be needed.
Sitting on the hands is done for weight harmonization and will help one achieve his ideal weight .  It also considered a rejuvenation flow in Jin Shin Jyutsu.  I find it has other mood benefits, but I do not want to make extravagant claims based on personal experience. It is usually done for weight reduction but I was taught that it could result in weight gain for those who needed it.

        Several years ago my wife at the request of a corpulent lady discussed sitting on hands.  The lady established a group that would sit together on their hands regularly.
When my wife saw the same lady a year later, now svelte and attractive, she asked if she had been on a diet.  She said,  ”Are you kidding, I’m Italian.  We all had big meals on Christmas and New Years and for the holidays.  All I did was sit on my hands.”  In fact the whole club benefited.

Sitting on the hands for weight harmonization and regulation are done as follows simultaneously on both sides:  With palms up place the little finger on the ischium or sitzbone, the middle finger on the crease between the back of the thigh and rump, the second finger forward on the back of the thigh, and hold the thumb at right angles to the palm vertically on the thigh.  Sit for twenty minutes.  If someone cannot sit with palms up, sitting with palms down is the next best thing.

I personally do it when I wake up at night, as old men tend to do.  I sit on my hands in bed leaning against the backboard and do various forms of meditation .  I now wear size 36 pants.  My weight has over a few years come down to what it was during my high school and college years, although admittedly more of it was youthful muscle then.  Sitting on my hands worked for me.
I haven’t offered more Jin Shin Jyutsu self help aids because I am getting the feeling that nobody really cares much about it.  However, I will offer one more.  To avoid jet-lag, hold each finger at the base for one minute as you go through each new time zone. I consider that each finger is composed of a tip, a middle, and a base (where it is attached to the hand).  My wife and I have gone half way around the world by flight and have avoided jet-lag by this technique.  Next tip will be what to do for acid reflux if there is no bicarb or other base medicine in the house.
Not Jin Shin Jyutsu but Qigong:  To keep the typanic membranes soft, flexible, and responsive, insert forefingers in each ear and withdraw quickly (making a pressure change).
Are you sitting on a soft surface when you sit on your hands.  Palms up and middle finger on the crease between the behind and thigh?  I suppose it could be painful if you do it on rocks or plywood, but if you are sitting in bed with your back against the backboard or upon an upholstered cushioned chair, I can’t imagine anything that can cause pain.  It’s so simple, I can’t imagine a diagram.  Sounds as if your weight is pretty harmonious.  It should also quietly rejuvenate.  If you advise what city you live in and what borough or county, I can give you the name of someone who could show you, if you still have difficulty.  We do have lots of friends in many places.
Holding your high ones (inner thighs half way up leg) can be used in two ways and can be self administered or done by a third party:

1.  It will cause you to cough up anything stuck in the throat or breathing and can be used as an alternative to a Heimlich maneuver if there is no one to apply it or if subject has ribs that would be hurt.  Works well.

2.  It will help with stimulating elimination.  You may have to hold it for a few minutes.
Author: REBS

To stimulate thyroid and hyperthyroid, tap to each side of the adam’s apple 1en times per day.  Roger
Author: REBS

John, I too wear hearing aids.  I think that once the cilia are gone, they’re gone.  Keep the wax our with olive oil or hydrogen peroxide in appropriate strength.  Don’t injure the drums with q-tips or other objects.  So far all the cures I have read are scams.   Of course, good nutrition and health may help prevent further damage.  Do balance exercises to retain inner ear balance. I use Hi Innovations from my medicare.  I have used expensive aids, and it didn’t seem to make much difference in so far as crowds and bumper noise loud music in restaurants were concerned.  Have you found any hearing aids that really are superior?
Author: REBS

Thanks John.   I had heard about hopes to grow ciliae but had’n’t heard of much development.  I bought Hi Innovations, under $1000 through my Medicare.  I checked with Costco and the audiologist didn’t think the Costco hearing aids would do any better than the ones I had.  The Hi Innovations worked as well as my $6,000 Widex ones.  I will try to get Costco to let me try some out.  By the way, keeping the tympanic membrane flexible by suction is important and my Dr. of Audiology was impressed by mine or 87 years of age.  If you hear of something better let me know.  Sometimes people who love you are kind when you can’t understand, but sometimes not.  People don’t understand that it is not loudness that helps, just careful diction.  Companies keep bragging of special directional selection, but I have yet to notice anything that really cuts out loud restaurant acoustics.
Jin Shin Jyutsu aid to passing kidney stones:  Place left hand on right shoulder between neck and shoulder point (in JSJ diagram on your Safety Energy Lock 11), and place your right hand on the line between rump and thigh (in JSJ diagram on your right Safety Energy Lock 25).  Hold until stone passes (I’ve heard that it sometimes takes 20 minutes or an hour).  Google for diagrams of JSJ safety energy locks.  In the anecdote I heard, a practitioner was holding client’s safety energy locks.  My sympathy, I’ve heard it’s very painful.  My doctor friend used demerol to help him.  If I’m being presumptuous in mentioning it, my apologies.
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I have tips here and in last few regular threads.  When  I had to put clients with emotional problems or personality disorders on the stand, I would run the stairs with them and then sit down and do deep breathing together before going to court.  More than once in domestic matters they were cross examined about whether they had taken any calming drugs before testimony.  If there are any particular projects you have, I will try to respond with any Jin Shin Jyutsu help I know of.  JSJ like most Asian medicine, seeks to establish harmony so that the body can heal itself.  I remember talking to a fine ER doctor who said that what he learned about skin in medical school was that if it protruded you cut it off, if it was indented you pulled it out, if it was wet, you dried it, and if was dry, you wet it.  JSJ would look to stomach flow primarily for skin problems and spleen flow for infection and bring appropriate energy
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If your doctor agrees, try less invasive options first. A simple one that has helped some avoid knee replacement surgery is simply consuming gelatin. This was first mentioned to me by my friend, a neurosurgeon very familiar with joint issues. After researching I found some interesting info. Here’s a review from Amazon:

12/21/2010: Ken from Henderson, NV, Usa: ”My experience.. Back around
1985 my knees had to be replaced. The cartilage had worn away, and jagged bone was scraping on bone. Best known Dr. in Boston, MA took xrays. (BRUINS & CELTICS DR. ) both I and my wife saw the xrays. Got a 2nd opinion from specialist in Lowell, MA. Same diagnosis same xrays.
Looked very bad.

I COULD HARDLY WALK UP STAIRS AT all, Knees hurt so bad. No tennis, racketball, waterskiing, skating, no nothing. Bone against bone in both knees. Went home and on line found a study being done at Harvard Univ. They gave ground up chicken cartilage to patients about to get knee replacements. They reported amazing reversal of knee problems.

It took about 2 months for some pain to go away… I started taking 4 packets of KNOX GELATIN in orange juice every day. After 60 days I saw improvement starting. At six months I could climb stairs and run around with a frisbee with my kids. At one year I felt back to normal. About ten years ago I fell on my shoulder and it was xrayed in Winchester, MA. I told the doctor about my knee problem, he asked if he could xray my knees, and he did. HE POINTED OUT TO ME ALL THE WHITE CARTILEDGE IN MY KNEE JOINTS. He stated emphatically that I never had a knee problem in my knees.

I am now almost 70 and my knees are perfect. I know people who suffered with knee pain and Knox gelatin made their pain go away. I still take one packet every week or two. I actually told Knox about how it affected my knees, but they weren’t interested. (I know there is a lot of money made with knee surgery today. ) So basic it’s hard to believe. If I can help one person I’ll be very happy….. Please try it. It is practically free (the Knox is so cheap at the food store). I am no doctor, but I have great knees. Also if you have used Knox let me know how it worked for you. MAYBE WE CAN HELP SOME OTHERS……. KEN” I am now 71, and my knees are still perfect. many have done this world-wide .
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Tom: Had stem cell injection in right knee about 15 months ago. Am very pleased with result. I had tried cortisone, hyaluronic acid, acupuncture, then considered knee replacement. Researched and tried stem cell shot (am a gambler). Cartilage growth is about 1 mm at best, but some unknown mechanism is at play, it appears. I walk about 2 miles each day; if not,  I experience mild ”discomfort” in the knee.
My doc in SLC (am in CO) harvested stem cells from hip bone marrow and fat (had plenty enough), plus platelets. Insurance did not cover (experimental procedure), but Dr. KSS’s biotech $$ did.
My doc also advised using testosterone cream during recovery, and you being a young pup may find it stimulating as well.
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Joe I get mine at a farm supply store. You might check the horse/tack section.
Link shows the stuff i get from a different supplier. Very pure and has less undesirable taste and odor. I use very little after thorough skin rinse. If it works for you , more does not seem to make better.

Amazon has several options at higher price      Google brings up lots for sale

I boil chicken bones or use pressure cooker to extract gelatin/collagen as it seems there is something else in that you don’t get with beef {Knox} gelatin. Always use in conjunction with citric acid/orange juice,calcium Citracal  has both citric and calcium, and magnesium for max effect. Gelatin by itself does not work for me.  Maybe Grandma was right about chicken soup.
🙂   May all be placebo but horses heal faster from acute stage of injury when used

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I first was exposed to the use of alpha hydroxyproline, a special amino acid found in gelatin, to help with osteoarthritis of the hip 30 years ago by the German orthopedist who first diagnosed this for me.  My left hip is extremely malformed, and likely has been so since early childhood, but did not give me much pain despite high activity levels and really  enormous burdens placed on it lifting weights.  The alpha hydroxy proline  seemed helpful as did other cartilage derivatives.  When  I returned to the US I could not then find such products.  I came up with the idea of consuming  unnflavored gelatin in large amounts, usuall a package a day dissolved in coffee , which I have now done most of the time for 30 years.  I have recommended this to  some patients with osteoarthritis as an inexpensive and benign therapy and have had some good reports. I have developed the plausiblee hypothesis that somethIng in gelatine/cartilage, perhaps this amino acid unique to cartilage, inhibits chondroclasts, the cells which destroy cartilage  in cartilage remodeling.  This would be a kind of negative feedback control which normally would inhibit overactivity of these cells by giving the ”message” that too much cartilage had already been destroyed. The equilibrium would then favor the relative  activity of chondroblasts, which form new cartillage.  Probably consuming gelatin also assures that the nutritive elements needed for new cartilage synthesis are also likely to be available. Anyway, if it is a placebo, it is usually harmless.

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