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by nrggate | July 8, 2017 1:37 pm

Anyone have a guess as to what Weiss’ modern update on his so-called Rockefeller Recipe might be?
See https://finance.weissratings.com/ratings/HYI/LP3/[1]
He kinda sorta tells you what it is about in the ad, but gets hazy at about the point you would expect to avoid a tell-all.
The service is called ”High-Yield Investing,” which provides the ”Bedrock Income Portfolio” as part of the service.
Also, for anyone who currently subscribes to this service, how useful/profitable are the recommendations for this portfolio?
Thanks in advance.

  1. https://finance.weissratings.com/ratings/HYI/LP3/: https://finance.weissratings.com/ratings/HYI/LP3/

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