written by reader Does anyone know the deal with Money Map Press teaser that came out today? Apparently there a big rush on this one!

by cmooney67 | September 6, 2017 3:33 pm

Last week, the FDA approved a miraculous ”living drug.” And it could help eradicate the second deadliest disease known to man, saving eight million lives a year.

When describing the unanimous 10-0 decision, a member of the FDA’s Advisory Committee described this treatment as ”the most exciting thing I have seen in my lifetime.”

In this stunning footage, you will witness this treatment eradicate a dangerous disease that will strike more than one out of every three of us in the future.
We believe the FDA’s decision may ignite a bidding war between a group of pharmaceutical companies who are worth a combined $1.08 trillion.

This story is developing at a rapid pace. However, the likely target is a small lab who last year only had $388,000 in sales.

Yet, they could be handed a $500 million check by one of these massive drug firms.

That would represent a one-year growth surge of 128,866%.

Our research suggests this bidding war will start and end fast. And a deal could be inked any day now…

So there’s still time to discover how to get in on the ground floor… but you must hurry.

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