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written by reader Extreme fortune email this morning. Does anyone know this stock?

By jake36, January 7, 2018

Hey Travis,
I received this in an email this morning and was wondering if you know the stock.

Now, a promise like this would be preposterous coming from anyone else … however, when a person with Paul’s credentials comes forward, one is practically required to pay attention.
After all, Paul’s $6 billion hedge fund was named as one of the world’s best by Barron’s, and Paul did win the prestigious Investment Competition Award for making a 76% return during the 2008 crisis. This led him to be featured on media outlets like Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business.
Well, in one year, I was able to make a 76% return. Not too bad, considering I did this during the 2008 and 2009 economic crisis, and I did it without shorting stocks or making risky bets.
So, as you can see, a promise of helping you make $100,000 isn’t preposterous for Paul — it could even be seen as conservative.
Especially when you consider that, according to our historical analysis, Paul’s strategy could have led you to investments like Alaska Air Group, which shot up 1,800%, turning every $10,000 into over $190,000.

Ulta Salon, which would have grown your money 1,200%, snowballing every $10,000 into $125,000.

And Priceline, which rallied 3,370%, growing every $10,000 into $337,000.

If you would have put a mere $10,000 in each of these investments, you would now have over $570,000.
We’re talking about repeatedly detectable opportunities to make 1,000% gains … 10 times your money. But as you can see … there are also multiple chances to make 20 times and even 30 times your money… even as much as 125 times your money.
Now, as you know, these gains are extraordinary. The market is a fickle place, and, like with any investment, there are risks. Paul will be talking about how he’s going to take those risks head-on to increase your returns.
Besides, as you can also see, even achieving a fraction of these massive gains would be enough to make you wealthy.
So on that note, Paul, it’s a pleasure to have you here.
Paul: It’s great to be here, JL. Thanks for putting on the Extreme Fortunes Summit.
JL: Paul, it sounds like your strategy is the metaphorical golden key here — a way to unlock all those mega wins most folks only dream about.
We’ve all heard of all these “if only” situations.
But you’re saying they don’t have to be “if only” … that they can become our viewers’ reality starting this very week … how is that possible?
Paul: Investors have been told that trying to double their money is foolish … that quintupling it is impossible … and making 10 times their money is flat out unachievable.
So, Wall Street has sold Main Street on the idea that a “buy and hold” strategy is the only way to make money in the markets.
But nothing could be further from the truth.
The truth is, there are numerous solid investments right now primed and ready to spin-off huge windfalls that could put millions in your pocket. In fact, my research has shown that every year, on average, 43 stocks rally 1,000% or higher!
JL: So there are 43 opportunities to turn every $1,000 one has into $10,000 or every $10,000 one has into $100,000. That’s incredible. That’s three to four opportunities to grow your money 1,000% every month.
Paul: It’s like a secret bull market reserved for the Wall Street insiders. Well, today, you and I are breaking down those walls, and I’m inviting everyone watching to join.
JL: Well, I like the sound of that. So, your strategy helps you zero in on these 43 stocks that go up 1,000% or more every year … helping you get in on the ground floor with companies like the ones I just mentioned … Alaska Air Group, Ulta Salon and Priceline — which are up 1,800%, 1,300% and 3,300%, respectively.
Paul: Exactly. And JL, as you mentioned earlier, I’m so confident in this strategy that I fully believe anyone who adheres to it will have the chance to start with a stake of $10,000 and … find themselves sitting on over $100,000 in pure profits within the next year.
JL: This is remarkable, Paul. Before we dive into the details, I want to show our viewers a quick example of how your strategy helped you go against the grain.
I found this specific investment intriguing.

In late 2015, gold was heading down … it was sitting at about $1,000 an ounce.
And the experts were bashing the precious metals market.
Bloomberg equated investing in gold to a “foolish” move.
The Wall Street Journal called gold a “pet rock.”
And Mark Hulbert wrote in USA Today, “There’s no reason to expect gold to do well.”
Despite this resounding antagonism toward gold … you made a big investment.
Paul: I did.
You see, the masses were looking at gold the wrong way. But my strategy signaled a buying opportunity in precious metals.
JL: You personally took a position in a gold fund and in one small company, Coeur Mining.
Over the next few months, your gold fund position rose 106% and your Coeur Mining position gained 738%.

It’s one of the reasons you were able to rack up over 1,000% gains in the last year … we even have a copy of your trade results here.

Paul: You can see why I feel so comfortable guaranteeing that each person watching this video will have the chance to make $100,000 in the next 12 months.
JL: And I believe with your help, they can do it. Especially when I look at your personal track record.
For the sake of time, I’m going to run through a list of stocks that have handed you massive personal gains. These gains are going to blow your mind.
Paul made…

A 355% gain on Exact Sciences
A 327% gain on Olympus Corp.
A 634% gain on Netflix
A 266% gain on Grifols
A 293% gain on Universal Display
A 279% gain on Facebook
A 268% gain on Cemex
A 696% gain on Ariad Pharmaceuticals
A 2,539% gain on Sarepta Therapeutics
Okay, I’ll stop there.
Paul, the list of trades like these goes on and on. And you made many of these gains within a matter of just a few months.
Paul: And these profits are great. But the opportunity in front of us is going to be bigger. Much, much bigger.
JL: Now, in just a second, we are going to talk about that opportunity, but first, I want to quickly show our viewers what people are saying about your research and recommendations.
Listen closely to what they have told us in their own words, because this could be you in just a month or even a week from now.

Now, these are good. But they keep getting better.
Then there’s Mitchell Kendrick, who says he made $109,115 off one company Paul recommended.
Another gentleman was so thrilled with his results, he emailed this snapshot of his brokerage account…
He made over $77,000 on one position … a gain of 799%.
Another position brought in about $32,000.

That’s over $100,000, simply by following your lead, Paul.
Here’s a screenshot from a gentleman who made $272,000 in just one stock following your advice.

One last example.
A retired man named John wrote in to tell us how you helped him and his wife add over $700,000 to their nest egg…
Here’s what he wrote to Paul: “Somehow, you, your personality and your one-of-a-kind investment model convinced me to give up my fear and go ‘all in’ … On January 20, our account was worth $947,462. As I write this today, our account is valued at $1,654,508.”
That’s a gain of $707,000 gain in less than a year.
Paul: I love nothing more than to hear my readers’ success stories. I get letters like this every day. I spent decades making millions for the überwealthy… but it was never as satisfying as what I do now … helping hardworking Americans fast-track their wealth using the same tools the wealthy use to make their fortunes.
JL: Judging by what you’ve told me… you have truly had an investing breakthrough — a consistently effective strategy for targeting investments that go up 1,000% or more.
Paul: I’ve been working toward this my entire career. As far as I’m concerned, every investment before today was just a stepping stone toward this moment.
In fact, I’ve just completed a report on a major investment in the medical field that I want to share with everyone. I’ve screened it, studied it and based on my findings, this one investment could easily rally up 3,500% or higher.
JL: 3,500%. Incredible. I can’t wait to hear more about this opportunity.
But first, Paul … let’s walk through your strategy … how you find these home-run stocks.
Paul: The first thing you should know, as I mentioned earlier, is that there are an average of 43opportunities to make gains of 1,000% or more … every year. That’s three to four times a month. I’ll share a few samples on the screen here…

Now, many of these stocks, as you can see, are genuine penny stocks. Illiquid, volatile and flat-out gambles for even the most skilled investors
We don’t want those stocks.
We want to make as much money as possible with as little risk as possible.
Which is why I combed through 13,000 hours of real-time market data in search for a common detectable DNA in the stocks that are rock solid and primed to jump 1,000%.
And JL, I found it.
I found the golden thread … the DNA.
I have a strategy for pinpointing stocks on the verge of soaring 1,000% or more. You can see them on the screen here.
Now, I want to be clear: There is no such thing as a crystal ball in the stock market. It’s inherently unpredictable, and investing in it will always carry risk. And since we will be swinging for the fences with this strategy, there’ll be times when I miss — but when I hit those home runs, they will be more than enough to make you wealthy.
JL: That makes sense. But these are all pure stock trades, correct? We’re not talking about using leverage of any sort.
Paul: No leverage. No options trading. No margin requirements. These are all easy-to-trade U.S. stocks. If you have a regular brokerage account, you can execute these trades today.
JL: A few of these historical examples really stand out. I pulled up a few of my own.
Clearfield Inc., for example, made an approximately 1,500% gain.

Northern Star Resources has grown 3,900%.

And Accesso Technology Group spun off a massive 6,290% gain.

Any one of these could be a fortune maker.
Just a sliver of one’s account invested in Accesso, for example…
Let’s say $10,000 … would now be worth about $630,000.
Now, Paul … these all look like very small companies.
Paul: They are! If you want the real home runs … if you want the stocks that can turn $10,000 into $100,000 or even $500,000, that’s where you need to go.
Keep in mind … at one point, most investing home runs of today were yesterday’s “microcaps.”
Just 20 years ago, for example, Amazon was trading for $1.50. Today, it’s over $700.

That’s about a 50,000% profit — turning every $10,000 into $5 million.
The same story is true for Microsoft, Wal-Mart and IBM…
At one time, these “titans” were small-cap companies.
My point … to get big gains, you have to find the small companies with the DNA to become big, successful companies. The potential for another Amazon-sized trade … a 50,000% winner … is always just around the corner.
JL: This is truly amazing. Can you give us additional examples of stocks that your strategy has found?
Paul: Sure. I have a few cued up for us. Again, not every company that makes 1,000% gains carries the DNA I’m looking for, but the ones that do are the ones to bet on. Take a look at the personal identity company called Fingerprint Cards.

In December 2011, it was trading for just 58 cents a share…
If you had purchased shares of this tiny company that day … and sold in December of 2015 … you would have made a 12,587% gain.
JL: So it went from roughly 58 cents to $73 in four years.
Paul: A $10,000 stake would have catapulted to over $1.26 million.
And here’s the thing…
While it was trading for under $1… this company had all the telltale signs of a profit windfall, but it was practically ignored by the financial media.
It wasn’t until 2015 that MSN Money ran a report on the company saying, “Fingerprint Cards: The Stock to Own in 2015.”
JL: They are always late to the party. It looks like anyone who would have followed their advice would now be down about 30% … since they didn’t see the opportunity until after the 12,000% rally.

Paul: The media is always 10 steps behind.
Here’s another example. My rigorous backtests show my strategy would have found Dialog Semiconductor. One could have gotten in at $2 … and out when it hit $35.

You could have invested in Banco Macro at $7… and sold at $71.

You could have discovered NetEase Inc. at the bargain-bin price of $18 a share … and sold it just a few years later at $229.

You could have invested in Constellation Software Inc., which would have grown your money over 2,300%.

These opportunities are all around you if you know how to spot the DNA of stocks that are primed to jump 1,000% or more.
JL: These gains are stunning, Paul.
So, here’s the multimillion-dollar question: How does your strategy spot these 43 stocks that are primed to rally 1,000%? How does it detect their DNA?
Paul: My strategy is quite complicated, but to help explain it today, I broke it down into three phases. I’ll quickly go over each of them.
The first phase is what I call disruption analysis. I determine if the company is an industry disruptor.
JL: For our audience, explain what you mean by “disruptor.”
Paul: I’m scientifically finding out if the company is going to change the entire industry the way Netflix changed watching TV, the way Apple changed phones and the way Amazon changed shopping.
Finding disruptors is one of the foundational pillars of grabbing a 1,000% gain.
This could be a new drug, new technology, a new system for doing things, a new medical device… the list is endless.
But it has to disrupt the industry.
And — this is key — I pay close attention to the potential market size for this disruptive company.
If the potential market is small, the stock can only climb so much. But if it has a big potential market, the stock can easily climb 1,000%.
Jeff: So, we have Phase I … your disruption analysis … tell us about Phase II.
Paul: Phase II is the number-crunching phase. Once I know a company is going to disrupt an industry, I need to make sure it has the potential to go up 1,000%.
I look at a lot of numbers. Some are really basic.
For example, I want lower-priced stocks. Generally, I look for stocks that are priced between $1 and $25. Above that, and the odds of the stock going up tenfold diminish quickly.
JL: Paul, because of how small some of these stocks are, can our viewers expect a lot of volatility?
Paul: Yes. It can be a wild, adventurous ride. And not every investment is going to pan out, but when we win … as I mentioned earlier … we win big.
I also want companies with a market cap of $150 million to $3 billion. They still have a lot of room to go up.
There are dozens of other numbers I look at.
JL: Since we don’t have time to go through all of them, what’s the most important number to you?
Paul: Sales growth.
I want to find companies that currently have under $3 billion in sales, while growing sales an average of 10% to 20% a year.
At this rate, a company would double its sales within five years … something which — without fail — catapults the stock price.
JL: That’s interesting. Most people would say that “earnings” is the most important number. But you’re taking a different approach here.
Paul: I agree. Most people look at earnings as the key number. But earnings can be manipulated. If a CFO wants his quarterly earnings to look good, he can move a few numbers around. Sales is a pure number and a clear indicator for growth in a stock’s price.
JL: Got it. So Phase I is a disruption analysis. Phase II is sales growth. What’s Phase III?
Paul: Phase III of my strategy is insider activity. While most people look at what Wall Street is doing and what the media is saying, I just want to know what insiders are up to. After all, nobody understands a company the way a CEO does or a COO.
Specifically, I look at insider buying and selling.
If the C-level executives of a company don’t own a good portion of their own stock, I don’t want to touch it. Full stop.
JL: It’s like a chef who won’t eat his own cooking.
Paul: Exactly. Insiders need to have millions of their own dollars at stake.
JL: And how would you find out about their exposure to the stock? How would you even begin to compile and analyze that much data, and where would you even get it?
Paul: It comes down to this sheet of paper right here, JL.
It’s called a Form 4.

Most investors will never see one and likely have never heard of it. But every insider who buys or sells shares of his company must file one of these within two business days of changing his position.
Over the years, I’ve analyzed and studied enough of these forms to discern which are basically checks you can take to the bank and which ones are worthless pieces of paper.
JL: OK, so in Phase I, you look to see if the company is disrupting a big market, in Phase II you look at the numbers, especially sales growth, and in Phase III you look at insider activity using a Form 4.
Paul, can you show me an example of a stock that has met all three of your phases?
Paul: Sure. You mentioned Sarepta Therapeutics earlier. It’s a trade I made 2,500% on in just eight months.
In Phase I, I analyzed their disruptive potential.
Sarepta was developing a drug specifically to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This is a horrible, incurable disorder usually affecting boys.
About 200,000 cases manifest a year.
So a potential treatment is definitely disruptive … and in total, this is a $4 billion market.
With a successful drug, a company’s revenue would go through the roof — I’m talking about catapulting a stock from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars overnight.
Sarepta Therapeutics was creating such a drug and was having early success with it. So, I was very interested in it.
Which leads to Phase II. I crunched the numbers.
Sarepta was trading for $1.12 a share.

Their market capitalization was sitting at $100 million.
And between 2007 and 2011, revenue had more than quintupled.
JL: So, financially, Sarepta was low-priced and a sound company.
Paul: Exactly. But I still wanted to see what insiders were up to.
And when I looked at the Form 4’s filed, I could see that insider ownership had surged 900%.
That’s a pretty clear indicator that people in the know felt confident about the company’s future.
So, on April 3, 2012, I scooped up shares of Sarepta at just $1.12 a share.
Soon after, the stock pulled back. However, because I had done my research, I didn’t worry about it. Then, it soared. Enthusiasm over the potential of their drug sent the share price to the moon.
Within eight months, it was trading at $29 a share.
But my research showed me it was time to get out. Experts were turning against the drug the closer it got to the FDA’s time to issue a pass or fail.
I sold for a 2,539% gain.

So every $10,000 turned into $253,900 … in just a few months.
JL: But Paul, correct me if I am wrong, Sarepta failed the test. Their drug was a bust on the first attempt.
Paul: You’re right. Unfortunately, initially everything in Sarepta failed. The company didn’t actually disrupt the market … But, thanks to my strategy, I saw it coming and was able to pull my money out of the stock in time. That actually shows you how powerful this strategy is. You can make money even when everything goes wrong.
Again, I bought at $1.12 and sold at $29.56…

That’s a gain of 2,539%…
Most investors bought in the middle … and subsequently got crushed when the stock fell 50% in one day.
JL: You made 25 times your money … Now, let’s think about that a minute.
The average retired couple has roughly $160,000. Not nearly enough to live a comfortable retirement.
But if they peel off a sliver of their account … just $10,000 … and invest it in a stock like this, they could more than double their retirement … in just eight months.
Suddenly a modest $160,000 savings soars to over $400,000.
Paul: Exactly.
JL: There are dozens of other examples from your 13,000 hours of historical analysis. Let’s look at a few of those.
Paul: Sure … ATI Modular Technology Corp. is engaged in the development and the exporting of modular energy-efficient technology. The stock is up 3,900%.

Uniroyal Global Engineered Products has an interesting niche. It has cornered the market in the manufacturing and sale of vinyl-coated fabrics … think car seats that never get worn. Its stock is up 3,916%.

Xero Limited stock shot up 2,268% thanks to its breakthrough accounting software.

Tyler Technologies stock went up 1,144% as it become the largest software company in the nation solely focused on providing integrated software and technology for the public sector.

JL: It’s interesting how each of these company’s disrupted their sector.
Now, as our viewers just saw, a lot of these stocks are volatile. So if one follows your recommendations, they should keep their current financial situation in mind. This isn’t something to bet the house on.
Paul: We’re going for 1,000% gains, which means a miss from time to time. But this also means we are only one trade away from making an extreme fortune.
Remember, 43 stocks go up over 1,000% every year. That means every month, we have three to four opportunities to turn $10,000 into $100,000.
JL: Paul, now that we understand your strategy for finding the DNA of these companies, and we’ve seen how your strategy can pinpoint these stocks before they take off … I think it’s time we dig into the opportunity you mentioned when we first started this broadcast…
You said you have a major potential win right now… an investment that could shoot up 3,500%by your calculations. That’s enough to turn every $10,000 sliver into a $350,000 windfall.
Paul: This is the most excited I’ve been about an investment in years. I expect people will be talking about this company decades from now, just as much as they talk about Pfizer in pharmaceuticals. It has all the makings of being a mega-sized company… and just like all those companies, anyone prudent enough to be there, at the ground-floor, stands to make money hand over fist in the months ahead.
JL: Why do you think this is such a game changer?
Paul: This company is at the heart of a relatively new science … a science already disrupting one of the largest markets … health care.
It’s called precision medicine.
JL: That’s a medicine designed specifically for the individual, right?
Paul: Pretty much. Throughout all of history, medicine has been one size fits all. The medicine you take for a cold is the same medicine I take for a cold. But what if your cold medicine could be specifically formulated for you … designed specifically for your genetic code?
JL: Well, I would imagine it would be much more effective.
Paul: Exactly. That’s precision medicine. It’s medicine tailored precisely for one’s genetic code.
You see, the problem with “generic” medicine is that it fails in about 40% of patients.
Take a look at the following statistics…
Anti-depressants fail to help 38% of patients.
Asthma medicine fails to help 40% of patients.
Medicine that treats diabetes fails to help 43% of patients.
And arthritis medicine fails to help 50% of patients.
Now, I am not talking about over-the-counter medicine.
I’m talking about prescribed medicine, like the arthritis medicine Rituximab. It costs over $11,000 for a two-dose treatment … and it fails 50% of the time. It boils down to the fact that each person has their own genetic makeup, and therefore needs a genetically designed prescription.
JL: So, it sounds like the market for precision medicine is huge, and also rewarding. We’re talking about helping millions of people with life-threatening diseases here.
Paul: Yes. Investing in the precision medicine company I have been analyzing could not only lead you to 3,500% in potential gains, it’s about saving lives too.
Just take a look at this chart on the origin of cancer.

More than half of the most common cancers were traced back to specific genetic codes.
JL: This is interesting. 73% of melanoma tumors were a result of one’s genetic code. 56% of thyroid, even lung cancer is at 41%.
Paul: Hence, some people can smoke their entire lives and never get lung cancer, while others can have the slightest exposure and get it. JL … precision medicine is going to save millions of lives.
Doctors are rallying behind this movement, engineering and prescribing medicine based specifically on one’s genes.
In fact, according to the Personalized Medicine Coalition, 73% of new cancer-treatment drugs currently in early stages of development are going to be using genetic data in their creation.
JL: This is so dramatically different from everything I’ve seen before.
We’re not talking about a new drug … a new treatment … Precision medicine is disrupting the very foundations of medical care.
Paul: The early results so far are nothing short of impressive. Let me read off two other important studies.
The Anderson Cancer Center performed a study on patients with end-stage diseases. They found that precision medicine increased the success rate 440%.
The University of Health Precision Genomics Program did a similar study, and they had an 815% success increase for treating various cancers.
JL: Paul, I think everyone watching this presentation right now has been affected by cancer in some form or another. I know I’ve been. Precision medicine, it seems, could put an end to cancer. If it did that alone, we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of lives saved. And, as you said, precision medicine will go out to help people with every type of sickness. Arthritis, gone. Asthma, gone. MS, gone.
Paul: We are on the cusp of something truly revolutionary. We don’t even know what we don’t know from a scientific perspective. But, from an investment perspective, we do know that this is a multitrillion-dollar industry.
Early-stage firms have already reaped huge returns — like Illumina, which is up 3,000% so far.
But the real winner is emerging at this very moment … the company I am going to share with our viewers today. This company is specifically planning to dominate the precision treatment of cancer … positioning it for the $107 billion haul for cancer treatment in the short term…
In fact, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche just invested $1 billion in this company.
That is a big buy signal for me.
JL: I agree. Roche has a history of being sharp investors. They bought a large slice of the laboratory Genentech in the early 1990s, which went on to make billions generating drugs like Avastin, Herceptin, Rituxan, Tamiflu, Xolair and more.
Paul: After Roche invested, Genentech rallied to the tune of a 2,500% compounded return…
So, again, the fact that Roche is investing in this company I’ve been eyeing is a MASSIVE buy signal. I expect even bigger gains from this.
So, Phase I … This company is disrupting its industry.
Phase II … I project sales to soar 70% by the end of this year, it has a market cap under $1 billion and the stock is priced under $25.
And Phase III, in the last year, insider ownership has doubled…
JL: So every phase of your strategy has been met.
Paul: And here’s what’s going to really kick this into high gear.
The Roche purchase woke a sleeping giant … Wall Street.
Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers — one of the largest venture capital firms in Silicon Valley— has now taken a large stake in this firm…
Institutional giants like BlackRock, Vanguard and Oppenheimer quickly followed.
I expect this company could move very, very quickly. Again, small stocks mean increased volatility, so those following my recommendations should be aware of the risk, keep the buy-up-to price in mind and avoid “chasing the stock” too far.
JL: Which is why one should invest soon…
Paul: Yes. I’ve been watching this stock closely for five years. The time to buy is now! The signs point to it moving up big time in the next few months.
Even if this firm is only half as successful as I expect it to be … folks who follow me still stand to make a fortune…
JL: Paul, you’ve put the complete details on this investment in your new report, The Next Stock Market Windfall, which you will be making available to our viewers in a moment.
But here’s the really exciting news…
This isn’t the only investment you’ve spotted.
Paul: No, it’s not.
JL: There are four more investments in this report that fit every part of the strategy you’ve created for detecting 1,000% (or better) gains.
Paul: Yes. I like these other stocks just as much, some even more. Let me quickly tell you about them, because I know we are looking to wrap this up soon.
The second stock gets us into the robotic medicine field … and a $9.47 billion market opportunity. That’s because this company’s three targeted radiation treatments are going to completely revolutionize the way we treat aggressive cancers.
The third stock is eBay of health care, which has already disrupted how we approach caring for our family members, our pets, even our homes. Google has already invested $46 million into this company…
The fourth stock gets us into the satellite communication sector. This company’s satellites are bringing internet connection to even the most remote places in the world — and will become radically more important as the Internet of Things revolution gets underway.
The fifth stock is a data collection company I’ve been eyeing for over a year now. This stock has the potential to capture market share from larger data institutes like IBM and Oracle, and as a result, it could make $3.3 billion in revenue in just a few years’ time.
JL: And you expect each of these stocks to rally 1,000%, and you’re willing to rush a copy of this report to our viewers … today?
Paul: Absolutely. Now, with that said, each investment requires approximately 100 hours of research. I’ve carefully monitored some for over five years.
In addition, my company spends well over $150,000 in research tools and expenses every year.
So as you can imagine, just giving these five investment picks away for free is not an option.
Instead, I want to do something better.
Today, after years of keeping my biggest investment moves to myself…
I’ve decided to share my best research in a new VIP service.

It’s called Extreme Fortunes.
And I’m guaranteeing that anyone who joins this service will have the chance to make no less than $100,000 in profit over the coming 12 months by following my strategy.
JL: This is incredible. We’ve mentioned this $100,000 guarantee a few times … can you state this guarantee concisely and clearly for our viewers?

Paul: Yes. Anyone who joins my research service Extreme Fortunes, and invests $10,000 following my recommendations, will have the chance to earn a profit of $100,000 … in the next year.
Frankly, $100,000 in profit is something I am more than comfortable promising. Any one of the stocks mentioned in my report The Next Stock Market Windfall could make you $100,000.
JL: We’ve already seen how you have made one investor 400% in a day, another investor who made $109,115, another who secured over $100,000 in profit on two of your recommendations, and one guy who made over $250,000 with just one of your stocks. We even saw how one couple made $700,000 in less than a year.
Paul: It’s humbling, JL. Helping other people make gains like this is more rewarding than making gains in my own account.
JL: After hearing from folks like these, it’s easy to see how a six-figure guarantee is reasonable. Because we see over and over again that your strategy works for people across the board.
I’m eager to know — how does this membership to Extreme Fortunes work?
Paul: It’s real simple.
Each month, members will receive a single new investment recommendation.
JL: Just one a month? That’s it?
Paul: Yes. We know that three to four of these 1,000% winners show up a month. But we want the very best one. The one with the biggest reward and the least risk. I would rather have a handful of great stocks than a boatload of mediocre stocks.
With one a month, members will finish the year with 12 opportunities to make over 1,000%. We can be intimately familiar with these companies and monitor them closely.
My readers will have the chance to confidently invest a good sum of money into them, and then watch as their money potentially grows tenfold in each position.
JL: So, with the five stocks in their free copy of The Next Stock Market Windfall and the 12 they will receive over the next year, that’s 17 stocks … each primed to go up 1,000%. If a person just invests $1,000 into each of these, they could walk away with $170,000 in profits.

Paul: Yes. Exactly. Now, I’m going to be really upfront about something.
I work really hard researching these investments. And because I’m sharing so many of the secrets I’ve discovered during my career, I have one hard rule.
When someone joins my Extreme Fortunes service today, I am giving them an incredibly great price, but … they need to commit to it.
So, there are no refunds.
JL: Well, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Fact is, when people join, they will instantly receive your top five investment picks for the next year. Just think … the investment in the precision medicine company alone could hand investors a 3,500% gain.
Paul: Exactly. And I’m happy to give this research right up front.
But unfortunately, I’ve seen some people take advantage of my generosity in the past.
They take the picks, then cancel for a refund.
That’s not fair to the others who have the right mindset when they join.
Plus, I have to protect the integrity of my research.
That’s why all sales are final.
JL: I see this has a benefit. It means that when someone signs up for Extreme Fortunes, they’ll have the security of knowing ONLY fully committed, paid members will see your investment selections.
Only folks serious about learning your strategy and insights.
And that’s imperative, because the time and research you put into each of these trades is immeasurable.
Paul: JL, I can’t even put a price tag on this stuff.
JL: Well, let’s assume I, like most of my clients in the past, were required to put $1 million into an account with you … just to get started.
Then let’s say you made a 26% annual return … which is what you averaged at your firm.
So, in theory, my $1 million would now be worth $1.26 million.
Your firm would take 20% of that $260,000 gain — or $50,000.
And then a 2% maintenance fee – another $20,000 from my $1 million account.
So realistically, to access the full potential of Extreme Fortunes, members today would have a real cost of upward of $70,000 a year if they were investing with you at your hedge fund.
Paul: At least. And, of course, you don’t need $1 million to follow my insight in my Extreme Fortunes service. Consider that even with a $70,000 fee, there was still $190,000 in profit left for the investor … the equivalent of a 19% return.
JL: Legends have been built out of returns like that. It’s a better return than some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Warren Buffett, earn … It’s for this reason your firm was so highly sought-out by groups like the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears, Swiss banks, royal families, old world aristocracies and more.
One notable person even put $400 million in an account with your firm … knowing you could pay upward of $20 million a year.
Paul: And it made sense for them because even with our high fees and investment requirements, our investors still trounced the market.
JL: So, with even more years of experience and trading in the trenches to hone your skills … and more personal wealth and success under your belt than you could have ever imagined … you could justify charging a fee higher than $70,000 a year.
Paul: But that’s not why I created this Extreme Fortunes service. I truly enjoy helping other people make money.
JL: Which is why you’re making this $100,000 profit guarantee?
Paul: I believe in total accountability. If it’s not results-driven, it doesn’t work for me.
And that’s how I want members of Extreme Fortunes to view their membership: results first.
Hence, I’m making a very straightforward promise: Anyone who joins my research service Extreme Fortunes, and invests $10,000 following my recommendations, will have the chance to earn a profit of $100,000 … in the next year. If it doesn’t, then I’ll work an entire second year for them, free of charge.
JL: So if your model portfolio only makes $99,000, they will get a second year, absolutely free.
Paul: Exactly. All they have to do is call and let me know, and they’ll get access to all my resources and all my recommendations for another year. At no cost. They’ll have me, hunting down the absolute best candidates for 1,000% gains, for another 12 months. Free of charge.
JL: Of course, I just can’t see how you will make them anything less than $100,000. From everything we’ve seen today … from everything I know about you … making $100,000 is within reach.
You’ve already shown us the proof from your historical analysis.
Alaska Air soared 1,808%.

Ulta Salon soared 1,250%.

Priceline Group soared 3,372%.

I just think the sky is the limit when investments like these are your targets.
You even showed us how stocks like Sarepta Therapeutics jumped 2,500%, even though the company failed to get their new drug past the FDA.

Heck, just last year, you racked up total returns of 1,000% in your personal account including that Coeur Mining trade that shot up 738%!

Paul: This is the kind of winning potential our viewers can put to work for them.
JL: But there is a catch. Membership to Extreme Fortunes is extremely limited.
Only 1,000 people will be able to join as charter members today.
Considering we have over 350,000 readers … we’re talking about less than half a percent of our audience being able to access this research.
Paul: Again, I want to limit the membership spots to serious folks only. I’ve built this for people who are eager to grow their wealth.
JL: So, let’s get back to what these 1,000 elite members will be able to expect if they are fortunate enough to snag one of those spots today.
Paul Mampilly
Paul: Again, they get my special report, The Next Stock Market Windfall, which includes my top five picks. More importantly, they’re locking in no less than 12 potential 1,000% winners in the next year.
Every month, I’ll issue one brand-new trade alert. It very simply tells them what stock to buy and at what price. And when it is time to sell, I will notify them … by both email and, if they would like, by text message. The trade alerts will also give more information for those who like the details. I’ll list out the industry … the market potential … the revenue history … the product pipeline … I’ll walk every investment through the three-phase strategy I’ve outlined here.
Paul Mampilly
Of course, when you shoot for small-cap stocks, you do have to contend with volatility — which is why I have buy-up-to prices for my small-cap recommendations.
There’s also the 52 weekly updates.
Paul Mampilly
These will be much shorter, but consider them a way for me to touch base every week and look at where the market stands … how the model portfolio’s doing … and potentially make an emergency decision if something changes.
More than likely, it’ll be an early notification to take a portion of your profits off the table if one of my investment picks soar past 1,000% in profits.
JL: And you’re guaranteeing all of this will result in a $100,000 profit over the next 12 months.
Paul: Now like I’ve said, no one has a crystal ball to the markets, especially with small-cap stocks. But I believe if members follow all my recommendations … make all my trades … and don’t find their portfolio has grown a minimum of $100,000 over the duration of their membership … then they have the right to give my team a call and put all my resources to work for them again, for another year, free of charge.
JL: Paul, thank you so much for your time today. It has been truly enlightening.
Paul: My pleasure, JL.
JL: You’ve just heard from one of the most illustrious investors to emerge from Wall Street…
And one of the only ones, period, to openly share his findings … his research … and all his tools and tactics for achieving extraordinary wealth, starting with even a small amount of capital.
Today, you have the opportunity to take the next step.
As one of the few invited to attend this historic summit, you are now presented a truly life-changing opportunity.
Because you can be among the limited 1,000 people to start a charter membership to Paul Mampilly’s recently launched VIP service, Extreme Fortunes.
The focus of this service is simple:
Every month, Paul will marshal his impressive resources to find stocks destined to soar 1,000% or more.
He will use his proprietary strategy to find small, dynamic companies capable of making large moves.
Companies with the potential to become mega market dominators…
Companies with low share prices … small market capitalizations … rapidly growing revenue…
Companies that can deliver gains as high as 2,500% in just eight months — something Paul personally achieved with his trade Sarepta Therapeutics.
Using this strategy, you are positioning yourself to get in on investments like Northern Star that went up 3,900%; Constellation Software that went up 2,300%; Alaska Air Group that went up 1,800%; Ulta Salon that went up 1,200%; Banco Macro that went up 1,000%; Fingerprint Cards that went up 12,000%; Accesso Technology Group that went up 6,000% … and dozens more.

Paul could easily charge upward of $70,000 a year for access to this level of research.
A fee people gladly paid to invest in his hedge fund.
A fee I’m sure several people mentioned earlier would gladly pay after repeatedly earning six-figure profits with Paul’s recommendations.
But that’s nowhere near the cost today.
Because it’s not $70,000 a year.
Or $50,000.
Or even $10,000.
The retail price for Extreme Fortunes is $5,000 per year.
But you’re not even going to pay that today.
Because as part of this special broadcast … this being the very first time Paul has ever presented this service … he has negotiated a special charter membership for the first 1,000 people who respond.
All you pay today for 12 months of in-depth access to Paul’s research…
For investments he has screened and rescreened multiple times…
Is just $2,995.

Remember, people gladly forked over upward of $70,000 a year for his advice as one of the world’s top hedge fund managers.
To this day, Paul receives emails from funds and wealthy families asking him to take on their money management … many of them offering seven-figure compensation packages.
But Paul is tired of making the wealthiest of people even wealthier.
He wants to celebrate big gains with you … he wants to hear from you about how these investments have changed your financial destiny … and that of your children and grandchildren as well.
It’s not only possible, it’s easily achievable with the right trades. Trades that can move up 1,000% or more.
You get access to Extreme Fortunes today for just $2,995 — a 40% discount from the already low retail price.
And we only have 1,000 of these spots open … spots I’m sure will be vanishing quickly.
Especially because of the massive guarantee Paul has just made.
In short…
Anyone who joins Extreme Fortunes and invests $10,000 following his recommendations will have the chance to earn a profit of $100,000 … in the next year. If you don’t, then he’ll work an entire second year for you, free of charge.
So, if at the end of one year you have not seen our model portfolio offer a chance at $100,000, just give us a call … and Paul will put all his tools and resources to work for you again, for a second year, free of charge.
As you can imagine, this guarantee is an enormous financial commitment.
Most people would think Paul’s taking on an insane level of risk.
But his track record speaks for itself. And while losses do occur, the winners can be massive. When he hits, he hits big.
He has used his skills to genuinely become wealthy through and live off of his investments.
And he’s going to use the same skills to help you aim for a minimum of $100,000 in the coming 12 months.
Let’s review everything you get by becoming a charter member today…
The Next Stock Market Windfall

12 Trades a Year: Once a month, Paul will send you a confidential write-up of a specific stock he has been doing intensive research on. Real “boots on the ground,” pencil in hand, data-crunching work — even calling on his network of industry experts to feel out where the company stands among its peers.
Weekly Updates: Each week, Paul puts together a detailed market analysis … It’s important to understand what’s happening in the political sphere, the economic world and the market. Paul has learned to identify how these three impact each other … and how to insulate your investments against them.
The Next Stock Market Windfall: Paul has just recently put the finishing touches on a dynamic special report, outlining a speculative opportunity he has waited five years to jump on … one he’s confident could multiply your money 35-fold … plus four more investments he has identified for astronomical returns. All the research shows each of these investments is on the verge of a major breakout … and each is poised to deliver gains upward of 1,000% or more.
A $100,000 Guarantee: Over the next year, you’ll see how it’s possible to earn $100,000using Paul’s methods. If not, let us know, and you’ll get a second year free of charge.
In my 30 years as an investigative journalist, I can honestly say I’ve convened with some of the most prestigious and accomplished investors and entrepreneurs on the planet … I’ve even met and consulted with the likes of Steve Forbes and Warren Buffett.
And Paul easily ranks among them.
I’ve never seen an opportunity that gives Main Street investors the chance to team up with a Wall Street legend like Paul … especially at such a small fee.
Every year, on average, 43 stocks go up 1,000%. That’s three to four chances to grow your money tenfold every month.
Paul is the only investor I know who has developed a strategy to detect the DNA of the best of these 1,000% winners.
This could be your only chance to align with him.
The gains made could hand you millions in the coming months.
To see all the details on how to join him with Extreme Fortunes, simply click the orange button below this video.
But hurry.
This offer is limited to the first 1,000 people who respond today.
You’ve already seen how people just like you have added hundreds of thousands to their accounts … people like Mitchell Kendrick, who says he made $109,115 off one company Paul recommended, and the man who emailed this snapshot of his account … bringing in over $100,000 from two of Paul’s trades.
You’ve seen how one gentleman made $272,000 in just one stock following Paul’s advice.
And you’ve seen how one couple made over $700,000 in the last year alone.
Now it’s your turn.
Simply click the button below to review all the details on how you can make $100,000 in the next year.
I’m JL Yastine. Thank you for watching the Extreme Fortunes Summit.

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