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written by reader Great article about James Altucher

By mmatfess, January 18, 2018



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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

Yes, Altucher is certainly making the rounds and marketing himself to a ludicrous degree. Haven’t dug into that bitcoin ad of his yet, though it’s on our pile Craziness in the blockchain sector marketing so far, to be sure, including the news that Facebook today is banning cryptocurrency ads — another indication that the scam artistry has gotten out of control in this particular segment.

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Lawrence L
4 years ago

I think altucher’s has gotten hooked with a marketing agency which is taking advantage of his appeal and possible popularity. They go overboard easily while raking in subscribers. He has gotten so big so fast it is likely he doesn’t even know half of what is transpiring regarding him. They write the ad articles and he trusts that they’ve done it with his honesty and they go out. If the coming in March cryptonating, first time ever, Initial Block Offer coin has half the punch promised (sounds like it’s the one coming from DC our government has been working on if it’s true they have been) I want to know it’s ticker.

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