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written by reader URGENT UPDATE! Saudi Arabia Eyes Tiny $2 Million Startup!

By jimmystockgumshoe, January 12, 2018

I’ve gotten several teasers for this, 10 minute millionaire, Mike Ward, and Kent Moors. I’d love to know who they’re talking about now, I’m guessing something energy related…….Here’s more of their blurb:

Now the Saudis are looking to get in… and that’s BEFORE the DOE unleashes America’s
$7 trillion energy bounty!

Major Announcement Imminent – Immediate Action Required

This deal is ready to close, and only 250 people today will find out how to turn $1,000 into $51,000!

Dear Reader,

Thank you for viewing my presentation on the tiny $2 million startup poised for an explosive 59,850% revenue surge.

This phenomenal, once-in-a-generation opportunity just got even better, and there’s no time to waste.

In fact, my sources out of Riyadh are now reporting that Saudi Arabia is eyeing an ownership stake in this tiny $2 million company.

This is UNPRECEDENTED! And it would be the FIRST TIME the Saudis have made an energy investment outside their own Energy Kingdom.

I believe a stunning takeover-bid could be in the works, and folks who act now could see a 5,100% gain much sooner than we anticipated.

Already, insiders are swarming with supreme confidence. In fact, they’ve grabbed up two out of every three available shares.

Remember, the Founder of this tiny company showed early investors 20,000% gains on his first company.

He’s poised to do it again. In fact, he’s so confident, he just wagered $346 million of his own personal savings.

And he’s not alone. The Vice-Chairman has wagered $266 million. And the CEO is betting $139 million of her own money!

As you can imagine, savvy Wall Street players sense a home run in the making.

In fact, GE and Blackrock have taken massive stakes. And Citibank just accelerated their holdings by a staggering 2,622%!

The writing’s on the wall, and there’s no time to waste…

You see, this tiny $2 million company is on the leading edge of a whole new energy sub-niche I call “On-Demand LNG.”

This new sector is still in its infancy… but I expect it to double, triple, and quadruple… over and over again.

Folks who get in now, on the ground floor, could see life-altering gains very fast.

Listen: Global energy demand is surging, and 85% of the world’s population comes from remote places without energy infrastructure.

In short, they are in desperate need of clean, cheap energy.

And now, this tiny $2 million company has harnessed a PATENTED scientific process that shrinks natural gas by 600-fold, and converts it into a liquid form.

As a result, this tiny startup can now ship America’s $7 trillion natural gas bounty around the world… on-demand… to the highest bidder!

And it gets better… because this tiny startup is also well on its way to being America’s first vertically-integrated natural gas company.

In other words, they’re set to control the entire supply chain! Yes. From drilling, to refining, to shipping… they do it all.

And the breaking news just keeps coming…

This tiny $2 million company just announced two new pipelines that will pump dirt-cheap natural gas from the lucrative Permian Basin to their export hub in Louisiana!

Consequently, their profit-margins could go through the roof!

In fact, this tiny $2 million startup plans on delivering gas for $2.25 per unit.

That’s LESS THAN HALF the $5.67 per unit competitors may be paying in some cases!

In other words, this tiny startup could sell to their competition… and still see a 100% mark-up!

I’m telling you, this is completely unprecedented…

Look: I’ve been an energy insider for over 40 years. And I can tell you without hesitation, this is the biggest energy play of our lifetime.

The last time anything of this magnitude hit, John Rockefeller created the first vertically-integrated oil company, and showed early investors a 150,000% gain.

The tiny company I’m tracking today offers similar upside potential…

Right now, this company is small, less than ½ of one-percent the size of Exxon. In fact, they barely cobbled together $2 million in revenue last year!

But that’s about to change in an historic way…

Even if this tiny $2 million company grabs just 5% of the existing $25.7 billion “On-Demand LNG” market, that’d be $1.2 billion in revenue.

And when you pump $1.2 billion into a tiny $2 million company, you are looking at a potential 59,780% revenue-surge…

You can bet the stock will follow suit.

In fact, using the tried-and-true Price-to-Cash-Flow-Multiple, I’m projecting a 5,100% return for folks who get in now.

That’s good enough to turn $5,000 into $255,000. It’s good enough to turn $10,000 into $510,000.

It’s good enough to turn $25,000 into $1.2 million in a single trade.

But time is of the essence…

You see, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has proposed a drastic change to U.S. Code 15, and taken this opportunity to a higher level of urgency…

This unprecedented move could cut miles of bureaucratic red tape… allowing our tiny $2 million company to make its “On-Demand LNG” shipments without delay!

This is huge. EPIC! And it means that as orders pour in from energy-starved nations, this tiny $2 million company can respond fast, ON-DEMAND, racking up profits at a relentless pace.

Remember, the Founder of this tiny $2 million company showed investors 20,000% gains on his first venture. And now, he’s thrown down a $346 million wager with his own personal savings.

A major announcement is expected any day now, and you need to move fast!

To help you take full advantage of this play…

I’ve put together a special dossier on this critical situation with complete analysis of this highly lucrative opportunity.

It’s titled Ride the On-Demand LNG Bonanza for 5,100% Gains!

The report will give you all the details on the tiny $2 million company that’s poised for an explosive 5,100% price surge.

But time is of the essence. A major announcement from the DOE could come any day now, and people who hesitate could miss out on the big money.

The time to get in is NOW…

That’s why I’m opening up limited membership to the Energy Inner Circle at a rate that saves you over $2,000 to keep in your pocket to give you a jump-start on this tiny $2 million company – or use any way you wish.

By filling out the short form below, you’ll get immediate access to all of the details, including the company name and stock symbol, which are outlined in my brand-new Special Report #1: Ride the On-Demand LNG Bonanza for 5,100% Gains!

This won’t be the first time my Energy Inner Circle subscribers have made a pile of money by following my recommendations. Not by a long shot…

Add it all up, and I’ve shown my readers 30 triple-digit wins and counting. And the speed at which these wins come is breath-taking.

300% in 29 days…
352% in 24 days…
220% in 51 days, and…
542% in 26 days.

In addition, I’ve shown my readers 93 double-digit scores, including hefty gains of 79%, 87%, 93%, 99%, and dozens more.

As proud as I am of these wins, I’m absolutely confident the tiny $2 million startup I’m currently recommending will be the pinnacle of my 40-year career.

Again, if things play out the way I expect, folks who move now could have the chance to turn $5,000 into $255,000 in a single trade.

Of course, this opportunity is only the beginning of your Energy Inner Circle experience…

Please fill out the short form below today, and you’ll also get intelligence on two additional upcoming breakthroughs:

Special Report #2: Make 978% Exploiting the Global Supply-Gap! At this moment, a severe supply-gap is emerging across the globe. This exact same situation has only happened twice before in the history of energy. Both times, it delivered explosive wins. In fact, the last time this happened, it generated a rare and exceptional trade big enough to turn $1,000 into $1 million. This exact same gap is happening again – right now – for the third time. And I’ve identified a tiny $1 stock that’s exploiting the situation, and could deliver a 978% gain fast. Rating: URGENT BUY – HIGHLY SPECULATIVE

Special Report #3: Pocket a 10-Bagger on the “No-Brainer” Oil Play! Insiders and institutions are all over this tiny $7 stock, and with good reason. With a market cap of a mere $228 million, this company is sitting on over $600 billion in proven reserves! In other words, it will take a 200-fold price surge just to bring this $7 company’s market-cap in line with current reserve value. This is a complete NO BRAINER! But it won’t last, and early investors could see a 10-bagger in the blink of an eye. Hurry! Rating: STRONG BUY

All three of the above recommendations are ready to move now!

The Special Reports will tell you everything you need to know. They’re all part of my Energy Inner Circle research advisory.

Plus, you’ll also get access to every actionable piece of research I publish, including:

Urgent Action Alerts: Anytime I come across a breaking opportunity, I’ll send an alert directly to your inbox so you can act on them quickly. These immediate alerts give you my exact recommendations (including specific ”buy” and ”sell” instructions) for making money as the biggest opportunities emerge on a daily basis…

The Dark Files: My private communiqués containing the same type of highly-sensitive information I send to Sheiks, OPEC heads, and oil dignitaries…

Energy Live! Broadcasts: Video debriefings recorded live from the most exotic locales in the world, giving you a live-action glimpse inside the world of global energy dynamics…

Monthly Roundtable: This is strictly business. An in-depth breakdown of the global energy markets. You’ll also get my “Off-the-Record” recommendations. You do not want to miss this…

Monthly Summits: Join with some of the sharpest, wealthiest, and most fascinating people in the world. The camaraderie and fellowship you’ll enjoy with these high-end aficionados are priceless.

Of course, you’ll also get the customary service amenities, including 24/7 Members-Only web access, weekly portfolio updates, and so much more…

And there’s something else I want to give you today, a special Bonus Gift just for giving Energy Inner Circle a risk-free try…

The Oil Trade Playbook: Three Minutes to ”Win Both Ways”! This exclusive report spells out a fantastic opportunity – the best I’ve seen in seven years – to make a single short-term trade that sets you up for staggering profits… no matter which way the price of oil moves. It walks you step-by-step through making this trade… and even tells you how to save on the commission. Note: It costs next to nothing to get into this trade, so don’t overpay. You’ll see exactly how much to pay in this report.

And this is just the beginning.

Opportunities are always emerging in the energy world, and every time I come across a breaking situation, you’ll be the first to know.

So get ready, because that could mean dozens of new picks in the coming weeks alone.

Ordinarily, it costs $4,000 to join Energy Inner Circle, and that’s a bargain. In fact, our institutional research starts at $20,000 a year.

And yet, this opportunity gets even better, because the first 250 people who decide to get in today, won’t even pay anywhere near the retail price.

Instead, you’ll receive a full and exclusive 51% off that amazing price.

That’s right – you can get everything for a full year starting today for just $1,950.

That gives you $2,000 to use how you like, even to put toward this tiny $2 million stock that’s poised for an explosive upside surge if you so choose.

Remember, the last time there was an opportunity of this magnitude in the sector, folks had a chance to turn $1,000 into $1.5 million.

Imagine what a modest $3,000 stake could do for your financial status…

The great part is you can try this play without any time-pressure whatsoever…

My Energy Inner Circle 100% Money-Back Triple-Guarantee

In the next 12 months, this tiny $2 million company’s stock will double. If it doesn’t, simply let us know and we’ll give you a full and prompt refund. No questions asked. And even if you claim your refund, you keep all the Special Reports – EVERYTHING! – listed above as our gift to you, just for giving our research a try.

If, after receiving a full year of service, our track record of Energy Inner Circle recommendations doesn’t show at least nine (9) opportunities to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in addition to the tiny $2 million “On-Demand LNG” stock I’m now recommending, simply let us know and we’ll promptly refund every penny of your subscription price. Again, no questions asked.

Now, I can only offer this safeguard because – as you’ve seen by the numbers – I believe that the opportunities I’ve outlined here, including the tiny $2 million “On-Demand LNG” stock, will do so much better!

Please understand: Things are happening fast, and time is of the essence.

Saudi Arabia is eying this tiny $2 million company. I believe a take-over bid could be in the works, and we could see a 5,100% gain faster than anticipated.

The company just sealed two new pipeline deals to multiply the amount of on-demand LNG they can ship around the world.

Insiders have already grabbed two out of three available shares, and a major announcement could send this tiny $2 million stock soaring.

So please take action now. This opportunity may close at any time and I’d hate to see you miss out. The order form below is 100% secure.

Or, if you prefer, call our special concierge representatives at 855.509.6600 or 443.353.4770. They are available from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, EST.

But please… don’t wait another minute.

To Your Success,

Dr. Kent Moors
Founder, Energy Inner Circle
January 2018

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5 years ago

Tellurian Inc. (TELL)

5 years ago

I’m curious as well, in another string of comments, LNG & SRE were mentioned, but I didn’t see the amount of insider trading mentioned.

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👍 8
5 years ago

this is TELL, it is a $2 bil company not a $2 mil company. owned by several mutal funds and institutions, bot the Saudi’s are not looking at it, just looking for lng in general. he is misleading people. google lng for $2.25 per unit.

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Graziella Nahas
Graziella Nahas
5 years ago


4 years ago

I saw some info on a Company called “Venture Global LNG” which has several matching features of describe company. However, I do not find any STOCK listing for this company. Any input will help. Thanks!

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4 years ago