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The Twelve Biotechs of Christmas 2018: Balthasar

By DrKSSMDPhD, January 12, 2018

No, Balthasar is not a biotech company. Think fast! Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. Athos, Porthos and Aramis. Jaclyn, Farrah and Kate. Kirk, Spock and Bones. Barry, Robin and Maurice. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. History and culture bestow trios upon us because threesomes keep us rapt. The Three Magi, liking the Gummune as they do, have come from afar seeking subscriptions and agreed to show up and confer a little class  and  spectacle on this year’s set of long investing ideas in biotech. Balthasar flew in on Emirates Air from Dubai and has been caught off-guard by the chilly temperatures, but is keeping headcolds at bay by huffing a bottle of myrrh. Melchior and Gaspar are on other flights and got snagged by President Huge’s travel ban, but will be along to dispense their gift biotechs in a week or two.

Let’s cover some ground considerations about this list. Foremost and first, no stock on the list is being “recommended” to you although in seeing a stock on our list, you are getting a recommendation to consider it. But we are not soliciting you to invest in anything, and neither do we have any vested interest in you having a stake in any named company. We have neither asked for nor gotten either money or anything of monetary value from ANY company….and we’d be unwilling to accept any offer of pecuniary recompense lest all our credibility go heave-ho, defenestrating itself once and for all. We are not suggesting that companies on this list are the only way to make money investing in biotech because the year will bring surprises. What we ARE suggesting is that these companies have enormous appeal, have survived extreme scientific, clinical, corporate and fiscal scrutiny and that we especially like them…..and our liking of them has held up through a comprehensive period of introspection, number crunching, cross-comparison and critical thinking. The spirit of this list is that many or most of these long ideas are what some would refer to as “special situations,” odd inflection points in the history of a stock when the wind is at the stock’s back and the tide of fortune seems to be flowing vigorously in the desired direction, times when gains may be outsize and not to be repeated. These are stocks we regard as having a certain urgency about them. Need to know.

Biotechnology is an inherently ...

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