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Biotech Discussion… continued

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 5, 2018

We will no longer be publishing the commentary of Dr. KSS, who wrote about biotech stocks for the Irregulars for several years. Late last week, he decided to move on and resign from his work here. I imagine he will likely start his own publication of some sort in the future — all I know about his plans is that he is currently on Twitter, so you can find and follow him there if you like. We wish him well in his future endeavors.

I’ve been asked by a few of you to provide a “home base” discussion thread for some of the Irregulars who participated regularly in Dr. KSS’s discussions, so that they can continue discussing and sharing information about the stocks that they find interesting, which we’re happy to do. I will not be a very active participant in this group, being quite inexpert in the topic area, but I’ll chime in when I have information or a perspective to share. Without Dr. KSS leading the charge, the direction of discussion will certainly be quite different, but you’re welcome to participate and try to make it into whatever you value.

So that’s what this discussion area is for, using the comments section below — discuss away, to your heart’s content, and please follow the same rules we have all come to accept at Stock Gumshoe: Be kind and polite, criticize ideas instead of people, and, for the benefit of those who subscribe to discussion threads via email, please include the stock ticker in your comment.

Please also use our new “Topics” indexing feature to add the stock name/ticker to your comment, particularly if you’re adding anything of substance beyond a “I like this stock” note (new info, a new perspective, background research, whatever). That will help make all the comments on any given stock easier to find across threads — just start typing in the topic box and if your ticker is in our system, it will pop up… if not, we’ll add it manually later on. Thank you!

There are also some other ongoing biotech-related discussion threads that are still active and available for commentary — that includes the Biotech Catalyst thread that some longtime readers use to track upcoming events, and the Arch Therapeutics discussion thread.

And Irregulars are also always welcome, of course, to begin their own discussion threads or to write their own ...

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