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Friday File: Miracle Mist, “The Only Pot Stock” and much more…

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 20, 2018

Today we’ve got a bonanza of content for my favorite people (yes, that’s you!) — a couple quick teaser solutions to close out the week, which morphs right into one little transaction in my portfolio, and then an update on a few other things that are going on with Real Money Portfolio stocks. Ready?

OK, first — I’ve had several readers write in asking about this “Miracle Mist” stock being touted by Howard Lindzon. Lindzon is a longtime Twitter-er and is a pretty meaningful presence in the fintwit community, being a majordomo at StockTwits as well as an early backer of RobinHood and other venture companies. He’s fun to follow on Twitter, though I don’t know what his success rate is with his newer investment newsletter called Peloton (though I like the cycling connection)… and it’s Peloton that’s being advertised here with his tease about a “Magic Mist” that will become a blockbuster drug.

So what’s the story? Here’s the headline from the ad:

“For 3 out of 4 People, Just Two Sprays from This Bottle Will Cure One of America’s Most Feared Killers

“And One Company is Poised to Secure a 20-Year Patent on EVERY Bottle of This Wonder Spray… Exploding Revenue and Sending Shares Soaring Up to 617%”

Sounds pretty impressive, right? Here’s a little more, just to get you revved up…

“It sounds hard to believe…

“But with just two sprays, the drug inside this bottle can cure one of our nation’s deadliest killers… with the potential to save tens of thousands of American lives each year.

“Naturally, the major news outlets are already raving about this amazing cure….

“… the FDA gave it ‘Breakthrough Therapy’ status – an extremely rare classification that puts a drug on the fast-track for approval….

“… when ‘Miracle Mist’ hits the market, it could easily make every competing drug obsolete… and send shares of the company involved soaring as much as 617%.”

OK, so that’s enough of the hype… do we get any other clues?

Buckets full, actually… there are quotes from Science magazine calling it “the most important discovery in half a century” … talk about this drug meeting up with a $100 billion market by 2020, and lots of quotes from important-sounding folks like Harvard doctors and the Washington Post… and then this:

“The company behind ‘Miracle Mist’ is poised to patent a ground-breaking delivery system for this drug… ...

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