written by reader The Outsider Club’s teaser regarding Law C-45 which creates Legal Monopolies of some Marijuana Stocks, and will make all other Marijuana stocks worthless.

By Trooper, September 7, 2018

The Oxford Club’s teaser by Matthew Carr, regarding a new law, C-45, is set to take effect in a certain market in mid-2018… granting exclusive legal immunity to a small set of marijuana companies. Not only that… C-45’s favored companies will get the right to sell marijuana internationally! Nasdaq researchers confirm these approved companies will be essentially “legal monopolies.” That makes a massive chunk of the growing $140 billion global marijuana market these companies’ playground! They basically get it all to themselves! That means ONLY the preferred marijuana companies with full legal status will go on epic runs. I’m talking 10,000%. 20,000%. Perhaps even 50,000%. And as you’re about to see from REAL stocks… potentially a rare 100,000% over time. I will show you how these explosive stocks could turn a small investment today… Into $1.5 million in profits. And I know precisely which types of stocks to target, because I’ve pored over C-45 multiple times. But there’s a MASSIVE catch to all of this. And it’s imperative that you recognize it. C-45 is going to divide marijuana companies into distinct groups of massive winners and epic losers. Most marijuana growers aren’t going to meet the standards of the new law. Some won’t even be in the same legal universe! As one international outlet reports, ”Producing or distributing marijuana outside the government regulation would be considered serious offenses.” Some operations will remain illegal. And because of that, they’re going to be forced to shut their doors. Many of these stocks will go to zero. And investors will lose it all. That’s why you absolutely cannot gamble and just buy these stocks blindly. Because the real winners? The pot stocks that pass the requirements of Bill C-45? These companies will have the full backing of the government – free and clear to grow and sell. Their stocks will look like rockets blasting off from Cape Canaveral. And I’ve already identified exactly which companies I believe could be the big winners… and which stocks will go down in flames. Do not follow the same bad advice I see so many hard-working people following right now. At the very minimum, you need to get my list of winners to make sure you know all the marijuana stocks on the right side of the law… and those on the wrong side. That’s like having a list of winning lottery numbers at your disposal. My $3,000 subscription to “Marijuana Millionaire’s Handbook“ reveals the stocks I believe could be destined for massive 20,000%… even 50,000% gains over time… in your portfolio. It could be in your inbox today if you’d like.

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Hey Trooper, who are you?, Matthew Carr, or Oxford Club ghost? Your post appears to be a copy of Matthew Carrs’ teaser. What is your question?

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Really hoping Travis tackles this one!

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Hi there
I am looking in Matthew Book, like to get some advise. I paid so many membership in the Pas but did not get the result I was expecting.
Is this good The Marijuana Millionaire’s Handbook.”

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