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Friday File: Stop Losses Everywhere, But so Much I ALMOST Want to Buy

Updates on the Real Money Portfolio and my Big Picture Thinking for our last 2018 Friday File

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 21, 2018

The response was pretty overwhelmingly positive when I started sending out those “Trade Note” emails this week… so I’ll stick with it for a while, at least, and see how this goes.

What does that mean? Same day buy/sell notes about my Real Money Portfolio will be sent to the Irregulars going forward, in hopes of providing more granular and timely information than is currently possible in a weekly format. I’ll keep writing the Friday File, of course, but all of the little “bought a little more of X” or “sold half of Y on a stop loss” notes will be released on the day they happen instead of waiting for the end of the week.

These emails will not be extensive or frequent, I doubt there will be more than a couple most weeks and often the Friday File will be that week’s only update (some weeks I buy and sell a lot, some weeks none), and I will try to make them clear enough that you can get the gist without clicking through to the site… though I’ll always leave a link so you can read my full comment and participate in the discussion if you like.

Let me be clear, though, at the risk of being far too repetitive: These are not buy/sell recommendations for you. These are updates to my Real Money Portfolio, which I share with you in the interest of both disclosure and education (and which is actually REAL MONEY that matters to me and my family’s future). I hope you can learn something from the way I construct and think about and explain my portfolio and my analysis of the decisions I make… and by writing about each trade, I hope to learn something more about myself as well. Accountability is good, and if you have to describe something to a few thousand of your friends each time you make a trade, that gives some extra reason to make sure you’re being as thoughtful and rational as the moment allows.

So that’s our plan, at least for now. And yes, for the small minority of folks who don’t want more emails, I hear you — I will build some sort of filter in so you can opt out of the daily trade notes, but please give me a little patience — it might take a little time.


This week, ...

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