written by reader 1000$ Into 1,6 M??

by anniebike | June 21, 2019 2:00 pm

Hello Travis,
I’m Curious about that teasing from Palm Beach Research and their Pocket Change Millionaire Summit that will be held on june 26th. They will reveal a best kept secret cannabis investment that will change 1000$ into 1,6 M… Would be great to have your opinion on that.

That you!

Annie Gaudreault

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3 years ago

Something to do with CBC oil.

3 years ago

I’m also interested in this CBD Oil investments. The CEO of this company was the first to receive a medical marijuana manufacturing license in CA and had the best product in the industry in 2014. He’s started and sold a number of businesses and is now raising 17 million in a private placement Regulation A offering. He has a cultivation, retail, and medical business and does IRB approved patient research. It’s stock is currently 50 cents and will go public in a few months at one dollars.

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