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by ggswift | June 7, 2019 11:25 am

Sean Broderick along with Mr. Weiss sponsored a long winded Webinar plugging The Marijuana Millionaire Portfolio . Fantastic returns were depicted , anyone know what stocks he eluded to? Here is the link! https://cart.weissratings.com/order/mmp-lnch-1906-p2-f24/?ec=EMMPUI50&sc=MMPWEI&campid=&groupid=[1]

  1. https://cart.weissratings.com/order/mmp-lnch-1906-p2-f24/?ec=EMMPUI50&sc=MMPWEI&campid=&groupid=: https://cart.weissratings.com/order/mmp-lnch-1906-p2-f24/?ec=EMMPUI50&sc=MMPWEI&campid=&groupid=

Source URL: https://sgumdev.stockgumshoe.com/2019/06/microblog-marijuana-millionaire/



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3 years ago

I do. I have been a member of the service since May. Buys and sells are recommended every week and have featured NEPT, CRON, TURV, CURLF, etc.

Very disappointed in the service. I paid for 2 years worth @ $2400. Prorated refund over 12 months (meaning $200 per month goes away in the first year.

8 to 1 in favor of losers. 4 months of losses and now they’re hitting me up to sign up for a lifetime membership for another $2400. Feels a lot like a pump-and-dump engine and absolutely no transparency.

Avoid this one. It’s a rip off.

👍 6