written by reader What could the Reboot of the Dollar by Trump possibly involve? Rickards has been plugging this pitch for the past few years

by backoffice | June 11, 2019 2:36 am

and claims to have placed 1,000,000 of his own money to benefit from this Reboot. What could he possibly be investing in? He claimed that Trump did it himself in the 80’s turning every 500,000
into millions, I wonder what that was about.

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

That sounds like gold, Trump often brags about his success in speculating on gold 30 years ago. Rickards has been peddling both a “gold standard” reboot and a “the dollar will get crushed by the Illuminati” SDR pitch over the past several years — the gold one usually ends up hinting at some mining stocks that are selected by Byron King, which have generally done terribly (not just King’s, but pretty much all junior miners), and at buying physical metals.

I’ll eat my hat if we return to a gold standard anytime soon…. politicians don’t willingly give up the power of the purse (or in the case of the Fed and fractional banking and deficit spending, the “infinite purse”), pretty much all the quotes from politicians embracing the gold standard and monetary discipline come from before they are in office, not after.

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