written by reader Steve Sjuggerud -True Wealth HUGE MARKET EVENT?

by Salvatore | July 25, 2019 8:01 am

Any idea what he’s referring to?
”A huge story is breaking in the financial world… and I seem to be the only person covering it. After nearly 27-years studying the stock market as a hedge fund manager, broker, and analyst, I thought I was prepared for everything Mr. Market threw my way. But last December I got word a huge market event that’s just started playing out. But what I’ve discovered now could trump anything else I’ve ever predicted.”

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3 years ago

Chinese STAR Market

3 years ago

“Dr. Sjug” champions looking outside the US markets, especially China, for growth. He’s been holding briefings regarding China’s equivalent (and competitor) of the NASDAQ. Well, what he’s been teasing for awhile now finally opened this week — The Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board, also known as the STAR Market.

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3 years ago
Reply to  bunion132

Chinese STAR Market caught my eye, too. I actually heard STAR referenced this morning in Boom Bust (an RT video) for an upcoming tech IPO.
Ray Dalio gave China a nice commentary, since he has made frequent trips to China.

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