written by reader ever here if rhis comoany touted by the Motley Fool?

by 6monthsiniraq | September 23, 2019 9:58 pm

the tease:

Cable represents the past, and Netflix is the present. But this “Next Gen” opportunity is the future. And in some cases, it’s already here.

And one virtually unknown company is at the forefront of this Next Gen media…and they do everything Netflix does, and then some.

Investors who want to add a secretive, controversial, and expanding company that’s already minted billionaires this year? Look no further.

The facts are staggering.

They’ve spent $1 billion on two streaming video platforms…in one day!
They have the largest video game division in the world; bigger than Nintendo!
They generate 600 million transactions…every day!
They had 12 start-ups go public in 2017, minting $20 billion!
And almost no one has heard of them.

And they’re led by a mysterious 46-year-old billionaire with $44.2 billion at stake in the company.

He’s been described as a scorpion, waiting with patience and discipline to strike.

interested to find out more!!

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

That’s almost certainly a rejiggering of some older Motley Fool teases about Tencent. Haven’t covered that specific ad, but the Fool has similarly pitched Tencent a few times and those clues can’t really match anyone else. I think I last covered a similar ad here: https://www.sgumdev.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/motley-fool-rule-breakers/fools-the-tiny-black-box-that-could-eliminate-cable-and-cable-tvs-ticking-time-bomb-teasers/

FWIW, Prosus (PROSY for the ADR) is now the 31% owner of Tencent (Prosus was spun out of Naspers to move it’s tech and venture investments off the South African exchange, Naspers still holds a controlling stake in Prosus).

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