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written by reader Stephen Leeb Touts Devastating 5G Flaw exposed/ Travis….could you Thinkolate?

By talktome, September 4, 2019

REVEALED: Shocking Truth About The Fatal Technology Flaw That Could Bring America’s Wireless Network To Its Knees And The $5 Stock That Could Be The Biggest Tech Opportunity Of All Time.5G’s Devastating Flaw
If you’re like most Americans, you’ve gotten used to picking up your smartphone to make a phone call, send a text message, or check email and having it…

Just work.

So it would be perfectly reasonable for you to expect the latest, greatest 5G phones to be at least as reliable as today’s phones.

That’s where this story takes a startling turn.

Now, I won’t get too deep into the science behind wireless communications but…

All cellular devices send and receive data using what are called Radio Frequency waves.

The current standard… 4G… uses a slice of the Radio Frequency spectrum below 6 Gigahertz.

RF waves in this range are strong…

A single 4G antenna can send a cellular signal up to 22 miles.

It’s the main reason the phone in your pocket today gets good reception most of the time.

And because they’re strong, 4G signals can easily reach your smartphone whether you’re sitting in the basement of your home, behind a desk in an office building, sipping an Americano in a coffee shop, or driving across town in your car.

One of 5G’s greatest features is that it can send and receive data at speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G.

5G can do this because it’s using a higher and faster range of the Radio Frequency spectrum… between 30 and 300 Gigahertz.

Because they have a very small wavelength, signals in this range are called “millimeter waves” or mmWaves.

But compared to 4G signals, mmWaves are 90-pound weaklings.

A brand-new, high-speed, high capacity 5G antenna can only transmit a wireless signal just a little over 500 yards.

Plus, if there’s an obstacle like a wall, a car, or even the leaves of a tree sitting between the antenna and your phone… no 5G for you.

And if that weren’t bad enough, 5G mmWaves can be scrambled by rain, snow, sleet… and even heavy fog.

Imagine not being able to make a phone call because it’s raining outside.

4G/5G table

None of this makes 5G sound like the “Greatest Technology of all Time,” does it?

And that’s why so few investors know the details of the tiny $5 stock I’m going to detail for you now…

Or how it could deliver gains of up to 2,247% in the coming months…

Allowing you to turn $5,000 into $117,385…

$10,000 into $234,770…

Or $50,000 into a staggering $1.17 million.

Details Of The 5G Solution
The $5 “5G Savior” plans to solve the 5G Flaw in two very different ways.

Fix #1: The Brute Force Approach

If a 5G signal can only travel a few hundred yards from the nearest cell tower antenna, the surest way to increase its reach is… you guessed it…

Install more antennas.

Remember, a 4G antenna can transmit a cellular signal up to 22 miles in all directions.


For 5G to offer similar coverage, a network of “repeater” or “small cell” antennas needs to be installed every 1,000 feet or so.

And the antennas need to communicate with one another and eventually back to a central base station.


A recent study found there are over 323,000 cellular towers in the United States today.

It’s safe to assume almost all of these are 4G towers with a signal reach of 22 miles.

For 5G to offer the same level of signal strength and reliability, cellular carriers may need to install up to 50 times more antennas than are currently in use.

That means within the next five years, we could see as many as 16 million 5G antennas installed… just in the United States.

Before long, there’s a good chance you’ll see one of these little black cylinders on lamp posts, utility poles, and building rooftops on every block in the country…

Several years ago, the $5 company figured out there’d be huge demand for 5G antennas.

So they invested heavily in designing and building some of the best, cutting-edge antennas in the world.

In just a minute, I’ll explain why I believe the $5 company will be hired to supply a major percentage of America’s 16 million new 5G antennas.

And because the company does business in more than 130 countries around the world, the total number of antennas they sell over the next five years could easily be well into the hundreds of millions…

Potentially generating tens if not hundreds of billions in new revenue.

That kind of money can push even the smallest company’s stock prices through the roof.

This is why it’s absolutely critical that you load up on shares as soon as possible.

Once you start hearing this company’s name on the evening news…

It will be too late.

Some other investor will be pocketing the gains that should have been yours.

So read on to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Fix #2: The High-Tech Solution

As you’ve seen, the brute force approach involves selling large quantities of a product that customers can’t exist without.

Over the years, that approach has turned tiny one-room companies into billion-dollar titans of industry.

Think of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil…

Jobs’ and Wozniak’s Apple…

Or Gates’ Microsoft.

Brute force is a formula that worked 100 years ago. And it will work 100 years from now.

But this $5 company didn’t stop at brute force. They’re smarter than that.

You see, they figured out that with 50 times more antennas, 5G signals would collide and interfere with one another like a room full of feral cats… scrambling signals and making a mess of cellular reception.

Think about it for a minute…

Will you really care that you can download a blockbuster movie to your phone in four seconds if every phone call you make gets scrambled by nearby interference?

Of course you won’t.

So the company developed a genius solution to this problem…

They call it beamforming and it’s one of the most important 5G technologies in the world today.


Instead of using the 4G method of spraying signals in all directions at once and hoping each one finds the right user’s smartphone…

5G beamforming tracks the exact location of each connected device and sends a laser-focused “beam” of data directly to it…

Even when the user is moving.

Beamforming technology is also smart enough to identify obstacles like trees, buildings, or cars when they’re in the way…

Then bounce 5G signals off nearby structures so they find the device they need to reach.


Also by concentrating and focusing mmWaves, beamforming technology makes 5G signals stronger.

Meaning they have fewer problems penetrating walls, trees, and precipitation.

This really is some next-level, futuristic technology we’re dealing with here.

And this $5 company is at the forefront.

It knows these technologies have the potential to make 5G a reality so they’ve been busy pumping beamforming antennas and other related components out of their factories as fast as they possibly can.

And telecommunications companies are practically lining up to buy them… much like Apple customers on the morning of a new iPhone release.

In just a minute, I’ll show you how to get a special report I’ve prepared on this $5 hidden gem.

The information in this report could help you turn $5,000 into $117,385 or more over the next 12 months.

And you can have it… absolutely free.

But first, let me show you why I’m dead certain these kinds of returns are going to happen…

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