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written by reader John Engel Editor, Stansberry Innovations Report September 2019…U.S. Gov’t Could Soon Replace Social Security Cards with “ID Coin” This hack-proof technology could be 20x bigger than Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple COMBINED. With expected market growth of 80,782% – this is likely your LAST chance to make a fortune from crypto technology.

By talktome, October 1, 2019

Dear Reader,

I know how much money you have.

I know your wife’s name… your pet’s name… and the name of the street you grew up on.

I know where you live… where you’re vacationing next summer… whether you’ve been sick recently, and, if so, what hospital you went to.

I know almost everything about you.

And it’s all because of this 34-digit code:


At a glance, it may not look like much…

But this 34-digit code is the newest development in Bitcoin technology… and contains almost every known piece of data about your identity, pulled from your bank records… real estate records… birth certificate… insurance statements… flight and hotel records… the DMV… the IRS… the FBI… you name it.

Does that worry you?

It worried me too – at first.

For example, have you ever done business with any of these companies?







Bank of America











J.P. Morgan Chase


Home Depot



Anthem Insurance




Office of Personnel Management

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

State governments of Texas, Massachusetts, and South Carolina

If so, I can almost guarantee that ALL records of your life… every known piece of data about you… is currently in the hands of a computer hacker.

But here’s the good news…

Beginning this year, a new breakthrough crypto-based technology could end all forms of computer hacking as we know it… and end the need to ever have a traditional password again.

With this technology, NO ONE – besides you – will ever “own” your data again, even temporarily.

In fact, there won’t even be a single place for hackers to go looking, like there is today.

And everything that matters to you will be secured by mathematical algorithms that even quantum computers can’t crack.

Codes that, unlike a password, are “impossible to reverse engineer,” according to Forbes.

I call this brand-new technology “ID Coin.”

And I expect that beginning soon, infants will get issued their ID Coin code in the hospital the day they’re born… like a Social Security number.

Your ID Coin code will follow you your entire life.

It’ll be tied to every paycheck… every tax bill… every investment… every doctor visit. And will soon be more important than your passport… your bank details… even your fingerprint.

That’s because this technology secures everything about your life, with a remarkable new code that CAN NEVER BE HACKED… by anyone.

You may find that hard to believe… but ID Coin is based on a completely new type of technology…

The Pentagon
Computers a million times more powerful than today still couldn’t crack ID Chain’s code. No wonder the White House and the Pentagon are interested…

…one so powerful that “the Pentagon and U.S. NATO allies have been moving discreetly but aggressively” to adopt ID Coin to “dramatically improve security,” according to The Washington Times.

Technology firm Edgy Labs reports that even quantum computers a million times more powerful than what we have today can’t crack the algorithm that secures ID Coin.

That’s why I’m virtually 100% certain the U.S. government will adopt this technology, beginning this year…

And why your personal code will mean you never have to worry about hacking or identity theft again.

YOU alone will always control how your information is used. No one else can touch it – ever – without your say-so.

And you won’t ever need to worry about joining the 41 million Americans who’ve had their identities stolen… like John Harrison, who saw $265,000 in charges racked up in his name in 4 months.

This technology is NOT some futuristic dream. In Asia, an estimated 1.7 billion people are using a form of ID Coin… and that number is expected to double in the next few years.

In fact, the United Nations has set a goal of extending at least a basic form of this technology to every single person on the planet, by 2030.

No other technology I know of comes anywhere close.

That’s why – if you think you’ve missed out on the big opportunity in cryptos – you haven’t.

Today, you have one last chance to get in at the beginning of something extraordinary… while 99% of people have no idea it exists. A technology that could be 100x bigger than any crypto… token… or similar technology to date.

Biggest Crypto Opportunity in 10 Years
My name is John Engel.

I’m a senior technology analyst at Stansberry Research, one of the largest independent financial research firms in the world.

Our research firm serves a quarter-million readers in over 100 countries, and our work has been featured in Reuters … Bloomberg… MarketWatch… Fox Business Network… Forbes… and more.

Since our beginning 20 years ago, we’ve uncovered some of the biggest and most important technological trends in the world – and told our readers about them years before anyone else.

Back then, our founder, Porter Stansberry, was among the first financial writers to describe the monumental changes the internet would cause in our economy and our society.

He recommended Amazon in March 1999 at $59 a share…

Had you bought shares then and held on to today, you’d be up 2,872%.

We recommended the medical robotics company Intuitive Surgical all the way back in 2004… before an astounding rise of 8,785%.

If you’d invested just $5,000 back then and held on, you’d be sitting on over $440,000 today.

The following year, we recommended the medical device company Align Technology, which has gone on to return 2,500%,

And we’ve routinely shown readers gains like these:

592% on JDSU

233% on CELG

215% on IDBE

207% on ELN

166% on AKAM

136% on VHI

130% on EXC

138% on TRGP

128% on ATVI

…thanks to our accurate predictions about trends like smartphones, genomics, the Internet of Things, 5G, and mobile payments – years in advance.

Barron’s called us “remarkably prescient.”

But today, we’re sharing a new prediction… one that we expect will produce far bigger returns than anything we’ve uncovered in the last 20 years.

In short, we predict Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency to date have only been laying the groundwork for a much bigger crypto revolution centered on “ID Coin.”

Which means that getting a stake in ID Coin technology today may be your last real chance to make a fortune in the crypto market.

You see, using ID Coin technology is not the same thing as actually owning a stake in it.

Just like being an early user of Amazon or Google wouldn’t have paid you a dime.

But if you understood what was coming… Google shares could have made you more than 21 times your money.

And Amazon… a staggering 1,000x return – enough to turn every $5,000 into more than $5 million.

That’s why, once you understand ID Coin’s potential, you’ll realize you still haven’t missed the most important breakthrough in the crypto technology space.

It’s just like with internet stocks…

Amazon and Google were not the first movers in their markets. Other retailers and search engines came first.

They were simply the winners who solved the most problems… did it better… and outlived the early “Wild West” days of the web.

And that’s exactly what we predict ID Coin is positioned to do today, for the entire cryptocurrency market.

Is the End of Hacking Worth More Than ONE
Bank or Car Company?
It’s no exaggeration to say that this crypto-based technology has the potential to be far bigger (and a better-performing investment) than Bitcoin… Ethereum… Ripple… Dashcoin… Zcash or any other crypto you may have heard of.

Not bad considering that just in the past three years…

You could have made 14 times your money on Bitcoin…
14 times your money on Ethereum…
And 50 times your money on Ripple.
But the gains you could make from ID Coin could soon be greater than all three of these cryptos, put together.

Now – with “first generations” cryptos booming again – the timeline for mass adoption of ID Coin has sped up – big time. Meaning that if you’re going get in… you’ll need to do it quickly to see the biggest potential gains.

But the opportunity has gotten bigger as well.

After all, Bitcoin has already risen more than 16 million percent since its launch.

On a promise of replacing money as we know it – a promise that hasn’t even been fulfilled!

The reality is: governments hate Bitcoin and have tried everything to keep it from going mainstream.

They were never going to let an unregulated currency replace our monetary system.

But with ID Coin technology – it’s just the opposite. This technology will save them trillions of dollars… and end the threat of cyberattacks from enemies like China… Iran… and North Korea.

So, while government officials have publicly badmouthed Bitcoin… what do you think they’ve been doing privately?

Ignoring the entire crypto revolution and just hoping it’ll go away?

Of course not.

They’ve been quietly preparing – laying the groundwork to use ID Coin to secure every last shred of digital data – from our classified battle plans to your tax returns and your Social Security card.

That’s why ID Coin could soon make Bitcoin look tiny in comparison.

After all, there are 48 regular companies that are bigger than all of Bitcoin put together.

Its total value is about the same as Toyota… or the British bank HSBC.

Frankly, that’s nothing compared to a technology that could end hacking and provide a secure identity to every person on Earth.

Of course, with national security on the line… the U.S. government is saying as little as possible about ID Coin for now.

Which is why you’ll rarely see any mention of ID Coin in the mainstream press.

I’m lucky to work with several of the world’s leading experts on cryptos and information security, like Eric Wade, who grew up studying cryptography in Los Alamos, New Mexico, while his parents worked in the nuclear program.

That’s how I’ve gotten far deeper access to this story than any other researcher or reporter I know of.

I’m sharing this with you because I believe, if you act now, you could easily see gains of 500% or more in the coming years.

The key is: You must get in before this technology goes mainstream.

Now, ID Coin is just starting to get more attention.

But the biggest breakthrough will come when the U.S. government officially adopts ID Coin technology and rolls it out to every American citizen as a new and better form of the Social Security number.

Here’s the full story…

The Biggest Criminal Enterprise on Earth
Hacking is the world’s fastest-growing criminal enterprise.

It cost an estimated $600 billion worldwide in 2017. (Some estimates are significantly higher.)

And that number is expected to grow tenfold by 2021.

Since 2013, hackers have stolen nearly 15 billion individual “records” — such as name and password combinations… credit card numbers… you name it. A rate of more than 4,000 records per minute – every minute of every day.

In the U.S., there were more than 1,500 major data breaches in 2017… and more than half of them involved customers’ Social Security numbers.

Equifax alone lost 145 million. That’s more than half the adult population of the U.S.

When this happens to you… it’s a nightmare.

”It ruined me financially and emotionally,” said Dave C. from Bowie, MD, after someone racked up more than $900,000 of charges in his name.

He spent another $100,000 trying to fix the damage, unsuccessfully. He lost his retirement fund… his job… his reputation. He considered suicide.

Then there’s this heartbreaking story from Washington, D.C….

New parents Sean and Erin were on the verge of closing on their dream home… and ended up losing $1.57 million instead.

The Washington Post reports:

“Their wire transfer of settlement funds was hijacked after cyberthieves reportedly penetrated a title and escrow company’s email system and steered the money to their own account.”

Right now… there’s almost nothing you can do to prevent getting hacked.

It could happen because you have a weak password…

…because your password was stolen by an invisible “keystroke logger” hidden on your computer…

…by using a poorly secured public Wi-Fi network…

Or simply because you used an ATM or gas station card reader and had your credit card “skimmed” by a tiny device.

The point is: If you haven’t been hacked yet – you’ve been lucky.

But don’t expect that luck to last.

It WILL happen to you, too… and there’s a good chance it’s happening to you right now, without you even knowing it.

As Jeremiah Grossman, chief strategist for cybersecurity firm SentinelOne, says:

“It’s a safe assumption that everyone’s Social Security number has been compromised and their identity data has been stolen.”

Don’t feel bad, though…

Guess who else has been hacked?

The Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Trump Organization.

The CIA.

The NSA.

The City of Baltimore, Maryland.

And nearly the entire nation of Bulgaria – 5 million adults.

And get this…

Ever heard of the company LifeLock, whose sole mission is to protect consumers from having their identities stolen?

The CEO put his personal info online to prove that it works.

Instead, he had his own identity stolen 13 different times.

Even the head of the IRS recently advised all Americans to “assume their data is already in the hands of criminals and act accordingly.”

But all of this is FINALLY about to end.

We’ll remember it like polio… payphones… and dial-up internet.

Movies about hacking will be “period pieces” for nostalgic millennials.

The “ID Coin” that will end hacking – and save the world an estimated $6 trillion per year – is not some fantasy.

As Jerry Cuomo, a vice president at IBM working on ID Coin technology, put it:

“Imagine a world where you are in direct control of your personal information; a world where you can limit and control how much information you share while retaining the ability to transact in the world. This is self-sovereign identity, and it is already here.”

As I’ll show you… entire countries are already using this technology.

Now the United States is next. I believe the government will soon roll out this crypto technology to every citizen…

…putting an end to hacking within our borders, forever.

And minting quite a few millionaires in the process.

By investing in ID Coin right now, you can directly own a piece of this technology… and make multiple times your money as it becomes a household name across all 50 states.

Best of all… you don’t need to jump through any hoops to invest, like with Bitcoin.

You don’t need to open a “crypto account”… or an internet “wallet.”

In short, if you ever wish you’d bought even a single Bitcoin back when it cost $20… before the price shot up 50,477%… well, today you have the same type of opportunity with ID Coin… but with far bigger upside.

Keep in mind… the $6 trillion potential in ID Coin technology is roughly 23 times bigger than every other cryptocurrency in the world today put together.

In a moment, I’ll show you how to get in… and why it’s so much easier (and safer) compared to typical cryptocurrencies.

As you’ll see, it all goes back to something every single one of us has suffered over the past few decades…

The Bartender Knows Where You Sleep
The total loss of our privacy.

Americans have been giving up their privacy for so long… you’ve probably stopped noticing.

Think about it…

It’s outrageous that a bartender can learn your address and know where you and your family sleep – simply because you want a drink.

But that’s how things stand today… because our systems for proving we are who we say we are haven’t changed in more than a century.

Which is why even our own federal government thinks we should abolish Social Security numbers.

White House cybersecurity head Rob Joyce said, “I feel very strongly that the Social Security number has outlived its usefulness. It’s a flawed system. Every time we use the Social Security number, we put it at risk.”

Social Security Card
Even the White House says the Social Security Number has ”outlived its usefulness.” Owning a piece of the technology that will replace it could make you a fortune…

Social Security numbers were never even meant to serve as an ID. The flimsy paper cards don’t even have a photo or any type of security feature whatsoever!

Now… we’re asked to surrender this information everywhere.

But all of this can be stopped – virtually overnight.

And it’s not just the government that would save billions – even trillions – in the coming years.

Two of the biggest U.S. banks spend a combined $1.4 billion a year on cybersecurity.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon called cybersecurity risks the “biggest threat to the U.S. financial system.”

And Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan said cyberdefense was “the only place in the company that doesn’t have a budget constraint.”

For hospitals, cybersecurity breaches cost an estimated $408 per patient – twice as much as in the financial industry.

Bad news considering that 82% of hospital technology leaders said they experienced a “significant security incident” in the last year.

The threats, of course, will only continue to grow – to governments, businesses, and people.

So, the choice is simple – pour trillions into beefing up password-protected databases that have barely changed since the dawn of computing…

Or implement ID Coin… and put an end to every kind of hacking once and for all.

It all starts with a simple code that looks like this:


The ID Coin Revolution
”The prior consent of an individual is required each and every time that individual is identified.”
— U.S. government technology magazine FCW

Having an ID Chain code like this is like putting all your most important information into an ultra-secure vault that no one can ever break into.

The only person who can ever grant access to the vault is you.

You get to decide exactly what comes out of the vault… who gets to see it… and for how long.

For example, you can pull up your date of birth — and nothing else — and make it available to a bartender.

Here’s a simple prototype in action (press the play button):

You can even set a condition that your birthdate only appears for a moment so the bartender can confirm it… before it goes right back in.

When applying for a loan, you can call up more detailed information – like your salary history – and approve it for sharing with the bank.

All of this could soon be done on a single app on your phone… through a website… or even with a memory stick.

Like Bitcoin, this new technology is based online, and isn’t dependent on any single piece of hardware that can be stolen or lost.

I know this idea may seem scary – putting so much sensitive information in one place.

But that’s only because we’re used to a world where all your data is vulnerable to hackers… and where it’s everyone else who decides how and when your information is used.

With ID Coin, that all ends today.

You alone can unlock it – and you alone are always the one who decides how it’s used.

As the government technology magazine FCW reported:

“This new form of identification offers a layer of privacy protection in addition to built-in cryptography… The prior consent of an individual is required each and every time that individual is identified, which protects privacy and empowers the individual.”

Chris Skinner, author of two bestselling books on financial technology, says ID Coin technology means “citizens control their digital identities and grant governments and companies’ permissions to access, rather than the other way around.”

So how much do you think a stake in that technology could be worth?

Well, to give you an idea… just look at how much you could have made in ordinary online security software.

The amazing thing is… some of these products barely even work. But that hasn’t put a dent in the market’s appetite…

Shares of Symantec (SYMC) have returned 2,396% since 1993.

Cybersecurity firm Checkpoint Technologies is up 3,142%.

Palo Alto Networks would have made you more than 5x your money since 2013.

CrowdStrike shot up 163% in its first two months of trading last summer.

Or maybe you remember McAfee… the antivirus software that used to appear on nearly every new computer.

The company’s founder sold to Intel for $7.7 billion in 2010.

And remember I mentioned LifeLock, whose “identity theft protection” couldn’t even protect its own CEO?

Well, the company did just fine. An investment in the stock would have tripled your money in just four years before the firm got bought out.

But ID Coin will do far more than any of these “first generation” cybersecurity technologies.

It will essentially make passwords, databases, and traditional cybersecurity obsolete.

Maybe that’s why 61% of companies say they plan to use some form of ID Coin technology.

They’re already on track to spend over $133 billion on cybersecurity by 2022. Up nearly 50% in 5 years.

What do you think they’d pay for a technology that could essentially erase security costs from their budgets forever… especially with damaging breaches hitting the evening news nearly every week?

The fact is, the gains of ID Coin could realistically be 10 times higher than any “first-generation” security company or technology.

Of course, like any other new breakthrough technology, the sooner you invest, the more money you could make – especially as the government potentially rolls it out to every U.S. citizen, beginning this year…

In fact, there’s an entire country where citizens are already using it…

Even the Government Has to Ask
You probably don’t think about Estonia very often…

But this little EU country… a stone’s throw from St. Petersburg, Russia… may be the world’s most technologically advanced country.

Less than 30 years after escaping Soviet communist rule, Estonia recently dumped generations of antiquated paper records… and is now running circles around the U.S. and just about every other country on earth in anti-hacking technology.

Every person in Estonia now controls their own identity using ID Coin.

It’s mandatory for every citizen.

Their ID Coin is their passport within the EU… their voter ID… their health insurance card… and their ATM card.

For students, it’s their school ID.

For homeowners, it contains land titles and tax records.

95% of Estonians file their tax returns online each year. It takes exactly three minutes.

All thanks to ID Coin.

It’s all they need, and it can’t be hacked.

Take a look. This is one of the government officials in charge of Estonia’s identity program sharing his personal ID with a BBC reporter.

His code is printed in the article…

His Article
…and projected on a presentation screen…

His Projection
Is this guy nuts?

That’s the same ID he uses to vote… and access his bank account!

But he’s not putting himself at risk in any way, because he controls what comes out of the “vault.”

Very soon, you and every other American will have a similar code.

You’ll hand it out freely to just about anyone.

You’ll put it in your email signature… your business card… and your online profiles.

If anyone wants to access your identifying information – they’ll need this “invitation.”

But you alone will have full control of what details come out of the code, and for how long.

Of course, by now, you might be thinking…

Couldn’t a skilled hacker simply steal your ID Coin and use it to access your personal “vault” without your permission?


As Bob Stasio, former chief of operations at the National Security Agency’s Cyber Operations Center, told Bloomberg:

Your digital DNA fingerprint will be “mathematically impossible” to duplicate. It’s nothing like stealing someone’s computer password or Social Security Number.

Even the U.S. military’s ultra-secret research arm DARPA (inventor of the internet) is planning to use this same technology to secure our nuclear arsenal. Two federal contractors confirmed this in a short press release.

That’s why that Estonian official isn’t worried about sharing his code.

Unless he alone approves access to his vault, no one can get in. Even if they possess the public code.

The mathematical algorithms that make ID Coin possible mean that nobody other than you will ever be able to access the contents of your ID Coin “vault.”

It can’t be stolen like a computer file, a password, or anything else you’ve ever seen before.

In fact, one reason why the United Nations is looking so closely at this technology is that it wants to roll out ID Coin-based codes to political refugees.

The IDs would allow them to prove their identities to trusted parties so they can get the services they need… while keeping their information secret from the home governments they’re escaping.

That’s why storing all your personal information with ID Coin isn’t risky.

What’s really risky is the way things stand today, where all your IDs are scattered across the web in breached databases or behind long-ago lost or stolen eight-character passwords.

As one leading ID Coin expert said:

“None of us actually owns a digital identity. We simply ‘rent’ identities from each of the websites or apps we use, resulting in an inefficient, fraud-riddled, privacy-invading mess. Each organization we interact with must store our personal information in massive databases. These ‘silos’ become gold mines to hackers.”

And remember, even if these unsecured databases somehow escape getting hacked… their purpose is NOT to serve you.

Does anyone honestly think that Facebook and Google built completely free technology platforms… just to be nice?

Of course not. These free services are built to collect as much of your personal information as possible… assemble it a way that suits them and maximizes their profits.

Once you have an ID Coin… you’ll share your data when and how it suits you.

So, what is this technology, exactly? And how big is the investment potential if it replaces Social Security numbers for every man, woman and child in the U.S.?

The ”Identity Bitcoin”
The answer goes back to 2008… when the stock market fell by more than half… ending retirement for millions of people. Americans lost more than $19 trillion – most of it in a matter of weeks.

Many blamed Wall Street. Others blamed the government for excessive money printing.

But the upshot is that an individual – or more likely a small group of people – using the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto” set out to make sure this kind of loss would NEVER happen again.

They wanted a decentralized form of money that could never be controlled or manipulated by anyone… and which could be held and valued independently of any institution.

And their creation became a new form of money known as “Bitcoin.”

What most people don’t realize is… Bitcoin was only a tiny part of their invention. A small, first-generation sample of what it could do.

As Newsweek reports:

Nakamoto’s greatest invention was not his concept of a digital currency; it was the un-hackable, distributed system of data storage he created to keep track of who owned it… It was virtually impossible for anyone to hack it, cheat it or manipulate it.

This system, known as blockchain, is the basis for the entire $265 billion crypto market. But that’s just the beginning.

The World Economic Forum predicts that in the next 10 years, 10% of the world’s GDP – worth $8 trillion – will be stored on the blockchain.

At the very center of all this will be blockchain’s most important “use case.”

To safely store the most critical information not just about money or transactions – but about you and me.

That may sound uncomfortable. But the reality is, it’s a million times more private and more secure than the privacy mess we have today.

Think of it as “Identity Bitcoin.”

Like the original Bitcoin, it works by using a de-centralized network.

In other words, instead of storing all your data in one single place, this technology scatters your life data across millions of different computers – and then locks it by using more passwords for each piece of data than every grain of sand on earth.

Here’s what I mean…

For example, here’s the code for a man named John:

It’s an infinitely complex network with no center… which means there’s no centralized vulnerability.

This is the exact opposite of what computer experts call a “single point of failure” system – like the databases we have today.

Think of it this way…

If you were a burglar trying to break into John’s house… you’d have NO IDEA which house to break into… because John has more than one million houses – almost all of which are empty, and all protected by a mathematically unbreakable code.

That’s why, if you missed the more than 16,000,000% gain on Bitcoin…

…this is your chance.

ID Coin could be far bigger. And it represents the LAST chance any of us will ever have to get in at the very beginning of a world-changing crypto technology.

I understand that the idea of a hack-free world with total digital privacy may sound far-fetched – the way email would have sounded to someone in the 1950s.

But the fact is, every single time an old technology gets digitized… early investors make a fortune.

Digital movies… 37,900% gains on Netflix

Digital customer service… 4,000% gains on Salesforce

Digital auctions… 4,800% gains on eBay

Digital music and games… 54,800% gains on Apple

Digital databases… 15,900% gains on Oracle

Digital money… 16,000,000% gains so far on Bitcoin.

Now identity is going digital… on a global scale… thanks to ID Coin technology.

And if you think it simply “can’t work” or “won’t happen”… you’ll miss possibly the biggest digital revolution of your lifetime.

Just like all the so-called “experts” who said that no one would buy things online… and missed out on Amazon’s 96,000% gain.

The simple reality is: One early investment in this trend could make you more money in the coming years than you’ve probably ever made before, on any single stock or cryptocurrency.

In fact, my firm’s very first recommendation for investing in this space has already shot up nearly 310% – before any of this information has even gone mainstream.

But I must warn you… the adoption of ID Coin is going to unfold a lot faster than you probably think.

ID Coin technology is exactly like the internet. It benefits from a “network effect” where its usefulness is directly related to the number of users.

Which means that once it starts to go mainstream… its dominance will happen very quickly. One morning, you’ll wake up and see stories about it everywhere.

And remember…

Bitcoin’s astronomical gains have happened in spite of the government, which is threatened by this new kind of currency.

But ID Coin is different. It protects our national security… and solves a problem that costs Uncle Sam hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

That’s why the U.S. government is already taking steps right now to launch an American ID Coin nationwide…

President Orders Official Study on ID Coin Technology
In 2017, more than 100 high-level government insiders met in Washington to begin implementing an American Digital Identity plan involving ID Coin.

Officials from 39 different federal agencies showed up… including the Executive Office of the President.

A top official from the Office of Management and Budget made it clear that the White House was “serious about and committed to this technology, and would not be deterred,” according to a published account.

Soon after, President Trump ordered the Defense Department and the heads of other top agencies to conduct an in-depth study of ID Coin technology.

It was buried in a 740-page defense authorization bill. But the president wanted to see results fast – within 180 days.

Again – this is happening quietly, for obvious reasons – but very quickly.

A report commissioned by the federal government stated that ID Coin technology is “expected to grow at a very high pace in the near future.”

And the Treasury Department’s website has called ID Coin “one of the most disruptive innovations since the advent of the internet.”

Keep in mind: More than half of the world’s most valuable public companies today have internet-based business models.

Twenty years ago, many of them didn’t even exist.

That’s why the tipping point for ID Coin technology… which I predict will happen this year… could be bigger than the internet explosion of the late 1990s… which multiplied the NASDAQ fivefold in a few short years, and now accounts for 6% of the entire U.S. economy.

Oh… and if you think I’m exaggerating with my prediction that every American will soon be issued an ID Coin string at birth…

Well, you should know…

It’s already happening in the sixth-largest state, Illinois.

The state launched a pilot program where identity attributes like legal name, birthdate and blood type are secured with ID Coin technology, right from birth.

According to the program announcement, each attribute is:

Stored on the tamper-proof distributed ledger, [which] guarantees each attribute is cryptographically sealed and only accessible with explicit consent of the identity holder or in the case of a newborn child, his or her legal guardian.

Think about that. States are so eager to protect their citizens with ID Coin technology, they aren’t even waiting for federal approval.

Mark my words… ID Coin will roll out quickly. If you want to be an investor in this trend, the time to do it is right now… the equivalent of investing in Bitcoin back when it was still trading for relative pennies…

By the time the U.S. government gives it official approval… tremendous gains will have already been made…

More Than 1 Billion Already Using It
If you think that rolling out ID Coin to 320 million Americans isn’t practical… or that the U.S. government won’t ever replace Social Security numbers… then consider this…

India has four times the population of the United States… and less than 1/8th of our per capita GDP.

Yet India has already rolled out its version of ID Coin to more than 1 billion people, including 99% of adults over 18.

In fact, ID Coin adoption is happening so fast… all over the world… that the United States is at risk of falling behind…

Japan is developing plans to roll out its version of ID Chain to its 127 million citizens. It’s already running pilots involving its massive banking system and Social Security program.

Canada announced its intention to become “a global hub” for ID Chain technology, saying it “represents nothing short of the second generation of the internet.”

And pay very close attention to China. The normally secretive government made ID Chain technology a national priority in its most recent “Five Year Plan.” It’s already moving Social Security and taxation onto ID Chain technology.

I don’t believe for a second that the U.S. government… our national security agencies… or the greatest and most powerful technology companies in the world are going to sit by and do nothing while the rest of the world puts an end to hacking with ID Coin.

Right now, it represents probably the single biggest moneymaking opportunity of my lifetime – at least if you get in before the government makes a big announcement and this technology goes mainstream in a big way.

How to Make a Fortune from the
Rise of ID Coin Technology
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How to Make a Fortune in the ID Tech Revolution

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