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written by reader Gold to shoot to $10,000 US an ounce!!….says Richard. …

By paulinoz, November 9, 2019

Oz is being saturated by Agora and Port Philip Publishing newsletter shills with $ 10,000 an ounce gold prices ..we presume in our lifetime..and Rickards et al will reveal the secret of how to cash in on this and naturally get rich.
Touting a “ Gold Mania Summit” event to be held down here soon.
Really? ..again?…
I’m wondering a few things here…and I’m hoping some of the fine people in Gumshoedom May help me out .
1. Is the same blitz occurring in US newsletter world?
2. 10,000 an ounce! Can anyone explain how that figure might be calculated? I am assuming there is probably a collection of half truths and personal biases involved in his reasoning , but I don’t know how he could convince ordinary reasonably intelligent investors.
3. And ..Who would buy gold at that price and why?? Yes I know “ look at tulip mania “ etc but I can’t help but think the world is slightly more sophisticated than it was a few hundred years ago.
Reinforced my opinion of Richard and why I advise people to at least ignore anything he says , if not actually do the opposite

I would be interested to hear any answers

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3 years ago

In the past 200 years, the dow to gold ratio has formed a huge megaphone pattern and analysts predict the next drop to the bottom of the megaphone would send gold a lot higher and the Dow dropping by 80%. Central banks have been buying up gold like crazy so perhaps they anticipate such a drop? Only time will tell…

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3 years ago

“Who would buy gold at that price and why?”. Assuming the price gets there, people who want to get rich quick and perhaps have not been through a market cycle before. The kind of people who bought silver at $50/Oz or bitcoin at $20k. Though not those same people, because they know better now.

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3 years ago

Re #1: This is a recurring ad with a deadline to join Rickard’s newsletter constantly being updated.
Re #2: What it would take for gold to reach $10K per ounce and the improbability of this happening is addressed (and only a portion of a much larger picture) in this recent coverage of Rickard’s teaser ad:

Re #3: There will be no need to ask this question anymore after you read the Travis’ entire treatise.

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