written by reader Why can’t I seem to find a small Stock like IBOC that made my family a great nest egg from 1970 to1993

by mrjetskey | November 16, 2019 7:56 am

My family owned a few blocks of IBOC. It used to pay 2 dividends every year plus do a 5 for 4 split yearly. What was so great is its a small town stock (Laredo tx.) after every split it would drop from 50 to 40$ and before next dividend payment it would go right back to 50$ so it was like making 20% yearly plus the 5 to 8% dividend. It was a no brainer. however it seems when online trading became popular stocks like this are impossible to find. Anyway glad to be back trading after a 11 year absence, thanks Gumshoe for steering us away from all the B.S.

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2 years ago

Welcome back!

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