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written by reader Larry Benedict

By endgame86, December 13, 2019

Anyone know if he is legit with his Opportunistic Trader?

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3 years ago

I don’t know but he’s doing a big launch ($2500 sub) with a lot of ballyhoo about his stunning returns. Would like to hear if anyone has experience with this market-beating genius.

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2 years ago
Reply to  mystic100

I had a weak moment in December also, thinking that Benedicts professional experience probably does give him an edge. Wrong! My 6 months of trading his option recommendations cautiously leaves me over $1000 in the red, as shown below. Today I tried to obtain a full refund with cancellation on this basis and was told not after the first 60 days, not enough time to know how good he is. So, I’ll be posting this review everywhere I can.
Date Option Gain/Losss
1/7/20 UBER $326.88
1/14/20 TLRY $308.88
1/17/20 TLT -$452.58
1/27/20 GLD $263.88
1/29/20 AMD $99.96
1/31/20 TSLA ** -$510.00
2/21/20 AAPL -$425.52 -100%
2/21/20 BABA -$410.52 -100%
2/21/20 QQQ -$477.03 -100%
2/25/20 MU $166.96 81%
3/12/20 TLT $313.95 60%
4/9/20 USO $71.78 22%
4/14/20 BAC -$302.08 -70%
4/14/20 VXX -$333.05 -42%
4/15/20 HYG $129.92 29%
4/21/20 QQQ $323.95 64%
4/18/20 UBER -$339.03 -100%
5/14/20 AAPL $685.90 147%
5/15/20 DIS -$430.52 -100%
5/29/20 SPY -$163.52 -100%
6/11/20 XLE $21.96 8%
6/12/20 SQQQ -$286.55 -100%
6/19/20 USO -$130.00 -100%

TOTAL -$1,036.38

** Missed one day window to break even

2 years ago
Reply to  AJdeR

This list of trades from Larry Benedict posted by AJdeR is real. I am a subscriber to Larry Benedict’s The Opportunitistic Trader and I wish I could get my money back too. I can read charts better than Larry does, whenever he suggested a trade, I know which one to follow and which one not and most likely they are bad recommendations. He doesn’t respect the trend or what the market offers and he trades with his own opinion which is basically applying his ego, people who followed his trades must have lost a lot of money at stake because most likely they don’t work and majority of them expired worthless in options.

If some trades worked out, it is very small percentage gain (in options trades, a small percentage gain is nothing). One SPY trade worked out well because it was helped by the Fed on the same day. I would not understand how he could sell a service with the skills he has (trading with the emotion and personal bias view, not respecting what the chart or market offers).

I am writing to save any individual from loosing their hard earned money not just to pay Larry and his publisher but also not to loose more by following his trades. He may be right at some point down the road when the market is heading down, but at that time, everyone should trade following what the market offers as well. His timing is wrong. I hope this input help.

3 years ago

Subscribed in a weak moment for $1500 with a discount code, no money back guarantee, only the promise to switch to another newsletter if not happy and an extended membership is the service fails to provide 50 winners in the first year. First two trades are in the red, trying to maintain optimism.

3 years ago

Well, my trouble is the average return at his HF has been what – 11% something per year. Yet they have been advertising that pretty much anyone could make $200k a year w/o specifying any trading capital. So in their presentation someone posed a question as to what the starting capital should be, like if it is achievable with $25k? Larry said – it’s reasonable. Can we do some maths as to what one would earn over, say, 5 years with earnings reinvested? Close to $1bn ($819M).

3 years ago

Stay away from this guy!
Most all of his trades in his Opportunistic Trader are losers…big time losers!
He sets his stop losses so low that by the time they’re hit, most all of the money is gone.
Opportunistic Trader is only an opportunity for Larry Benedict.
However, he does do a good job of scrubbing the internet of any negative comments.

Big thanks to Gumshoe for this opportunity!

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