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written by reader Any idea what “THE MOTLEY FOOL’S NO. 1 TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT FOR THE 2020s” might be?

By gswelker, January 22, 2020

I didn’t have the patience to listen to the entire video, but the teaser states ”Like the internet in the 1990s… eCommerce in the 2000s… and the smartphone over the past decade, we believe that this “foundational technology” will ultimately come to define the 2020s – and hand early, in-the-know investors a proper fortune. Not only is the overall industry projected to more than triple within the coming five years, but a heralded Amazon executive dropped a recent bombshell by claiming we’ve unlocked a mere 3% of a potential $3.7 TRILLION market opportunity to date. If his prediction holds true, that would mean early, in-the-know investors like you could be set up to make truly staggering 33X growth from this decade-defining tech investment over the course of the 2020s and beyond.”

Sounds like AI to me, but no idea what the teased company might be. Travis? Anyone?

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3 years ago

A week or 2 ago the pitch was for their augmented reality subscription. This week they are pitching for a cloud service, cloud disrupters 2020.

They never actually reveal any stock picks. They are trying to get you to subscribe to one of their premium services.

It’s kind of funny watching it. At the beginning they go one about how this sector is expecting to increase 33x. Around the middle they say expect 10x. Then at the end when they actually start the service pitch in earnest they say they are shooting for 5x -7x returns. These are over a 10 year period.

They break down the cloud sector into 6 segments, such as hardware, data centers, software, etc. and they will cover all 6 of them with their picks. They mention that ETF’s only cover about 3 out of the 6. But I was thinking to myself just get a couple of different ETF’s that cover all of them if no 1 ETF does. Then I started thinking instead of starting a subscription service why don’t they start up their own ETF and market it? I would be much more willing to do that then pay for a subscription.

They want $1,300/year for the service. So you need to have quite a bit of available funds to invest to make it worthwhile. For instance you have 100K available. You could put it into EFTs and say the OER is .85 (you can find them much lower too) it would cost you $850 a year. So really to make the $1,300 worthwhile you should have even more than that 100K.

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2 years ago
Reply to  ronwill

MF has become a snake oil selling machine groveling for subscription revenue. Pretty appalling for those two guys to devolve in this way.

3 years ago

appian, unless it’s a different one of their 250+ ads out

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Jovita Georgia Haynes
Jovita Georgia Haynes
2 years ago

Based on a recent research discovery, we now believe…
The Motley Fool’s “No. 1 Technology for the 2020s” looks poised to skyrocket 33X over the coming decade and beyond!
So if you’re still kicking yourself for missing out on decade-defining tech trends like the rise of the smartphone over the past 10 years… eCommerce in the early 2000s… or the birth of the internet itself in the ’90s, this could be your ONE and ONLY chance to make up for it!
Despite early 5X returns over the past few years from our No. 1 technology sector of the 2020s, straight ahead we’ll explain why one of the most respected executives in the world believes the industry is a mere 3% of the way into a staggering potential $3.7 TRILLION total market opportunity.
Just how big do we believe this technology will be? After 26 years at the company Motley Fool co-founder and CEO Tom Gardner has created an investing solution 100% dedicated to capitalizing on a single technology phenomenon – Cloud Disruptors 2020 !
But you’ll need to hurry… because the $700 “Early Bird” discount we just announced in our special presentation will expire promptly at the stroke of MIDNIGHT tonight!
Dear fellow investor,

As you’ve already learned if you tuned into our presentation of “The Motley Fool’s No. 1 Technology Investment for the 2020s,” we believe there is one truly dominant, wholly transformative technology trend that defines each decade.

Without a doubt, there will also be numerous smaller tech innovations and trends that you can go back and identify…

But if you really dig down deep, you also tend to find they plug into one overarching technological phenomenon that alters everything it touches over the course of that decade.

Picture the birth of the internet in the 1990s, as companies like AOL made the worlds collective knowledge accessible with a mouse click…

…propelling their stock to skyrocket more than 70,000% over the course of the decade alone… and making millionaires out of those who made a mere $1,500 investment.

Or at the turn of the century when you saw retailers racing online with the rise of eCommerce – shuttering tens of thousands of brick and mortars and setting the stage for Amazon to become perhaps the most powerful company in the world today.

And, of course, we’ll forever remember this past decade for putting an iPhone into nearly every hand in the country…

…turning Apple into the first trillion-dollar company on the planet, and delivering investors 1,388%returns since they first released their “do-it-all” pocket supercomputer.

Not to mention fostering the “app culture” that allowed companies like Netflix to shoot up more than 4,000% over the past decade alone!

Imagine these technological phenomena are like waves building in the ocean.

Anyone with clear sight and mind can see a wave once it’s crashing down on the shore…

But it’s darn near impossible to peer far enough out into the horizon and be able to spot when it’s first building, miles off the coast.

Of course, you and I both know the simple truth of the matter is this…

If you can identify that single “foundational technology of the decade” ahead of time, you’ve set yourself up with the potential to make a literal fortune.

Unfortunately, most investors are only too aware of the other side of that story…

That if you CAN’T identify that all-important foundational technology up front, you spend the following years downright haunted by the life-changing gains you missed.

Because, deep down, we know that’s the way real wealth gets made.

Transformative wealth.

The kind of wealth you likely cannot obtain from sticking your hard-earned investment dollars into yet another Steady Eddy index fund.

If you’re tired of that approach and you’re equally tired of the market-rate returns that come along with it, you’re in luck: You are exactly the kind of person I’m writing to today.

Because today, I’m giving you the opportunity to discover the technology The Motley Fool believes will likely control the decade ahead…

And ultimately be the foundation on which we think countless smaller technologies in the near future are built.

As I’ll explain shortly, there’s reason to believe the industry behind the No. 1 Motley Fool technology of the 2020s has 33X growth potential for investors savvy enough to see this wave starting to build miles out on the horizon.

(And you’ll even see why the past month has accelerated the transition towards this technology – often driving demand for it by 8X, 10X, even 20X in just weeks of time!)

If you were indeed kind enough to tune into our presentation of “The Motley Fool’s No. 1 Technology Investment for the 2020,” you already know I’m not talking about artificial intelligence… or the so-called “internet of things.”

Nor am I referring to augmented reality… or virtual reality…

And it’s not big data… cybersecurity… or blockchain, either.

While I’m proud to say The Motley Fool has been at the forefront of a great many of those massive technology trends over the years, the fact of the matter is that without this all-powerful technology I’m talking about, it’s entirely possible that exactly NONE of them would have amounted to anything.

You see, like the sturdy foundation of a building, cloud computing underlies essentially every major technological advancement we see in the world today.

And that’s why it’s The Motley Fool’s No. 1 technology for the new decade!

That’s right…

As we move into the 2020s, months of rigorous research by a special task force handpicked by Motley Fool co-founder and CEO Tom Gardner himself has isolated cloud computing as next in the line of decade-dominating technology shifts I’ve been describing.

Which may leave you wondering…

“Hasn’t cloud computing been around a while already?”

Yes – you’re absolutely right.

In fact, dozens of cloud companies recommended by The Motley Fool have soared over the past few years.

Like legendary Motley Fool recommendation Netflix. Many investors may not be aware of this, but the streaming king had previously been using its own servers before ultimately conceding and making a huge shift to the cloud.

Amazingly, five Motley Fool recommendations of NFLX are above 8,000% returns, with the highest now sitting at over 17,000%!

Netflix chart
Or take Amazon, whose Amazon Web Services division has become the runaway market leader in cloud computing.

Amazon chart
There’s also Shopify – perhaps the best Motley Fool recommendation over the past half-decade – which uses the cloud to provide online retailers with a simple and easy-to-use framework to conduct business online.

Shopify chart
And how about Facebook, who’s pushed wholeheartedly into the cloud as well?

Facebook chart
Or MongoDB, as pure of a play on the cloud sector as you’ll find.

MongoDB chart
Of course, it would be wrong not to include, who basically founded the industry themselves. chart
Beginning to notice a trend here? Wherever the cloud goes, not only gigantic returns, but companies whose names became known the world over, have followed.

And to be clear, there’s no need whatsoever to cherry pick returns…

In fact, and very few people realize this, but cloud computing has been perhaps the single best performing industry over the past half-decade or so.

Cloud chart
This chart reflects the theoretical performance of the BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index (EMCLOUD). The index began October 2, 2018. The return of the index from inception to April 2nd, 2020 is 5.1%.

As you can see from the chart, headed into 2020 cloud computing had amassed massive outperformance relative to the indexes held by most investors.

And even after the recent market drop, this still hold true. As of April 2nd, if you turned back time to 2013 and invested in the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Index, you’d currently be looking at about a 50% or 40% return on your money, respectively.

And if you had instead put it in the NASDAQ Index, you’d have about a 100% return by now – doubling your money. Not bad, right?

But if you had invested exclusively in the 51 companies on the NASDAQ that currently operate in the cloud computing space, you’d already be sitting on 378% returns …

Nearly quintupling your original investment in just seven years!
But here at The Motley Fool, you know we aren’t remotely concerned with past returns. We’re concerned with future ones.

So if you’re worried you may have missed the boat, I hope you think again.

As you can see from that chart, the cloud computing market is expected to more than triple from $214B to $696B in just half a decade.

Because the fact of the matter is while many investors think we’re in the 7th inning stretch of this investing story, the truth is that not only are we still in the 1st inning… we’ve only just seen the first pitch!

You see, despite those massive recent returns, Andy Jassy, the heralded CEO of Amazon Web Services, stated just last month that a mere 3% of the staggering $3.7 TRILLION addressable market of this “Foundational Technology of the 2020s” has been tapped thus far.

3% of the $3.7 has been achieved
Do a little back-of-the-napkin math and that remaining 97% market opportunity means you’re looking at 33X potential returns from investing in the cloud industry – starting here in 2020!
Plus, bear in mind that’s not a single outlier stock you have to hit the lottery with… that’s for the industry as a whole.

No cherry-picking required!

Now, just try to imagine getting in on the ground floor of Google or Amazon when the internet was just 3% built out…

Or investing in Apple when just 3% of total iPhone sales had taken place…

At long last, this is your chance to make up for missing out the first time.

And to never have to say, “WHAT IF?” again.

Of course, that does raise one important question…

Why does our team believe “right now” is the perfect time to get invested in the cloud?
Despite the incredible returns we’ve seen from cloud computing stocks to date, the fact is that only NOW – after 20 long years – has the basic foundation of the cloud finally been solid enough so we can truly start building on it.

And that means, from this point forward, the traditional idea of “business as usual” is about to change forever.

As the CEO of Verizon said…

“Cloud computing is the third wave of the digital revolution.”

Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon
Think about the cloud like the Interstate Highway System (IHS), and the internet like the American automobile.

As you may know, the automobile became widely available in America starting in the 1920s.

The IHS, on the other hand, wasn’t commissioned until 1956.

And up until that very point, the utility of the American automobile was never fully realized. People only thought it was because there was no real way for them to imagine otherwise.

But it took the completion of the IHS to truly showcase how powerful the automobile’s effects could be on a nation as geographically massive as the United States.

All of a sudden, highways enabled American mobility from coast to coast… the spread of mass commerce via chain restaurants and national grocery stores… and even the rise of suburbs.

But here’s the kicker… although it was founded in 1956, the Interstate Highway System wasn’t considered “completed” until 1992 – a mind-blowing 36 years later.

Meaning it took a long time for them to roll out the entire infrastructure.

Since the IHS was finally completed in 1992, U.S. Gross Domestic Product – a proxy for the overall U.S. economy – has grown at a 4.5% clip per year.

While that may seem relatively small, it’s actually a staggering number. At that rate, the American economy as a whole DOUBLES every 16 years!

(And it’s not like we started from a small baseline in the first place…)

Here’s the point…

After a similarly long ramp-up period, we’re finally seeing the cloud begin to showcase the full utility of the internet, much like the Interstate Highway System did for the automobile!

As Forbes says…

“Like it or not any software being created today is being done with the cloud as its central architectural design philosophy.”

Or, if you’d prefer a less subtle form of praise from them…

“The Cloud is Eating The World”

In the past, companies would spend weeks… perhaps even months with dozens of techie developers working 15 hours a day to build out and test their internal servers and payment processors just to be able to sell their products online.

Nowadays, with the advent of the cloud, forget months… weeks… or even days. You’re looking at mere hours to get an entire business fully up and running.

And much like first-time drivers on the Interstate in 1992, the companies that are being founded RIGHT NOW are the first ones able to take advantage of this fully built-out cloud architecture from the get-go.

“I don’t think people have really understood how big this opportunity really is.”

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt
For the first time in history, getting on the cloud is no longer an “option” for companies going forward; it’s mandatory.

And the basic necessity of these cloud companies going forward — combined with what Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy himself describes as an industry just 3% of the way into its $3.7 TRILLION opportunity — is all we need to know to crown it as our No. 1 technology investment of the 2020s…

Much like the final completion of the Interstate Highway System, the ramp-up period is finally over, and the accelerator is about to be pressed to the floor.

“Cloud computing has moved past its “self-centered teenage years” to become a “turbocharged engine powering digital transformation around the world.”

Which is precisely why Motley Fool co-founder and CEO Tom Gardner has decided to make 2020 the year that he finally goes “all in” with a Motley Fool service called Cloud Disruptors 2020.

And some cloud stocks are suddenly seeing demand surge by 8X, 10X, even 20X at the beginning of 2020.
I don’t think I’d be going out on much of a limb to say 2020 has already been a year unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

With more than half the world now under “lockdown” from the spread coronavirus, both the world’s population and companies have been searching for ways to keep functioning despite being confined to their homes.

In this environment, the development of the cloud into a powerful computing platform that gives access to software from anywhere has proven indispensable for millions of companies across the world.

And its rapidly accelerated adoption of cloud software at rates that would have seemed ludicrous… Mere weeks ago!

Just consider…

Cloud videoconferencing company Zoom (Nasdaq: ZM) has announced that demand for its software has jumped from 10 million users a day at the end of 2019 to more than 200 million a day today. A jump in demand of more than 20X!

Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV), which has built cloud software specialized for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries saw demand for its product explode by 10X in just two weeks time as researchers utilized its cloud software to search for cures!

And even a company as big as Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) has seen demand for its cloud software explode. The company announced that in areas impacted by ‘social distancing’ measures cloud software demand saw growth of 775%!

I could go on and on…

But here’s the main point. Prior to recent events, The Motley Fool had already declared cloud computing “The No. 1 technology investment for the 2020s” because of the incredible (up to 33X!) growth it could see in this decade and beyond…

And with the investing world now asking, “how will the world change after the spread of coronavirus slows?” … The resounding answer across technology appears to be a massive acceleration toward cloud software.

So, for the first time ever, The Motley Fool has decided to re-open our most powerful solution for this “foundational technology.”

Re-introducing… Motley Fool Cloud Disruptors 2020!
If you have any remaining doubt as to how dominant cloud computing will be over the decade to come, consider the following…

Not only is Cloud Disruptors 2020 the first time we’ve ever dedicated an entire service specifically to the cloud computing industry, even though we’ve been following the industry for going on 15 years now…

It’s also the first time in The Motley Fool’s now 26-year-history that any service led by Tom Gardner has exclusively focused on not only technology… but a single technological SECTOR.

That’s how excited we are to go after the 33X potential upside of the cloud computing industry.

So here’s how it works…

Cloud Disruptors 2020 intends to ultimately put $500,000 of The Motley Fool’s very own investment capital behind up to 40 of the top cloud computing stocks that we expect to dominate the next decade…

And because we’ve heard from members like you that it’s often easier to space recommendations out over time instead of receiving them in one big lump all at once, you’ll receive our first batch of 20 top cloud stocks the moment you join Cloud Disruptors 2020…

… You’ll see allocation guidance behind every stock we’ve already recommended…

And here’s perhaps the most exciting part in all of this…

Five of those initial 20 picks are currently recommended in no other service across the company!

You’ll get access to the picks – as well as a full accompanying write-up – the second you join the service as a VIP Member.

And as market volatility presents opportunities in the weeks and months ahead – our team will opportunistically issue new buy alerts!

(In March alone, as the market tested new bottoms and stocks we’re confident can drive incredible long-term growth plunged, the Cloud Disruptors team opportunistically issued four separate buy alerts, each with specific dollar amounts sized to the opportunity!)

It should be an incredibly exciting time for members who join from Day 1!

But unlike many services here at The Motley Fool, we aren’t stopping now that we’ve built out that initial portfolio of 20 stocks…

Because if you’ve been a Motley Fool member for some time now, you’ve probably caught on to the two primary ways our services operate.

The first method is more of the “monthly newsletter” style.

Each month, you get our best recommendation or two for that particular service’s strategy – be it dividends, small caps, high growth stocks, etc.

It’s a simple and easy way for members to always know exactly what our favorite stocks are each month in their strategy, including information on when to expect them to arrive in your inbox, which allows you to easily space out your investments over the course of the year.

The second method provides members with either a basket of stocks or a fully allocated portfolio, accessible the instant you join the service.

Cloud Disruptors 2020 intends to be the best of both worlds.

Because instead of allocating all of our $500,000 of cash right up front, we’ve kept a good deal of our powder dry waiting for specific opportunities like today…

And over the course of the next three years, we ultimately expect to double those initial 20 cloud picks and ultimately end up with around 40 top-tier cloud recommendations.

Naturally, our team will give you a comprehensive breakdown of every position, including specific allocation guidance, all with the goal of building out a cloud portfolio that absolutely crushes the market over the coming years…

Remember, we’ve identified cloud computing as the overall No. 1 technology trend for the new decade. Not cybersecurity… not augmented reality… not blockchain… not the “internet of things”… or even artificial intelligence.

And, as I’ve already shown you today, not only is the industry as a whole projected to more than TRIPLE by 2025 alone…

But there’s reason to believ