written by reader Fuell cell warnings report

by ssayzzz6 | January 21, 2020 4:16 pm

I have a good amount off shares off fuelcell co,allready made a nice amount on the company and i bought shares again,what are your feeling on this companies future/earnings.

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2 years ago

i have always been interested in the Hydrogen fuel cell, and think that the time has come for more research funding. As I see it, there are two development paths that should be studied.
1 lowering the. production cost of pure hydrogen
2 Developing “robust” membranes that won’t degrade over time or from impurities in the gas.

So, where are we now? what companies will be most likely to gain significant market share from direct innovation and development of fuel cells,or as manufacturers of vehicles and power supplies that run on fuel cells?

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