Friday File: Rethinking Coronavirus Impact for my Portfolio Companies (and adding a few)

by Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe | March 20, 2020 7:59 pm

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This week I try to assess the real-world business impact of the crisis on many of the companies I own, and also sell a couple and buy more of a few favorites -- with three new positions in the Real Money Portfolio today.

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2 years ago

Travis, I enjoy your thoughts on $OKTA as they are clearly benefiting from this work from home rush but are still very expensive an unprofitable. I bought them at IPO (not enough) and am confident in them long term as well. However if you are looking to take advantage of the current state of remote work I’d suggest looking into a recent IPO competitor called Ping Identity $PING. They have been crushed recently and are very reasonably priced (lock up period ending soon). They are also PROFITABLE. A unicorn for recent IPO SAAS companies these days. As a cyber security analyst working in that arena the products of both companies are comparable and the market is big enough for both.

Also one of the bigger reasons ive been suggesting this to friends/family is that 80% of the shares are owned by Vista Equity Partners. I find many of the best under the radar tech/fin tech ideas from them (Robert Smith is a genius ). Look up their history and you find almost no duds. They wont be dumping much of its stock until it gets bought out with a big premium like everything else they bring public.(remember Websense? ) $OKTA $PING

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2 years ago

Hey Travis,

I wanted to ask your thoughts on FFXDF, ie Fairfax India, moving forward. I made the mistake of allocating a bit too much to the stock, and now it’s down about 65% from my purchase (definitely my biggest loser ๐Ÿ™ ). TD Ameritrade doesn’t provide much info or headlines about the stock at all, so I feel a bit in the dark, and since you’re actively invested and researching it, I thought I’d ask your thoughts?

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2 years ago


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