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by ssayzzz6 | July 10, 2020 4:41 pm

Good afternoon, first off all i am very happy to be part off this community and I benefit and enjoy the teaser pickers and your breakdowns on them.I have a question though I have entered some gold positions recently( a little late,i know)
and at first I didn’t knew how the business worked and followed some motley fool etc but after your takedowns on the gold stocks i have learned and adjusted a lot to make a solid pick.

Now my question is, a lot off people are speculating
That silver can follow in gold’s footsteps and there are a lot off cheap opportunities out there,I think.What are your favourite silver stocks and can you break it down for us,

Kind regards and happy weekend,


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1 year ago

There are always a lot of people speculating. Many with ulterior motives.
Check them out. Check out their track record. Read what people talk about in Gumshoeland.
I have $SIL – GLOBAL X SILVER MINERS ETF – in my portfolio and follow it so that I can keep my finger on the pulse of where the price of silver is trending.
I also prefer miners who are not totally mining one commodity, ones that have a wider spread of ores to mine, refine and sell.
Also ones that can choose to refine the higher grade or the lower grade of ore depending upon prevailing market conditions.

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