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Investment Newsletters often use hype-filled teaser ads to get you to subscribe, promising to find the name of the next great investment … Stock Gumshoe researches the clues and finds the answer, FREE.

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We all get email ads and see online ads for stock newsletters and investment and trading services. Often, these ads tempt you with promises of great ideas in store — usually specific companies or mutual funds or similar investments.

But they don’t tell you the name of it — for that, of course, they want your $1,000 a year subscription payment first!

So the Gumshoe helps you skip that step — subscribe to those pricey newsletters if you want, but let us tell you what company they’re “teasing” first, and maybe we’ll all learn a little something. We’ll also give you the opportunity to see more info about investment newsletters that our other readers like, or to review services you’ve tried and share your opinion.

“I’m a retired (well, almost) portfolio manager for a small investment advisory, and I really appreciate your obvious integrity and your skills as a forensic securities analyst. In this business, it’s rare to find people who have BOTH qualities.”
P. V., California

You could always subscribe to one of the thousands of investment newsletters to find out what stocks they’re touting …

… but Stock Gumshoe knows sometimes all you want is a good investing idea

… and a little discussion about whether or not it really is all they say it is. Sometimes you really will want to subscribe to a newsletter … but get the facts first. Making quick decisions about long term subscriptions out of marketing-inspired greed can often be a mistake… and paying big money for a subscription doesn’t help you to think about that newsletter’s ideas critically (do you seek out flaws in a car after you’ve bought it? No, you look for ways to reinforce the decision you made, because that makes you feel good).

So that’s what we do.

We sleuth out the investments being teased, and track them so we can see, over time, whether it would have made sense to buy any of these stocks based on the teaser ads we all receive.

And we talk amongst ourselves (throw your comments on the pile whenever you see the friendly little comment box) about whether these or other investing ideas are any good. We review newsletters for other potential subscribers, comment on teaser ads, and generally share good (and bad) investing ideas.

Stock Gumshoe and its employees are not offering you personal investment advice, as the founder of Stock Gumshoe these are the rules I follow and try to enforce in everything we publish:

  • I always strive to be fair, and don’t believe that investment newsletters (most of them, at least) are evil.
  • I don’t give preferential treatment to any adviser or newsletter.
  • And I try to have a sense of humor about everything — hey, sometimes even the most ridiculous or borderline-fraudulent ad will give someone a great, money-making investment idea.
  • You can read the disclaimer at the bottom to see the details of our personal trading rules and disclosures — some of the key things to note are that we do accept ads but don’t change our articles because of advertisers or offer them editorial preference, and Stock Gumshoe employees won’t trade in the stocks they write about for at least three days after publication.

We’ve built up a nice community of like-minded souls here — come along and join us as we look for the next great investment, and look to avoid the next scam or dud idea.

Subscription to the Stock Gumshoe Daily Update and use of this website is free. The site is supported both by membership and by advertising, our paid members are called the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars and they get a little extra — access to additional commentary, a bit more of my opinion and stock ideas and updates on my personal real-money portfolio, and the ability to start new discussion threads or contribute guest commentary on the site. If you’d like a little more from us, or want to support the site, please join the Irregulars now.

And as always, if you’ve got a good or enticing email teaser ad for an investment service, forward it along so we can sniff out the facts.

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Travis Johnson
President and Founder
Stock Gumshoe, Inc.

P.S. Wondering who I am, or who our contributing columnists are? That’s summarized in our posting, What is Stock Gumshoe and Who Are These Authors? (current as of Spring 2015)

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