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Stock Gumshoe does not recommend or endorse specific newsletters, out of fairness and because we don’t subscribe to them. You can see the newsletters that are currently favored by the Stock Gumshoe community under the “Newsletters” menu at the top of this page.

How do I change my email address?

For the Irregulars emails or the free Daily Update newsletter, you can change your address here using your StockGumshoe login. If you haven’t set a user name with us before and have a legacy subscription to our original Daily Update free letter, you can change your address using the link in any copy of that newsletter (at the bottom) or sign up for a Free membership here with your new email address. You can also Contact Us if you have any trouble with this and we can help.

Why isn’t your email newsletter coming to me? I signed up!

If you signed up, we are certainly trying to deliver it.

Some email systems and providers block all or most mass emails, even those from respected providers (we currently use Constant Contact, which has an excellent anti-spam reputation and policies). If your email is getting through the ISP or email service you use (ie, Comcast, AOL, Gmail, etc.), it could still be caught up in your personal spam filter — if you add ILoveStockSpam@gmail.com and travis@sgumdev.stockgumshoe.com to your address book or whitelist, that can help you avoid missing our emails. There’s a good set of instructions for adding our addresses to your safe list/white list/address book for various email providers and systems here. Some email providers, particularly aol but also hotmail, earthlink and optonline, are much more aggressive at flagging our emails as spam, which will make it harder for us to deliver your emails to you.

If your email “bounces back” to us as undeliverable or is repeatedly flagged as spam, our provider will blacklist your address and stop trying to deliver to you. Both the free and paid member (Irregulars) emails are sent from this same email system, so blocking or unsubscribing from the free email will also stop the paid emails from being delivered, you can always Contact us to change your email preferences.

How do I unsubscribe? Take me off your email list!

It’s easy — just go to the last email newsletter that you got from us, and click on the unsubscribe link — there’s one right at the top of every email. If you do this you will still have a Stock Gumshoe username, we just won’t send you the email newsletters. This will NOT change your paid membership in the Irregulars if you have one, but it will mean that you’re blocking the Irregulars email from reaching you. If you want only the Irregulars email and not the daily or weekly updates, please Contact us and we can change that for you.

Every Day is too much! Do you have a digest option?

If you’re getting the free Stock Gumshoe Daily Update, you can choose to instead get just the Weekend Wrapup — that’s our weekend newsletter that shares links to all the articles from the week. You’ll miss occasional email commentary, but will get most of our stuff. Contact Us and we’ll change that setting for you.

What are the Irregulars and Premium Members? Why the blocked articles?

Stock Gumshoe is supported both by advertising and by paid memberships, the paid/premium members are called the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars and, as thanks for their support, they get access to some content on the site that is only for them — this includes the weekly Friday File commentary and Travis’ comments about his personal portfolio and current list of equities that he owns.

How do I cancel my paid membership in the Irregulars

You can cancel future renewals anytime. If you have an autorenewing membership through PayPal, a cancellation simply prevents future renewals so your membership will remain active until your expiration date — you can cancel through your PayPal account, or by notifying us that you’d like us to process the cancellation for you.

If you’re paying us directly via Credit Card, we will be happy to process cancellations or refunds for you or stop the automatic renewals, just use the Contact Form to let us know. Your PayPal account should always provide access to your pre-authorized payment recipients, including Stock Gumshoe, that list is currently available here for logged-in PayPal accounts. Depending on your account settings and on the payment processor, you might be alerted in advance about pending automatic renewals, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll receive such an email (don’t worry, if the renewal went through and you hadn’t intended to renew, we’ll cheerfully cancel and refund it — you just have to let us know).

We are always happy to refund your most recent payment for any reason, and within 60 days we can usually process a refund directly to your credit card (for refunds of older payments, which are usually prorated for the remaining time on your subscription, we’ll likely have to send you a check), but refunds are not automatic — you do need to ask us to process the refund. For refund or cancellation requests, please use the Contact Form to make sure we don’t miss your request (no, you don’t have to call us or sit through a sales pitch — no questions asked, we just need to make sure we get the message). The Platinum membership (“lifetime” payment that never renews) is not refundable, so please start with something else if you’re wary of commitment.

Do you have a trial period or refund for the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars (paid membership)?

We don’t have formal trial periods, though you can sign up for as little as a month if you like and that is what we suggest if you’re not certain of your interest — if you sign up for a monthly membership you can cancel it during that first month and you’ll never be charged again.

We’re also always happy to refund your latest renewal payment or a pro-rated portion if you don’t like the site or if your subscription renewed and you had meant to cancel before the renewal, or for any reason at all (or no reason) … but you do have to ASK for a refund using the Contact form, none of our systems are set up to process them automatically. Platinum memberships are not refundable, and they do not incur ongoing recurring fees of any kind. For Annual, Monthly and Quarterly memberships, only the most recent payment can be refunded (in part or in whole), and we very much prefer that refunds be requested within 60 days of payment so they can be processed electronically back to your credit card or account (older refunds may have to be handled manually, sometimes by check, depending on our merchant processor).

Canceling future renewals through your PayPal account or by contacting us directly to cancel recurring credit card orders will work to make sure that you don’t get charged again, but your membership will still be active until the next expiration date unless you request a refund.

Do you trade these stocks that you’re writing about? Are there rules about Travis buying and selling these stocks?

Stock Gumshoe, Inc. does not actively invest in stocks or anything else, but our writers and employees, including Travis Johnson, do own and trade stocks and other investments.

Sometimes stocks that Travis writes about, or that are otherwise covered by Stock Gumshoe, do move as a result of that additional attention — usually because they’re small capitalization stocks. We promise not to try to profit directly from that movement, and our basic trading rule is that Stock Gumshoe employees may own a stock that is covered in published articles, but they must disclose that ownership clearly and may not buy or sell any stocks for three trading days after those stocks are covered in an article on the site — usually any kind of pop that’s caused just by our articles will be very short-lived, so that should prevent buying the stock, writing about it, then profiting from the pop (not that we’re going to try do to that anyway).

If Travis owns a stock before publishing an article about it, he will disclose that either in the text of the article or at the bottom in a disclosure note, and he can not sell that position within the three day window. The only exception to this is if Travis writes about a stock for which he has a limit buy or sell order with one of his brokers — ie, a stop loss order to sell a stock if it falls by 20%, or a limit buy order to purchase a stock if it falls to his target price — in that case, the limit order will be disclosed in the article and it’s possible that it could trigger in the three days following the article publication, but the limit order may not be changed during those three days.

This does not apply to indirect ownership, as through a mutual fund or ETF that might own the stock in question, or to follow-up comments that might be made by Travis or another author on a particular investment, since we’d never be able to keep close track of that effectively. Travis also discloses the individual equities that he buys and sells to the Irregulars as part of his writing that follows his Real Money Porfolio. He does not necessarily write about each option or mutual fund trade he makes, though he will always disclose those if there is a connection to a stock he’s writing about and the 3-day trading rule does apply to leveraged or derivative investments like options or warrants as well as to equities. Commenters, guest authors, and Irregulars who post opinions or questions in the Discussions section are not bound by any such trading rules, but paid authors are.

How do I contact you? Will I get a response?

We try to respond to everyone who asks us a question — if a few dozen people submit the same teaser ad we might not get individual responses out to you but we may well “respond” by covering it in our newsletter. For many questions about ads you’ll find we’ve already answered it and we’ll usually try to respond with a link, but the article can be found much more quickly using our search box, which is at the far right of the top menu of the site. Some questions we can’t answer (like queries about whether we like your favorite stock, or we think you should buy ABC or XYZ) other than to suggest that you start a discussion about them to see if you get any feedback … but for others, if we haven’t gotten back to you within a day or two … well, sorry, we do get a deluge of email and we do sometimes miss one. Feel free to ask again. If your email system bounces back some kind of spam-fighting message that requires us to put in a code or respond to an anti-spam registration before you can receive our email, we probably will miss that bounceback message and you will probably never receive our email. You can always send customer service queries to payments@sgumdev.stockgumshoe.com, but the absolute best chance of your email not being missed is if you use our Contact Us form.

Who are these guest authors I see on the site?

We have guest columnists from time to time at Stock Gumshoe, some of whom stick with us for years and some who submit just a few articles. Paid columnists and guest authors agree to follow the same trading rules as Travis (no trading in stocks you write about for at least three days following publication, and disclosure of any personal ownership of a stock in the article). We also allow our paid members, the Irregulars, to submit new discussion topics, and sometimes those can be long and involved — the Irregulars do not have a disclosure or trading rule in this case, nor do any folks who comment on the articles on the site and otherwise participate in the discussions that follow many of our articles. Guest authors are generally chosen because of their ability to write and discuss specific topics, often topics where a perspective different from Travis’ would be particularly valuable — we choose them based on their content and contributions and discussions, not based on the specific performance of the stocks that they might write about.

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